The past couple of weeks I have found my motivation has taken a real nose dive, as I put it my ball is big.

I visualise my mind as a box with a depression button in it, and there is a ball bouncing around the box, when it hits the button, I feel crappy.

Sometimes the ball is small, which means that the button is less frequently hit, but lately the ball is pretty big and it’s constantly hitting the button.

I am waiting for a decision to come through the post, I know what it will be, but the anxiety of waiting for it is kinda dragging me down a lot as it’s going to mean some big changes have to be made. I will fight it, but it doesn’t stop it hurting in the meantime.

So yeah, my motivation is utterly gone and I can barely read, paint or game and most of my time is sat in a bit of a mope. right now I want to paint, but the ball is hitting off the button like crazy and the office is a bit chaotic at the minute with very little room for me to be at my desk.

What I Am Modelling

So it’s been a fortnight since my last post, but I haven’t painted a lot.

I started with a 40 strong Chainrasp Horde, which was a lot of fun to paint, its very simple, not exactly painted up to the best standard, but these are horde troops and I did them in a way that delivers a decent result fast for a lot of models.

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I am starting a Nighthaunt army thanks to Mortal Realms and I want to have a few big solid blocks of Chainrasps, so am going for three units of 40 and this is the first one. Just done to the battle ready video that @warhammerofficial did when Soul Wars first came out with a few changes. I watered down the Hexwraith Flame with Lahmian Medium 1:1 to make the green a little more subtitle and I replace the Leadbeltcher with Iron Warriors to make the [email protected] far older and ancient. Very happy with these, had to set up a proper production line, and I think I will use the same method when doing the next two batches of 40. #Warmongers #PaintingWarhammer2020 #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingGamesWorkshop #WarhammerAgeOfSigmar #AoS #WarhammerAoS #AgeOfSigmar #Death #GrandAllianceDeath #Nighthaunt #Nighthaunts #SoulWars #MortalRealms #WarhammerMortalRealms #WarhammerAgeOfSigmarMortalRealms #PaintHsmmer2020 @jewelknightjess

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Having gotten sick of waiting for my next issues of Conquest I purchased a couple of issues from Forbidden Planet, and worked on those, the first being a set of Chaos Spawn, which unpainted mostly in Contrast which I think worked really well.

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Some Chaos Spawn, inspired by Nurgle, got these from Forbidden Planet because @hachetteuk haven’t delivered my last 8 issues and I wanted to paint these. They will see service in Age of Sigmar for my Maggotkin as allies, 40k for my Death Guard and in Heresy for my traitor Militia. Mostly done with Contrast and I loved the transition I was able to achieve in the bone. #Warmongers #PaintingWarhammer2020 #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingGamesWorkshop #AoS #WarhammerAoS #AgeOfSigmar #WarhammerAgeOfSigmar #Warhammer40k #Warhammer40000 #Warhammer30k #Warhammer30000 #HorusHeresy #TheHorusHeresy #Chaos #ChaosSpawn #Nurgle #Maggotkin #MaggotkinOfNurgle #DeathGuard #CultsandMilitia #HardForHeresy #FullyPaintedIsForClosers #Painthammer2020 @jewelknightjess

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I need to get the next table for Company if Legends done so my painting plan is on hold whilst I do that, it’s a table of mixed city ruins and I am wanting to go a bit further with it and weather it a bit more.

I started with the oldest kit in the box, some old school Gothic Ruins, the scheme is dark and meant to represent some basic rockcrete. I added some posters taken from The Regimental Standard and some blood splatter, I tried to add some scorch marks but it’s doesn’t show up too well on the dark stone.

And I also did a couple little pieces of scatter terrain for my Conquest scenery box from the first Galvanic Servohauler sprue.

I do also paint three models, but these are for a secret project I am not ready to reveal just as yet!

I still have a painting plan, it’s just suspended until I get the terrain done.

  1. Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster and Retinue with Death Riders Ridemaster
  2. Easy to Build Stormcast Eternals Sequitors
  3. Blood Ravens Captains x 5
  4. Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad Special Wrapons Men x 12
  5. Warcry Terrain
  6. Myrmourn Banshees x 12
  7. Blood Ravens Bikes x 3 and Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
  8. Chainrasp Horde x 40
  9. Canniness Veridyan
  10. Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad Special Wrapons Men x 12

What I Am Reading

As I said my motivation is dead, but I did read Will of the Legion which I enjoyed, I am gonna hit up The First Wall next, then I have a couple of books from Aconyte to review for the blog.

What I am Playing

I played in the Sunday of the Durham Raiders Age of Sigmar retreat, I took my Khorne and lost both games, first was to Legions of Nagash and I lasted the game but lost on points.

Second game was against Ogor Mawtribes and I was tabled in two turns!

Part of this is down to my playing style, when playing Khorne I prefer to just charge at the enemy for brutal slaughter, because that’s how the fluff works!

This past Sunday, Megan’s parents came round with her sister for a birthday celebration for Megan, we played a couple of games of Just One, not doing very well in either game.

Unfortunately I had to go have a nap and missed the rest of the games.

And yesterday Paul came round so we played two games of Codenames, we both lost the first game as Lindsay had Megan uncover the assassin with her first guess, but me and Paul came back from behind to win the second game!

What I Am Backing

Nowt apart from Broken, which makes me giggle with every update!

What I Am Cooking

With Megan’s help, I managed to make Kansas City Pulled Pork with my BBQ sauce for dinner on Sunday, and it was delicious!

What I Am Spending

I save up money every year for the Newcastle Warhammer store birthday, apart from last year where is coincided with Company of Legends so I spent that money at the Sunderland reopening instead.

This year I went Conkers deep into Blackstone Fortress and bought the base game, three expansions and the annual.

I also bought the Aeronautica Imperialis starter set, a few Warcry card packs, some paint, Imperial Navy dice, Legion Pin Badges and the Stormcast Eternals Knight Questor for Lindsay.

A few other things were ordered and are being delivered hopefully this week!