My first Eastercon is 17 years is a lot of fun so far, we arrived in good time, got registered and to the first program event that we wanted to do which was Introducing Accessible Boardgames to Newbies moderated by my friend Esther MacCallum-Stewart who is a professor of video and board games at the University of Staffordshire and an all round cool person.

It was a really good panel with plenty of discussion about how to make board games more accessible to people who are new to the hobby, as well as some hacks and changes you can make to games in order to make them better for people with different needs, like colourblindness or being on the autistic spectrum for example.

I learnt some cool things that I will certainly take away from me, and a few ideas that I will probably end up using.

We then took the car over to Morrisons to grab some sandwiches for lunch and some for tomorrow as well, and then we returned to the hotel where we checked in, and typically we have the room at the very end of the corridor, as far away from the lift as possible, so I am guessing Lindsay forgot to tuck the option for an accessible room when she made the booking!

After that I went on a Docent Tour with Emma England the head of programming, which was great, there was me and one other girl, for whom it was her first time got lots of personnel attention which was really nice.

Afterwards I went to the opening ceremony, which was a presentation by Emma King of the Royal Institute in which she demonstrated lots of cool science stuff, including turning a gherkin into a lightbulb. While I was doing that Megan and Lindsay used the pool to relax as Megan was all out of spoons.

We then meet up and had tea in the Fan Lounge, we all had fish and chips what with it being Good Friday, and we then went and played a game of King of Tokyo which was over in 10 minutes as Lindsay just kicked our arses!

At this point Megan was very very tired, so we have retired to bed, I am also shattered as I didn’t sleep until 3am in the morning being all excited and all, and I was up again at 5am, so I decided to skip the Blake’s 7 Wobblevision I wanted to see in order to set myself up for tomorrow, which will be a long day full of stuff.

  • Mood: Very Happy
  • Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 4 in addition to the Mountain Dew I drank earlier.
  • In My Ears: Toxicity by System of a Down
  • Game Last Played: King of Tokyo