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Well Christmas happened, and I spent most of it ill, which wasn’t fun.

This cold/flu is kicking my arse and I just can’t shake it, it’s got my sleep cycle all to pot and taking away any pep I have.

Anyway I did enjoy Christmas, me and Lindsay went to Paul’s for Christmas dinner which was lovely.

Present wise, Megan got me a Lord Veritant for my Stormcast Eternals and Lindsay got me some Death Maidens and Wyld Runners for my Escher gang. I also got some tools off Paul which will come in lots of help, alongside a £15 Xbox voucher.

But alas most of it was spent dying in bed 🙁

What I Am Modelling

First up I painted up a Scout Squad for my Imperial Fists.

I then painted the T’au Cris Suit Team, and a Commander, all armed with lots of Plasma.

So what’s up next?

  1. Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought
  2. Ultramarines Intercessors x 5
  3. Silver Tower Heroes
  4. Blood Angels Repulsor
  5. Templar Brethren x 10 & Sigismund
  6. Hobgrot Slittaz x 20
  7. Leagues of Votann Kâhl and Einhyr Champion
  8. The Crimson Court
  9. Ultramaines Lieutenants x 8
  10. Battle Sisters Squad x 10

What I Am Reading

I published a review of Shadow Avengers by Carrie Harris that you can read here.

I also consumed Planet Havoc by Tim Waggoner in more or less a single session, really really good book, my review is here.

I then started on Sword of the White Horse by Elsa Sjunneson, an Assassins Creed novel, and I demolished that as well, the review is here.

I then read some short stories starting with Harrowhand by Evan Dicken, which was a fun little story.

I then turned to Warhammer Horror and read Pain Engine by Chris Thursten which was a little predictable but still very creepy.

After that I hit up Somewhere Sister by Jeremy Lambert, which was fairly unsettling.

Next up was The Fields of Abundance by David Annandale, which was a lot of fun!

Then I read The Stacks by Chris Winterton which was quite scary and horrific!

Moving on, I read Sacred Hate by David Annandale, a fantastic little Word Bearers story, for a Legion I love so much!

After than It Bleeds by David Guymer was an interesting little story, very interesting World Eaters story that shows how hate can consume you and turn you into that which you loath.

Then it was A More Perfect Union by Rich McCormick, which was an interesting Emperors Childrens short.

Then it was The Shel’Tain Affair by Jude Reid, which was a really good story!

After that I started a full book with The Siege of X-41 by Tristan Palmgren, which I got finished fairly quickly, review coming next week.

Then I moved on to Stars & Stripes by Sean Grigsby and Stewart Hotson, review coming next week!

And then I started on Age of the Undead by C. L.Werner.

What I Am Creating

The final (probably) Edge of Empire episode of our 6th year was published and we delved into the Liber Imperium.

What I Am Winning

I won a copy of Warhammer 40,000 Darktide for Steam which was cool, alas I already owned it, so I gifted it to a member of the Edge of Empire Listeners Community in a contest of my own!

I also won a copy of Night of the Scissors on Steam too, which was really cool.

I also won a code for Cubic Parking for PS4, but the code was for Japan (sad face, make sure to read T&Cs) but I have a friend in Japan so the code was passed to her.

To continue the prize winning, I won a Steam code for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Continuing a great streak, I won ForeVR Cornhole for my Meta Quest!

I also won a Flexipot BS9 chair on Twitter which turned up on Thursday.

What I Am Spending

I did but myself the final Far Cry 6 DLC, Lost Between Worlds for the Xbox.

And I also bought Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition in the Steam sale.

Christmas Next Weekend

Well, Christmas is almost with us, and this year we are doing a quiet one.

With the loss of Mary, having loved house and money being tight due to stupidly high energy bills, it’s going to be a lot more restrained.

The girls are just getting a book and a donation to a local cat rescue, and I expect the same in return.

The biggest thing I think I have been involved in really is three Secret Santas, one for my game demonstrator friends, which was capped at £5, another for Board Game Geek, which was £35 and a third for Video Game Geek which was £15.

