I woke up this morning feeling like hell, basically if I were at home I would be tucked up in bed with Lemsip, but instead I will be patient zero for con flu.

We had a lovely breakfast, I even had fruit, and it was a nice breakfast, just a bit better than a Premier Inn, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s. I did try to fill up as much as I could but my ill made me not want to eat much.

After breakfast me and Megan then attended a panel called Disability in SFF: Beyond 101, which got me lots of recommendations for books in which characters with disabilities were portrayed well, and it was a rather informative panel as well.

Afterwards, I took Megan to the quiet room so she could meet Lindsay for a poetry reading, whilst I went for a swim followed by a sit in the steam room. The hope was that this would help clear up my nose.

We were then supposed to go to Beeblebear’s Picnic, but Lindsay and Megan were late back as they decided to go and wander the Dealers Room, so we took advantage and sped off to Morrisons to get me some Lemsip and more cough sweets, and we made it back just in time for our next panel Neurodiversity in SFF which was my favourite panel of the convention so far, a real fascinating look at how characters with neurodiversity are represented in the genre, and I learnt a new fandom term, telefantasy, which I think is rather a good one.

After that we then attended Characters with Disabilities Kicking-Ass, which had a lot of audience participation which was good, a bit different to the others I have been to, and that was cool because I got to hear a bit about the background of the comic Solider Zero, which I remembered as being very problematic in its depiction of a disabled character. It turned out the publisher basically ignored the writer and the disabled consultant Al Davison, who was on the panel.

After this panel we then went to the Fan Lounge for tea, we all had a lovely slow cooked pulled harisa lamb, which was served with couscous, pitta bread, hummus and a salad. That was really nice, and I am normally not a big fan of hummus, but in that meal it worked really really well.

After this we went up to our room for a little while, via the car where I picked up the rest of the Pepsi we brought from CostCo, where we chilled out for a little bit, before we headed down to watch the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, in a large group screening, and that was brilliant. They set up three big screens and it was just wonderful to be around so many people who were as big fans of Doctor Who as we were, and they even handed out Jelly Babies as a treat!

The episode itself was really good and I liked how it addressed Bills sexuality, without making it a big deal, she was just her, no fuss, just as she was supposed to be.

We had then thought about going to the quiz, but we were all shattered so we just headed up to our rooms for a little chill time and changed into our pyjamas, before we headed down for the pyjama party. A bit of a miscommunication saw us at the door of the Kings Suite 25 minutes early, which caused Megan to have a small anxiety attack as she felt very vulnerable stood in the hotel in her pyjamas, but we found a corner to sit down in where we calmed her down.

We then managed an hour at the party before we gave up, me and Megan are just not as healthy as we would like to be and the little dancing we did exhausted us. So we headed back upto our room once more and with the munchies, we decided against ordering a £16.50 burger from room service in favour of ordering a pizza from Dominos.

After that I just got into bed and read a few chapters of On Basilisk Station, I was convinced by some representatives of The Royal Manticoran Navy to download it and give it a read.

  • Mood: Shattered but happy
  • Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 6
  • In My Ears: Radio Ga Ga by Queen
  • Game Last Played: Pokémon Go
  • Book Last Read: On Basilisk Station by David Weber
  • Movie/TV Show Last Viewed: Doctor Who