It’s the end of the month so figured I should do a resolutions update.

I will have a more full blog post coming soon.

Paint 867 Models – 24.45% Complete

Making very steady progress on this one, mostly due to a Chainrasp Horde of 40 models!

Can’t believe I am already almost a quarter of the way there!

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I am starting a Nighthaunt army thanks to Mortal Realms and I want to have a few big solid blocks of Chainrasps, so am going for three units of 40 and this is the first one. Just done to the battle ready video that @warhammerofficial did when Soul Wars first came out with a few changes. I watered down the Hexwraith Flame with Lahmian Medium 1:1 to make the green a little more subtitle and I replace the Leadbeltcher with Iron Warriors to make the [email protected] far older and ancient. Very happy with these, had to set up a proper production line, and I think I will use the same method when doing the next two batches of 40. #Warmongers #PaintingWarhammer2020 #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingGamesWorkshop #WarhammerAgeOfSigmar #AoS #WarhammerAoS #AgeOfSigmar #Death #GrandAllianceDeath #Nighthaunt #Nighthaunts #SoulWars #MortalRealms #WarhammerMortalRealms #WarhammerAgeOfSigmarMortalRealms #PaintHsmmer2020 @jewelknightjess

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Finish the Blood Ravens that I own on 1st January – 25.64% Complete

I got some Bikes and an Attack Bike done this month along with a squad of Reivers and a Phobos Captain, so I feel like this is nicely plodding along.

Finish the Death Guard – 63.64% Complete

This looks as if it’s made a lot less progress but that’s because this month I added stuff to the list, specifically the Chaos Spawn and Tallyman I mentioned last month, oh and I also bought Mortarion!

I did this month paint the old Forge World Plague Marine upgrade kit, and the Chaos Spawn.

Paint Mortarion for Everchosen

As I said above, I have purchased Mortarion so it’s gonna happen!

Complete 2000 Points of Stormcast Eternals

The past few weeks have seen me hit a bit of a painting slump, but I am working on three easy to build Sequitors, so something is happening here!

Other Resolutions

  • Complete 1750 Points of T’au
  • Complete 1750 Points of Orks
  • Rebase Blood Ravens Tactical Marines
  • Rebase Orks

None of these have been touched yet, but I am making plans to start rebasing the Blood Ravens this month.