I got my GDN Santee a poster of retro game controllers through the years, my BGG one got a Back to the Future dice game, and my VGG target got Horizon Zero Dawn and Nickelodeon All Star Brawl.

I have gotten my BGG gift which was a copy of Arkham Horror, as I posted the other week, but have yet to hear back about the other two yet.

Hoping I will be feeling good, the past few weeks I have had a horrid cold that just won’t bugger off.

What I Am Modelling

I painted 13 Kruleboyz Gutrippas this week, my first real attempt to get some Kruleboyz done for my Orruk Warclans army.

I then did a quick bit of work on my Sectors for Dropfleet Commander, super simple, but they do the job.

After that I started on some T’au Empire Crisis Suits and a Commander.

So what’s coming up next for me on the painting table?

  1. T’au Crisis Suit Team x 3 & Commander
  2. Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought
  3. Ultramarine Intercessors x 5
  4. Silver Tower Heroes
  5. Blood Angels Repulsor
  6. Templar Brethren x 10
  7. Hobgrot Slitaz x 20
  8. Leagues of Votann Kâhl and Einhyr Champion
  9. The Crimson Court
  10. Ultramarines Lieutenants x 8

What I Am Reading

I finished listening to The Extinction Key by Greg Keyes and it was okay, but the Aconyte stuff is far better.

Speaking of Aconyte books, I just finished Shadow Avengers by Carrie Harris and will have a review up tomorrow.

What I Am Backing

We got our delivery of the Avatar Legends RPG, but the books corners are all damaged as a result of very poor packing and sending it with Evri.

I have reported the issues and hopefully will get a replacement set of books in the new year.

What I Am Cooking

I did manage to cook something for the first time in forever, a batch of my Kansas City BBQ Rocket Sauce, which has been distilled into bottles to give away as Christmas presents to friends and family.

What I Am Winning

I won a coupe of games from Wicked Uncle from a competition on Rachel Bustin’s website, a copy of This or That and a Glow in the Dark Push-n-Pop toy.

These are going into a box of things I have won, to be given next Christmas as presents to friends and family.

What I Am Spending

I grabbed a copy or Arena Mortis for Direchasm to add to my Underworlds collection.

I also bought a pack of UCM Destroyers for Dropfleet Commander, which I plan to build as Vancouver’s I think, the Launch capacity could be rather helpful.

As I mentioned last week, it seemed like the DisplayPort cable for my PC was buggered, so I ordered a new one, after the HDMI cable worked no problem.

And well it fixed the issue, so that’s great.

Another serious issue we have had in the house is Wi-Fi coverage, so we bit the bullet and invested in a mesh Wi-Fi system, the heating system is dependent on Wi-Fi and it just so happens that the boiler is in the part of the house with the weakest Wi-Fi.

So we bought this TP-Link Deco S7 system to replace to replace the Wi-Fi network on the Virgin Media provided router which is to be perfectly honest, pretty dreadful.

And yeah it seems to be fixed now and working wonderfully, it also helped that Virgin Media finally replaced the faulty router we have had to put up with for so long, and combined this has made a huge difference.

It’s Christmas!!!

Well Christmas has come and gone and it was really nice!

Prior to the big day, my VideoGameGeek Secret Santa was fucking amazing and bought me the entire Half-Life series on Steam, including Half-Life Alyx!

Christmas Day we went to my sister in laws for dinner with Megans parents.

But in general it was a really really good day.

And I am super happy with my Christmas presents for everyone.

Our traditional Christmas Day breakfast was however delayed to Boxing Day and it was amazing!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!

I however did not so much have one, I am going through a really stressful period and have developed a number of abscesses including one on my ear canal.

I have been in hospital for them and am now on bed rest, pain killers and antibiotics.

What I Am Modelling

I started the week by painting the B1 Battledroids for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

This was followed by painting the big man himself, Constantine Valdor for the Legio Custodes.

After that I painted some Skitarii Vanguard for my Mars army.

After that I finished up my Commissars for the Death Korps of Krieg.

So what’s up next?

