So this morning the plans for the weekender went a bit wrong, Asda sent me a text saying my food order had been cancelled, agggg!

So anyway we had to hop in the car run over to Stanley and do the shopping, on the plus side, we managed to save money on the coco pops and rice and got much better hot dogs.

Annoyingly by the time we got to Asda they had run out of finger rolls and the bread selection was pretty threadbare, so we had to make a run to Tesco in Chester-le-Street.

When we got home, piped the chilled and frozen stuff away and gasped at how much stuff we got the feed 20 people for the weekend ice we loaded the stuff we got on Monday in the car.

But we are all sorted now and on schedule, the food has been dropped off at Moor House, we had the site induction and now we are waiting to head along and get fully set up.