I don’t really talk much about politics here, and I don’t intend to change that. I try to abide by Wheaton Law in life, but in general I would describe myself as politically conservative but socially liberal.

Anyway, my local council, which is Labour dominated, has been doing some pretty bad stuff in the past few years, and well it’s gotten me angry, especially the way they are treating teaching assistants, whom they are sacking and making reapply for their old jobs, but with a 23% pay cut, which they say is in the interests of fairness.

So I decided that I had to stand for election to the council, so that I could do something to try and stop it. Well as you will all probably know, I am not exactly in the best health so I wasn’t able to do much campaigning, but I managed to get myself 1000 votes exactly, it’s was over 300 votes from winning a seat on the council, but I did manage to double the vote for my party.

The end result of the election county wide is that the Labour Party remain in control, and sadly it’s probably going to end up with the teaching assistant changes pushed through, though a network of Tories, Lib Dems and Independents did manage to give Labour a bloody nose by taking twenty seats off them, including the wife of the leader of the council.

What I am Modelling

Not had much time for modelling this week, but what time I have had, has been dedicated to Dropfleet Commander, getting my UCM fleet ready for the Summer Invasion.

I have completed the paint jobs on a New Cairo Light Cruiser, a San Francisco Class Trooship, two Jakarta Class Frigates, two Lima Class Frigates and four New Orleans Strike Carriers. 

Remaining on the table are a Saratoga (which is just an alternative sculpt New Cairo), a Tokyo Class Battleship, a Berlin Class Cruiser and an Avalon Class Battlecruiser. And although I don’t need it for my list, I am just painting it anyway, I also have the Atlantis Class Battlecruiser being painted up as well.

What I am Reading

I finished Principles of Angels, I forgot how much I enjoyed the book, I love its depiction of the two different sides of society in the world that Jaine created.

What I am Playing

I had a go at the Batman Minitures Game on Tuesday, I played with a League if Shadows gang.

It’s the second time I have played it, and I must admit it’s better than the first time I played it. I am still not keen on the number of tokens needed to play it, that part I still find a little clunky and old fashioned, but none the less I had a good time playing it

Will gave to get the Joker and Suicide Squad gangs I have painted up at some point.

What I am Backing

Nowt, I have absolutely noting on the go at the minute, which a rare thing for me.
Although a recent update from the Kingdom Builder Harvest campaign has said that instead of getting Harvest and Marshlands in an empty big box, I am now getting a full and complete big box of Kingdom Builder, which is very nice.

So I am going to have a spare copy of Kingdom Builder to dispose of at some point!

What I am Spending

Apart from a couple of books, I have been very good this week and it spent anything!

  • Mood: Flat
  • Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 6
  • In My Ears: Little Child by the Beatles
  • Game Last Played: Ticket to Ride 
  • Book Last Read: Principles of Angels by Jaine Fenn
  • Movie/TV Show Last Viewed: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – Starcrash
  • Current State of Projects: UCM Ship, bascoated and washed