  1. Flesh Hounds x 10 & Karanak
  2. Confederacy of Independent Systems Droiddekkas x 4
  3. Ork Weirdboy
  4. Age of Sigmar Endless Spells
  5. Death Guard Caestus Assault Ram
  6. Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetors x 3 & Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike
  7. Skitarii Rangers x 10
  8. General Grievous
  9. Ork Flash Gitz x 5
  10. Blood Ravens Lieutenant

What Video Games Am I Playing

I played though the Burial at Sea Episode 1 DLC for BioShock Infinite, the video of which is now on YouTube.

I am playing through Halo Infinite a little bit each day, and I am rather enjoying it.

Also doing some multiplayer each day to build up the levels and get me some Microsoft Reward points.

I am also continuing to play through Far Cry 2, but it’s a frustrating game.

What I Am Creating

I uploaded the Burial at Sea Episode 1 playthough.

What I Am Backing

No new projects, but both CoraQuest and Gloomier have now dispatched

What I Am Spending

I bought myself the Quest VR Bundle for Fanatical, which for the £12.91 I paid was pretty good.

Gave me 8 decent games, and helped fill out my Oculus Quest library.

I also bought Street Fighter V Champion Edition, it’s been on my radar for a while and TopCashback had extra cash back for CDKeys, so I figured, why not.

I also grabbed a couple bits of DLC, specifically Mollog’s Mob for Warhammer Underworlds Online and the Craftworld Aeldari pack for Gladius.

I also bought some movies, I bought the Matrix Trilogy in UHD using a gift card Microsoft randomly gave me, and I also bought The Phantom Menace on 4K Blu Ray.

Christmas with Covid

Christmas this year had been planned very differently, but Boris changed out plans by saying we could only mix for one day.

Originally we had planned to go to Paul and Mary’s after we had a Christmas dinner together, but because of the changes, we did it very differently.

Me and Lindsay went to Paul and Mary’s for Christmas dinner, and Megan went to her parents.

After dinner we played a couple of games if Fluxx and then came to ours for a picky tea and so Paul and Mary could meet Lord Barrington.

We eventually had our Christmas dinner on the Sunday, but we have decided that next year we scrap the whole thing and start again, and come up with a meal that is different from what me and Lindsay have done the past few years.

I was very happy with my gifts, I got a few nice hobby things and a box insert for Codenames and Codenames Pictures.

It was a weird Christmas, not what I hoped for but, next year should be better.

What I Am Modelling

Not a huge amount, I started out by getting the main colours for the Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders done, but that took a silly long time to do.

But once that was done they were finished fairly quickly.

I was also working on Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers on the side too, and Hrothgorn himself is mostly done.

So what’s on my painting queue going forward into the last week of 2020.

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Hogthorns Mantrappers
  3. Blood Ravens Intercessors with Assault Bolt Rifles x 10
  4. Escher Gang x 10
  5. Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Palladors x 6 & Knight Azyros
  6. Blood Ravens Bladeguard Vetrens x 3, Bladeguard Ancient, Captain and Lieutenant
  7. Sons of Horus Destroyers x 10
  8. T’au Empire Y’vahra & Technical Drones x 2
  9. Morgoks Krushas & Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven
  10. Blood Ravens Terminator Chaplain, Indomitus Chaplain, Judicator & Terminator Librarian

What I Am Reading

I finished up The Harrowing of Doom, and you can read my review here.

I then decided to read the three Heresy short stories published during the Black Library Advent, starting with The Serpent’s Dance by Mike Brooks, which was a rather good book, a kind of proto-Inquisitor story.

I then moved onto Embers of Extinction by Brandon Easton, which was ok but not amazing.

This was followed by The Lighting Hall by Graham McNeil which was amazing, I love House Taranis and this was a great look at how they got from where they were in Mechanicum, to where they ended up.

And to finish off that nights reading, I read The Dead Hours by David Guymer, which was good, and I kinda get the sense it’s a setup for another story.

I have now started on The Rose in Anger by Danie Ware.

What I Am Playing

I got around to uploading the video of my last play of BioShock 2z

As mentioned on Christmas Day, I had two games of Fluxx, one of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the other of Fairy Tale.

