It’s been a slow week, although we started it nicely with a trip to Airecon in Harrogate where we played some games.

The rest of the week has been a bit weird, Lindsay has been off work unwell, so me and Megan have been doing our best to look after her, and thankfully she is getting a bit better.

I think the most we have achieved is that we have done some moving around and changing of furniture in the games room, replacing a double bookcase with two singles so we could split them up and put the sofa against the wall. It means we have acquired a little extra space for games which is nice.

The back half of the week has been dominated by some drama, a chap in the local war gaming community has fallen out with me, which is a bit upsetting. Honestly I have noting bad to say about the guy, apart from his habit of being quite loud, but he is a great guy and has done wonders for the local community. But what’s done the damage is that a “friend” of mine has decided to message him and harass him over it, which is utterly unfair and wrong. It’s driven the chap to want to give up 30k and I am trying to convince him not to, but he wants to sell his army and that’s not cool.

I would hate to think that a guy could be driven from an amazing hobby because if something I, or one of my friends has done. Honestly it’s got me quite upset, and I am angry with my friend for making him feel this way.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make people feel better and get along, but I can’t, so instead I will just keep trying to restore a bit of calm and sanity to life.

What I am Modelling

Because I have been in a lot of pain this week I have gotten very little done, I have finished most of a squad of Breachers with Power Swords, and they now just need their bases doing, which I am going to do tonight.

I also have built a Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer that I found hiding on my shelf behind some some Legion Combi-Weapon sets. My plan is to prime all my Sigmar stuff tomorrow along with The first if Megan’s Ironjawz.

What I am Reading

I read The Ember Wolves by Rob Sanders. It an interesting short read, and really gives an insight into how the traitor titan Legions were breaking down in terms of chain of command and how unruly the traitors were becoming.

Also, it describes a really cool scenario showing how in numbers, Warhounds are extremely deadly to bigger titans, kind of a rehash of the cool Titan battle in Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, but it’s different enough to keep you I treated in the story. It gave me a lot of inspiration for when they eventually release Titanicus.

I also finished I am Slaughter and have moved on to Predator, Prey. A bit shocked that the Imperial Fists were all wiped out, and I am wondering how that will play out, because we know that they are still around in M41.

What I am Playing

Myself, Lindsay and Megan made the trek down to Airecon last Saturday, which was really cool. Both Lindsay and Megan were suffering from some significant anxiety that day so we didn’t stay for a long time nor play too many games.

We played a game of Samurai Spirit which I have had on my to play list for a while, simply because I enjoy the work of Antoine Bauza and I have a Promo Card for the game.

It was ok, a bit confusing as it was noisy and we struggled to get our heads around the rules on our first read through, and so we lost pretty badly, the villagers all died. 

Megan was not impressed by it, so it’s coming off my to buy wish list and I will pass on the Promo Card to someone else.

We then played in a short session of Pathfinder, which was cool, the girls have been wanting to do a bit more role playing for a while, and I think they enjoyed it. I really should play some Pathfinder, I have enough of the books!

On Thursday I went to Battle Bunker where I played a game of Horus Heresy with my Ultramarines against Christians Mechanicum, and of course he brought his Acastus Knight Porphyrion, which I really struggled against.

The game went quite badly very quickly, my Fellblade was destroyed in one turn of close combat, curse Scoria, and my Sicaran Venator died before it could do any damage to the knight. My reserve rolls didn’t go my way, so my two Storm Eagles full of troops didn’t come on, and I lost the game by end of turn three. It was a brutal game and I need to figure out a way to counter his high toughness, high wound robots, because my current army just can’t seem to manage it.

What I am Backing

This week, my old school pal Ken Reynolds laughed his Kickstarter for Issue 2 of Cognition, his self published series about a steam powered robot with the soul of a man and a demonically possessed mouse.

I have really enjoyed issues #0 and #1 and think these are pretty good examples of how cool small press comics can be, and the fact he is an old friend makes it an auto-buy, of course it helps that the series is well written and beautifully illustrated by Sam Bentley.

As always, go check out the project and if you like what you see, back it.

What I am Spending

This week I actually spent an awful lot! I sold a couple of bits and pieces on eBay and achieved my savings target and was finally able to afford the things from Forgeworld I have been squirrelling away money for these past seven months.

What did I get, well I bought a Mastodon, my most expensive model ever purchased! I did vacillate and seriously consider just getting a Warhound, but I figure I will have more opportunity to use a Mastodon, plus it’s a lot less scary than a Warhound. It’s destined to join my Word Bearers and eventually will transport a unit of ten Val Gorbak, but initially it will carry nine Tartaros Terminators and a Praetor Tribune. In both cases the other 20 Space will be taken up with two Contemtor Dreadnoughts.

Also included in the savings target was Lorgar, because I desperately wanted to paint him, and a Deredeo Dreadnought with an Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery and a Aiolos Missile Launcher which is destined for my Ultramarines.

I also had to buy Lindsays birthday present as I next get paid the day after her birthday, she knows what she is getting, a good pair of monitor headphones for her record player, but not the exact make and model.

At Airecon I found myself in love with this amazing Imperial Aquilla dice box and I had to have it, the artists works is really good, and Megan and Lindsay also bought boxes for their polyhedral dice from her. I also bought a copy of Ticket to Ride Map Pack 3: The Heart of Africa from the Travelling Man stall as it was on a nice show price. 

I also put down part of the deposit for next years weekender and had a few other unforeseen expenses, so I am pretty brassic for the rest of the month, and as such won’t be doing much of anything.