This evening I watched the live Q&A about the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Well I watched it a bit later as I had to go to the pharmacist to pick up a prescription for Megan.

Anyway there is a lot in there to look forward to, it’s getting the Age of Sigmar treatment which is cool. Now a year ago I would have been horrified at such a thought, but now I look forward to it, why, well AoS is probably the best tabletop war game out there, ever since the Generals Handbook was released. 

The three ways to play and introduction of points was the moment that AoS went from being a bit of a mess to being an amazing game. 7th edition kind of killed my love for the game, the gap between armies was just huge, and some of the formations just made the game unplayable if you weren’t prepared to spend a small fortune. The arms race was just not fun.

And of course right now they are leaving Horus Heresy alone, so I will be able to continue to enjoy that as it is, but we will see what the future holds for that.

But right now I am really excited for what 8th edition will be, Jus at Battle Bunker is already planning a midnight launch and I am gonna be there for it!!!