I also got in a few games of Among Us on Boxing Day.

What I Am Backing

Nowt right now!

What I Am Cooking

As mentioned earlier, me and Megan made what would have been our Christmas dinner, but a fair few things went wrong sadly.

How Is Christmas So Close

Seriously, how!!!

I dunno this year has been so weird that it feels like Christmas is just sneaking right up in us.

My gifts for Megan and Lindsay are bought, wrapped and under the tree, and like pretty much every year, the budget has been busted!

Presents for my nibbling are due to go off tomorrow, but the Cornish parcel may have to wait until Thursday as I need a padded envelope for it.

The food for Christmas is mostly purchased, just need a trip to ASDA and Sainsbury’s to grab a few things still.

I guess we will make of it the best we can, our plan is to have lunch here the three of us, then Megan is splitting off and going to her parents, and we will go see Paul and Mary.

But beyond that this year will be very weird.

New Years, well I currently plan pizza, Coke Zero, some chocolate and an all night gaming/painting session. The girls will most likely suggest something else!

What I Am Modelling

I started the week by painting the Ork Megatrakk Scrapjet which is being added to my Waaagh Lindskull.

These Orks use pinks and purples as the army was originally started by Lindsay, but she ended up not enjoying it, and I have just ran with it.

Then I started the Nurgle Blood Bowl team, followed the guide by Peachy on Warhammer TV. I was supposed to start on some Death Korps of Krieg Deathriders, but I really didn’t feel them just now.

The team consist of the 12 models from the basic plastic kit and a resin Rot Spawn for a total of 13 players. Plus tokens and balls.

I then painted something for my secret Heresy project, which will be unveiled at a latter date!

On Twitch tonight I painted an Ork Mekboy Workshop for a lad on Facebook who wants some bits for his kid bothers Christmas present. We agreed a postage coat of £5 but I am sending them to him for nowt and will pay the postage myself.

So what’s my painting list look like for next week.

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Death Korps of Krieg Deathriders x 10
  3. Ork Meganobz x 3
  4. The Wurmspat & Hogthorns Mantrappers
  5. Blood Ravens Intercessors with Assault Bolt Rifles x 10
  6. Escher Gang x 10
  7. Blood Ravens Stormhawk Interceptor
  8. Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Palladors x 6 & Knight-Azyros
  9. Blood Ravens Bladeguard Veterans x 3, Bladeguard Ancient, Captain & Lieutenant
  10. Sons of Horus Destroyers x 10

What I Am Reading

Reading The Harrowing of Doom, it’s slow going but I am making progress, curse this brain damage!

What I Am Playing

On Friday I got in four hours playing BioShock 2, really enjoying it and I have gotten the first few levels done which you can view below.

That’s about all I have been able to play this week but tomorrow I hit The Witcher III again!

What I Am Backing

Wyrd Science funded and I can’t wait to get that.

But nowt else on the horizon.

What I Am Cooking

I was supposed to cook today, but a bad back left me out of action 🙁

A Nice Christmas Was Had

Well this post is basically about Christmas, and it was nice, not the best one ever, but a really good one.

And like all Christmas’s, it’s real downer was no Megan, and it second downer was I got ill on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve was popping to Greggs for stotties, then hitting Sainsbury’s for Dream Topping for the triffle and finally a visit to see a nephew for his birthday.

On the day itself, me and Lindsay went and saw some of our nephews first thing to give them their presents and that was hectic, I mean it was crazy, the middle childa face was just pure sticky with sweets!

Then we headed back to ours to make Christmas dinner, which this year was turkey, gammon cooked with whiskey and orange, roast potatoes, roast spiced winter veg (parsnips, leeks, carrots, onion) and for those that liked it, red cabbage with sultanas cooked in red wine, and Brussel sprouts fried with roast chestnuts and a touch of nutmeg.

We were joined for dinner by Paul and Mary who made for lively company, and then we opened presents.

I was lucky enough to get Horrified from my BGT&CUK Secret Santa, Sloppity Bilepiper and Shazam from Lindsay, a Slytherin travel mug and water bottle from Mary and a sack of stuff from Paul, oh and the obligatory Lynx Africa set.

