Pain Levels

I dunno why I am writing this, but I feel I need to. My pain levels the past two months have been stupidly high, and it’s only getting worse, the […]

I Played In A Tournament

I wasn’t expecting to play, but sadly I was unable to make a previously planned trip to Edinburgh for medical reasons, so I ended up playing in The Dark Artisans […]

Welcome To The Mortal Realms

As many of you know, I have been eagerly collecting the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest series, which has really helped me grow my Death Guard and the Blood Angels army I […]

The Witcher - Wow!

It’s taken me a little while to watch The Witcher I would have loved to have binged it, but I find it very difficult to sit down and just watch […]

New Year, New Goals

So this year I set out doing the #Painthammer2019 hobby log with the aim of painting a mode for every day of the year. I ended up painting 866 models […]

A Nice Christmas Was Had

Well this post is basically about Christmas, and it was nice, not the best one ever, but a really good one. And like all Christmas’s, it’s real downer was no […]

Looking Forward To Christmas

I am really looking forward to Christmas, but then I always do, I am even wearing a Christmas jumper, albeit a Warhammer themed one! Over the next few days, we […]

Musical Advent - 23rd December

Its time for some metal, in this case we are going with DragonForce a speed metal band from London who specialise in fantasy and video game influenced music. This song […]

Musical Advent - 22nd December

Almost there and now we have the grandfather of nerdcore, MC Frontalot and many consider him to be the first nerdcore artist, but he acknowledges that others came before him […]