It’s only been a few days since my last blog entry but I am getting back on schedule so here is another one!

Graham finally put together the Durham Raiders Heresy event for the 14th May, so I am going to be taking along my Word Bearers to that, I even have Scottish Graham coming down and staying overnight so he can play in it.

Also looking forward to the Battle Bunker tournament on the 29th, figure I am going to take along an Ultramarines phosphex artillery list to that, well it is a tournament!

And other than that I am looking forward to Eastercon, I have convinced the girls to drop into Warhammer World for Breakfast on the the way down, I want to pop into Forgeworld and grab a Space Wolves transfer sheet and Varag-Ghoul-Chewer while I am there.

What I am Modelling

Megan got my bug on Thursday morning, so I stayed in the studio all day to be near her for when she inevitably needed a hug.

So Lindsay gave me a hand finishing up the tidying there to make it a bit more accessible as my stuff was all over the place.

But I got on a roll in the afternoon with some building and built a Deredeo Dreadnought with Hellfire Plasma Cannonade, a Deimos Pattern Rhino and a Titan Techpriest which had been sitting unbuilt on my desk for the past two years.

I also started work on painting up a Legion MKIV Recon Squad with sniper rifles for my Ultramarines, I built them a while ago and never got round to painting them, so I am putting that right now, gonna try and get them finished up for beginning of next week. I have another squad of them to do after these, but this time armed with shotguns. I got them finished off on Friday night and I am happy with them, although I am not as happy as I could be with the camoline cloaks.

On Saturday night I got an itch to build some Terminators, because they are one of the things I plan to deliver with the Mastodon. I have 15 Tartaros Terminators and figured I would build a squad of them, well I ended up building all 15 of them, plus the Praetor Tribune and the Praetor from Betrayal at Calth and the Primus Medicae! And then I went away and wrote a Pride of the Legion list with all of them in it, well all but the Praetor Tribune, I still have to squeeze a Chaplain in the list!

I have also started to do a bit more work on my Caestus Assault Ram, although I am now no longer sure how I will be using it, my initial plan was to give it to a squad of Breachers, but now I have the second Land Raider Armoured Proteus for them, so it’s use is currently questionable. 

What I am Reading

I resumed reading Predator, Prey and I am enjoying it, I am only about a quarter of the way through it, but it’s interesting seeing how the Ork invasion is impacting other Imperial systems.

I have been listening to Angel Exterminatus again and it’s interesting because I didn’t really pick up on the meeting between Perturabo and the Emperor when I first listened to/read the book, and it’s interesting to see how noble he was when the Crusade began, compared to where he is at this point in the series. It’s funny how you pick up on different things every time you read or listen to a book.

I finished it up tonight and will be moving onto the new Magnus book next, but first a couple of Podcast episodes stand between me and it.

What I am Playing

Today me and Lindsay played a game of Firefly that took us 4 1/2 hours, which was great. We played with Blue Sun, Kalidasa and Burning Atmo using a standard set up and the “Respectable” Persons of Business story, all of which was on the Whole Damn Verse game mat.

I also played with one of the two new ships for the first time, specifically the Jetwash. It was a very satisfying game and really scratched my urge to play a nice long involved game, I could have gone on for a bit longer, but Megan was hungry and wanted to order tea, so I had the $12,000 needed to end the game, so I called last turn and ended up winning with $9900 to Lindsays $8900.

Perhaps we will do that again sometime soon, but introduce Pirates and Bounty Hunters as well.

What I am Backing

This week I have thrown a couple of quid into Toucan Play that Game Season 2. It’s a YouTube channel about board games with a twist in that it focuses on games that can be played with only two players.

Michael is a decent guy and he has made some pretty cool videos about the board game hobby, so its a good thing to back this project, hopefully his second season will be as enjoyable as the first.

I am still also baking Rising Sun which ends very soon, we now have all 7 Kami and are now working towards the Earth Dragon, here is hoping we get that and that they next do a Wind Dragon which we will hopefully get as well.

And of course not forgetting Cognition Issue #2 which has hit all of its Stretch goals.

What I am Spending

I finally cracked, I really, really wanted him and I have gone and bought him, by him I mean my Spiritual Liege, Roboute Gulliman and his Triumvirate.

Not sure what I will do with the other two guys though, suppose I could see if Harry wants the Grey Knights dude, and I guess I could use Cypher.

Also with that I also ordered a Troll for my Blood Bowl Orcs, so that gives me the three initial teams all with their big boy model as well.