I’d previously gotten The Grizzled and Sushi Go Party from my Board Game Geek Secret Santa.

I then had a two hour nap to try and feel better, which worked enough to allow me to play a game of Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary, which I was one train laid away from winning!

The Lindsay went to her grandads whilst I continued to recover and this was my Boxing Day as well, I was simply too ill to do anything but lie down at home.

Anyway the next few days I was much better, not that much happened, Lindsay went back to work on Friday and Megan came home Saturday.

Sunday I have the long gaming day at Durham Raiders and then we open our presents with Megan in Monday.

What I Am Modelling

I started off with the Blood Ravens Primaris Lieutenants of which I had six to paint, one from Dark Imperium, one from Wake The Dead, one from Shadowspear, the 500th Store one, the Reiver one and Lieutenant Amulius.

Then I painted up the Contemptor-Galatius for my Legio Custodes which completes my 1000 point force for Zone Mortalis.

Then I painted an Officio Prefectus Commissar and Severina Raine for my Millitarium Tempestus.

And finally whilst doing those I also worked on three commissars for Niki’s Death Korps of Krieg army.

I now have Mollog’s Mob and a couple of Foetid Bloat-Drones on my desk, after those are finished, my painting plan looks like this.

  1. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad and Quartermaster
  2. Ylthari’s Guardians
  3. Plagueburst Crawler
  4. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  5. Blood a Ravens Supressors
  6. Death Guard Rhinos
  7. Blood Ravens Infiltrators
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Engineers and Hades Breaching Drill
  9. Ultramarines Vollite Culverin Heavy Support Squad
  10. Millitarium Tempestus Scions and Taurox Prime

What I Am Reading

Haven’t read much these past few days, bar White Dwarf.

I have listened to a few audios however, I bought and listened to Morningstar, which was good, but I wasn’t quite sure what the story was about apart from Magnus admitting to wrong doing, it was good just not sure what the intent was.

I listened to Wardens of the Everqueen, and I will be honest, it wasn’t great, it felt like they didn’t let the author read the previous stories in this arc, and there were lots of inconsistencies, such as dead characters being alive again, and it felt like this could have been done in a novella instead of a novel.

Plus it dropped too many things and then didn’t explore them, like the Seraphon, I mean they apparently did something, we just don’t know what.

What I Am Playing

I had the aforementioned game of Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary and a few hours on Fallout 4, but not a lot really.

What I Am Backing

Still just Car Wars Sixth Edition which continues to knock down stretch goals, currently it’s doing ok, we are getting an extra play mat now and lots more cards.

What I Am Cooking

Well I actually helped a lot with Christmas dinner, I mean I prepared most of it, but Lindsay helped a lot.

It was a big job and very scary and I think I am done with cooking for a little bit now because that was terrifying.

I also helped Lindsay cook dirty rice when Megan got home for tea.

What I Am Spending

Pretty much nowt, as a household, we added £25 to our Nintendo e-store account, so that when we open the Switch in Monday we have money to download some games we want.

I did manage to get to Games Workshop on Christmas Eve so I was able to grab the couple of paints I needed for the Death Korps of Krieg.

Musical Advent – 24th December

Today we go back to the They Might Be Giants album Here Comes Science and to my academic love, chemistry.

When I was at university I was studied for an MChem degree in Chemistry because its a subject I love, the way the material universe works and how everything fits together, and as the song says, how the elements are almost like a paint set, with them standing on their own or combining to make all the colours of the rainbow.

My specialism were food chemistry and nuclear chemistry, which were really fascinating subjects, I was lucky to have a visit from Lord Krebs whilst I was there, at the time he was the chair of the Food Standards Agency, and once everyone had stopped Stanning over his dad, his lecture mostly focused on potatoes, and how if they were brought to market today, they would be banned, because when they go off, they become extremely toxic, poisonous in face.

So any song which does chemistry will always grab my attention, and I really love this song, its so easy to sing along to!

