I write this as I am lying in bed shattered and a bit nervous about the forthcoming weekend.

It’s our Horus Heresy weekender and if all goes well the past five months of planning and work will result in an awesome weekend.

I started the week off with a trip to Costco to grab the pop and sweets I am going to be selling (trying to raise a little bit more cash so the event is not a financial loss for me), and we got a lot of stuff, ending up spending £90 on 168 cans of Pepsi Max, 12 cans of Monster, 40 packs of crisps, 32 Twix and 48 Mars Bars.

 With that done I set my mind to finishing off the last bit of terrain I had to paint, this time it was some stuff from Secret Weapons Minitures, three Imperial Generators and a Control Panel. The terrain is lovely and detailed but sadly Royal Mail got me on the customs and took £13 as thier ransom to let me have them.

They weren’t as big as I expected, for some reason I thought they would be twice the size, but they are lovely none the less, and I am very happy that Secret Weapon Minitures helped us out with this little bit of scenery sponsorship.

 I managed to get them painted up today, not my best ever paint job and I think a better painter would have got much better results from them, my biggest mistake was using too much Gulliman Blue on the plasma parts as I was in too much of a rush to finish them off.

I also received some aquarium plants that I had ordered quite some time ago not realising they were coming from China, anyway they were supposed to be 5 packs of 10, but what I actually had delivered were 5 individual plants, an eBay case was opened as soon as they arrived as I feel pretty ripped off and think a substation so refund is justified.

But the five plants I have will need to be put to use as Adam (writer of the event pack) has his heart set on a jungle table, luckily we have son coloured aquarium plants that were meant to go alongside these ones. Plan is that they will go on a green mat alongside my LotR terrain, which is painted up in a sandstone effect to try and stimulate a long abandoned settlement that the jungle has reclaimed.

Sadly we had one player drop out of the event this week, so I had to quickly press gang my friend Harry to play with his Knigjts, some borrow off a friend and a Warhound Titan to give him a nasty Questoris Knight army!

The weekend will be his first ever games of the Horus Heresy and I am playing him first, so should be interesting to see how it goes, I mean he has played his Knights in local 40k tournaments as an army and not performed fantastically so will be interesting to see how they play in 30k.