I am really looking forward to Christmas, but then I always do, I am even wearing a Christmas jumper, albeit a Warhammer themed one!

Over the next few days, we are seeing Lindsay’s family, specifically Jane and her boys and George, we are having Mary and Paul over for Christmas dinner, Megan comes home so we get our Nintendo Switch and I go to the Durham Raiders long gaming day.

I did see Star Wars on Thursday morning, a 6am showing, with nachos and popcorn for breakfast, I enjoyed it, a lot, and I have thoughts on it, but to avoid spoilers I will talk about them next month, but I will say if you can, watch The Mandalorian Episode 7 first.

All in all it should be a good holiday season.

Happy Christmas everyone.

What I Am Modelling

I had a slower painting week than I would have liked, but I did get some stuff done.

I started with a Custodian Guard squad for the Adeptus Terra Zone Mortalis Challange.

And then I finished off the Godsworn Hunt, models which I really loved painting, if GW ever do more Darkoath Models, I think I will have to get them!

And then I painted the Plague Marines and Icon Bearers for my Death Guard that I got from Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

And finally I painted the Imperial Objectives that originally came with Urban Conquest, but I got with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

I got this months Conquest delivery early, so I built the Haemotrope Reactor and the Plague Marine Champion. 

My painting queue currently looks like this, the Death Korps stuff has had to move back a little, I need a pot of Rakkarth Flesh and I am not getting anywhere near a Games Workshop until at least Boxing Day.Blood Ravens

  1. Blood Ravens Primaris Lieutenants
  2. Foetid Bloat-Drones
  3. Death Korps of Krieg Commissars, Quatermaster, Officio Prefectus Commissar and Severina Raine
  4. Mollog’s Mob
  5. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  6. Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought
  7. Ylthari’s Guardians
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  9. Plagueburst Crawler
  10. Blood Reavens Supressors

What I Am Reading

I am really bad and haven’t read at all this week, but I did listen to Broken Saints which was really good, I love this character and the acting in this was phenomenal.

What I Am Playing

I had a few hours playing Fallout 4, but nowt beyond that sadly.

What I Am Backing

My Munchkin Pathfinder 3 stuff arrived from the US, hopefully Steve Jackson Games will start offering rewards outside the US, I know I could have waited and gotten these at retail, but I really wanted the to be made and hit the stretch goals.

Other than that, still backing Car Wars Sixth Edition which is plodding along nicely

What I Am Cooking

I actually cooked, well it was kinda basic, I did some sausages in the oven, then added them to some microwave egg fried rice and some mushrooms, not gourmet but was filling.

I am currently roasting the meat for Christmas, but this is pre-prepared ready to roast stuff so not very taxing.

What I am Spending

I topped up my paints, although I still need a couple more and I treat myself to a new paint brush.

I also bought a £15 card for the Nintendo online store, which I will be using to get Catan when we set up our Switch.