March 2020

March Resolutions Update

It’s that time of the month again so here is a hobby resolutions update! Paint 867 Models – 42.45% Really making progress with this one, but a bunch of supply […]

12 Weeks Lockdown

I am considered by my doctors to be an extremely vulnerable person due to my crappy immune system and diabetes. Whilst the government have not ordered me to shield for […]

A New Normal

The virus, well it’s become a huge problem these past two weeks. I mean I knew it was a thing, I kept an eye on it, but I never thought […]

Meet Bonnie

Since we lost Sweep and Cookie last year, the house has felt a little empty and when we found out we weren’t going to have to move, we decided that […]

A Big Ball

The past couple of weeks I have found my motivation has taken a real nose dive, as I put it my ball is big. I visualise my mind as a […]