Looking Forward To Christmas

I am really looking forward to Christmas, but then I always do, I am even wearing a Christmas jumper, albeit a Warhammer themed one!

Over the next few days, we are seeing Lindsay’s family, specifically Jane and her boys and George, we are having Mary and Paul over for Christmas dinner, Megan comes home so we get our Nintendo Switch and I go to the Durham Raiders long gaming day.

I did see Star Wars on Thursday morning, a 6am showing, with nachos and popcorn for breakfast, I enjoyed it, a lot, and I have thoughts on it, but to avoid spoilers I will talk about them next month, but I will say if you can, watch The Mandalorian Episode 7 first.

All in all it should be a good holiday season.

Happy Christmas everyone.

What I Am Modelling

I had a slower painting week than I would have liked, but I did get some stuff done.

I started with a Custodian Guard squad for the Adeptus Terra Zone Mortalis Challange.

And then I finished off the Godsworn Hunt, models which I really loved painting, if GW ever do more Darkoath Models, I think I will have to get them!

And then I painted the Plague Marines and Icon Bearers for my Death Guard that I got from Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

And finally I painted the Imperial Objectives that originally came with Urban Conquest, but I got with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

I got this months Conquest delivery early, so I built the Haemotrope Reactor and the Plague Marine Champion. 

My painting queue currently looks like this, the Death Korps stuff has had to move back a little, I need a pot of Rakkarth Flesh and I am not getting anywhere near a Games Workshop until at least Boxing Day.Blood Ravens

  1. Blood Ravens Primaris Lieutenants
  2. Foetid Bloat-Drones
  3. Death Korps of Krieg Commissars, Quatermaster, Officio Prefectus Commissar and Severina Raine
  4. Mollog’s Mob
  5. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  6. Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought
  7. Ylthari’s Guardians
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  9. Plagueburst Crawler
  10. Blood Reavens Supressors

What I Am Reading

I am really bad and haven’t read at all this week, but I did listen to Broken Saints which was really good, I love this character and the acting in this was phenomenal.

What I Am Playing

I had a few hours playing Fallout 4, but nowt beyond that sadly.

What I Am Backing

My Munchkin Pathfinder 3 stuff arrived from the US, hopefully Steve Jackson Games will start offering rewards outside the US, I know I could have waited and gotten these at retail, but I really wanted the to be made and hit the stretch goals.

Other than that, still backing Car Wars Sixth Edition which is plodding along nicely

What I Am Cooking

I actually cooked, well it was kinda basic, I did some sausages in the oven, then added them to some microwave egg fried rice and some mushrooms, not gourmet but was filling.

I am currently roasting the meat for Christmas, but this is pre-prepared ready to roast stuff so not very taxing.

What I am Spending

I topped up my paints, although I still need a couple more and I treat myself to a new paint brush.

I also bought a £15 card for the Nintendo online store, which I will be using to get Catan when we set up our Switch.

Musical Advent – 23rd December

Its time for some metal, in this case we are going with DragonForce a speed metal band from London who specialise in fantasy and video game influenced music.

This song is probably their best known song and was featured on Guitar Hero III, and is a really difficult song to so in that game, its really really hard.

Interestingly during the recording Herman Li snapped one of his guitar strings during the recording of the dual-guitar solo, and they kept this version and used it on the album.

Through the Fire and Flames is an epic 7 minutes and 22 second song, although the official video cuts that down to 5 minutes, but I highly recondite listening to the full song because its fantastic, and its an amazing D&D anthem.

Musical Advent – 22nd December

Almost there and now we have the grandfather of nerdcore, MC Frontalot and many consider him to be the first nerdcore artist, but he acknowledges that others came before him and that they are his peers.

He has been performing nerdcore since 2000 and has seen the scene grow into the niche of a niche of a niche that it is today.

In 2002 Penny Arcade names him their rapper laureate which lead him to record the Penny Arcade Theme.

This song, is a collaboration between MC Frontalot, MC Hawking and Jessie Dangerously and is from his debut studio album Nerdcore Rising.

This song is about how awesome nerdcore is and what a threat it poses to gangsta rap!

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