Well, Christmas is almost with us, and this year we are doing a quiet one.

With the loss of Mary, having loved house and money being tight due to stupidly high energy bills, it’s going to be a lot more restrained.

The girls are just getting a book and a donation to a local cat rescue, and I expect the same in return.

The biggest thing I think I have been involved in really is three Secret Santas, one for my game demonstrator friends, which was capped at £5, another for Board Game Geek, which was £35 and a third for Video Game Geek which was £15.

I got my GDN Santee a poster of retro game controllers through the years, my BGG one got a Back to the Future dice game, and my VGG target got Horizon Zero Dawn and Nickelodeon All Star Brawl.

I have gotten my BGG gift which was a copy of Arkham Horror, as I posted the other week, but have yet to hear back about the other two yet.

Hoping I will be feeling good, the past few weeks I have had a horrid cold that just won’t bugger off.

What I Am Modelling

I painted 13 Kruleboyz Gutrippas this week, my first real attempt to get some Kruleboyz done for my Orruk Warclans army.

I then did a quick bit of work on my Sectors for Dropfleet Commander, super simple, but they do the job.

After that I started on some T’au Empire Crisis Suits and a Commander.

So what’s coming up next for me on the painting table?

  1. T’au Crisis Suit Team x 3 & Commander
  2. Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought
  3. Ultramarine Intercessors x 5
  4. Silver Tower Heroes
  5. Blood Angels Repulsor
  6. Templar Brethren x 10
  7. Hobgrot Slitaz x 20
  8. Leagues of Votann Kâhl and Einhyr Champion
  9. The Crimson Court
  10. Ultramarines Lieutenants x 8

What I Am Reading

I finished listening to The Extinction Key by Greg Keyes and it was okay, but the Aconyte stuff is far better.

Speaking of Aconyte books, I just finished Shadow Avengers by Carrie Harris and will have a review up tomorrow.

What I Am Backing

We got our delivery of the Avatar Legends RPG, but the books corners are all damaged as a result of very poor packing and sending it with Evri.

I have reported the issues and hopefully will get a replacement set of books in the new year.

What I Am Cooking

I did manage to cook something for the first time in forever, a batch of my Kansas City BBQ Rocket Sauce, which has been distilled into bottles to give away as Christmas presents to friends and family.

What I Am Winning

I won a coupe of games from Wicked Uncle from a competition on Rachel Bustin’s website, a copy of This or That and a Glow in the Dark Push-n-Pop toy.

These are going into a box of things I have won, to be given next Christmas as presents to friends and family.

What I Am Spending

I grabbed a copy or Arena Mortis for Direchasm to add to my Underworlds collection.

I also bought a pack of UCM Destroyers for Dropfleet Commander, which I plan to build as Vancouver’s I think, the Launch capacity could be rather helpful.

As I mentioned last week, it seemed like the DisplayPort cable for my PC was buggered, so I ordered a new one, after the HDMI cable worked no problem.

And well it fixed the issue, so that’s great.

Another serious issue we have had in the house is Wi-Fi coverage, so we bit the bullet and invested in a mesh Wi-Fi system, the heating system is dependent on Wi-Fi and it just so happens that the boiler is in the part of the house with the weakest Wi-Fi.

So we bought this TP-Link Deco S7 system to replace to replace the Wi-Fi network on the Virgin Media provided router which is to be perfectly honest, pretty dreadful.

And yeah it seems to be fixed now and working wonderfully, it also helped that Virgin Media finally replaced the faulty router we have had to put up with for so long, and combined this has made a huge difference.