Durham Raiders

A Bunch of Thank Yous

I first off want to thank the people who made the weekend possible.  To Adam who wrote the fluff which directed the narrative, I know a lot of people loved […]

First Game of Dropfleet

On Tuesday, Hawks lovely Talon, Ken travelled all the way up from Hartlepool to show me and Madison the ropes of Dropfleet Commander. We played the starter scenario straight from […]

Here We Go

I got picked up at an godly hour this morning by Christian before picked up Graham and we headed off to Cardiff for Takaan-Reva – Drowned in Flame, The Imperial Truths […]

All Arrived

Everyone has arrived for the Weekender, including a guy who has flown all the way over from Sweden to play with us, and already some awesome games are going on. […]

Gearing Up For The Weekend

I write this as I am lying in bed shattered and a bit nervous about the forthcoming weekend. It’s our Horus Heresy weekender and if all goes well the past […]