It’s been a really rough week and a bit, a lot of it is fallout from the other week, but I am just trying to put that behind me and move one with things. But the kicker was that at the end of last week, I managed to pick up a little bug which kept me in bed for quite a few days, I managed to miss the whole weekend, cancel two driving lessons and miss a game of 40k on Tuesday, before I have finally managed to get better, which just so happened to be right in time for the dentist.

So not a lot has been going on, I did mange to watch series 3 of Brooklyn 99, it that’s about it!

What I am Modelling

Before I fell ill, I got the Stormcast Eternals Retributors from the Storm of Sigmar set finished this week, and that completes the set, which is cool. Now to actually do what I intended to do with it and get Lindsay to try the game out so I can convince her to play with me.

I am also working on a Word Bearers Contemptor Morris armed with two Kheres Assault Cannons, and a Quad Mortar Rapier. And I built the Deredeo Dreadnought with Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery and Aiolos Missile Launcher and I don’t really think I got the pose right, but overall I am pretty happy with it. Hoping that when I add it to my Ultramarines it will give me a chance to go toe to toe with Christians Mechanicum Cybernetica.

I did manage to start and finish a Rapier Quad Mortar today, it was my first day of recovery so I took it easy and spent time in the studio. This particular set required quite a lot of work to build it up a couple of months ago, I got it with my first Forge World order for my Ultramarines, which included two of these preordered and this one came really badly miscast. The crews bodies were just about the only usable pieces on the whole thing.

I sent in photos of the damaged parts to Forgeworld and they replaced the whole kit which was great, but I have ended up building this one up, so I can have a third Quad Mortar option for when I really want to rain down the pain. I needed to do a lot of rebuilding with green stuff and some alterations under hot water, but eventually it came together and bar the obvious issues with the tracks and barrels that I couldn’t fix, you would be hard pressed to tell how bad it was when I got it, although the plastic MKIV parts used on the crew, particularly the shoulder pads would give it away as well. The original back packs were completely unrecoverable, but I managed to get these ones from a guy on eBay which was cool.

What I am Reading

Not a lot, the headaches kept me from concentrating too much, but I have read and digested most of White Dwarf, and that counts as reading right???

What I am Playing

I have played noting thanks to being ill, just a lot of Ticket to Ride Germany on the iPad.

What I am Backing

Nowt new this week, still backing Rising Sun and Cognition Issue #2.

Rising Sun has added an expansion that is $50, which I have gone in for because it has some KS exclusive extras so the two clans it comes with will match up to those in the base game KS version.

We have also started with the development of an expansion called the Kami Unleashed for which we have so far funded 5 out of the 7 Kami and hopefully we will have funded all of them by the end of the campaign.

The value of the box keeps going up and up and the campaign is now past $3 million.

And Cognition has got all of its stretch goals as well which is cool.

What I am Spending

I went to the Hilltop for dinner last Tuesday night and got a burger for my tea, and I bought some super glue and a pot of paint, that’s about all I have spent this past week and a bit.

I did manage to swap some of the extra Dropfleet Commander stuff I had got for a sealed copy of Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal which is nice, but I already have the Silver Tower still waiting to be built and painted!