I have had a pretty bad week, so I haven’t had a chance to do much at all. Just had my time consumed with family stuff that really is wearing me down.

What I did forget to mention last week is that Lindsay, as part of her work to improve her mental health wants to get out and do more things, and my friend Daniel was running a Steampunk event in Newcastle, and he needed someone to serve the tea. So Lindsay stepped forward to volunteer for it, and so I found myself helping her be a tea lady for the day, which she enjoyed a lot, it got her out and meeting people which is something she really needed in her life right now.

What I am Modelling

Spent so little time in the studio this week, but I did finish off the remaining ships for my UCM fleet for the Summer Invasion at the UK Games Expo, and I will be having my second game of Dropfleet tomorrow at Section 8.

What I am Reading
I have been reading Shattered Legions, I know I have read it all before but I am reviewing it on the next episode of Edge of Empire so I wanted it fresh in my memory.

What I am Playing

I had a game of doubles with Age of Sigmar on Tuesday, my Khorne army remains unpainted and it gives me great shame, I need to get off my bottom and get them painted.

Anyway it was the first time using the new Battletome, Blade of Khorne and it was rather fun, I always enjoy Age of Sigmar and this game was no different. My teammate was also playing Khorne, but unlike my pure Bloodbound army his was a mixture of Bloodbound and Daemons.

It was interesting to see how the two different types of Khorne units interact with each other and it’s given me some ideas for what I will be doing with mine, once I get the first lot painted up.

But the important thing is that we lost, my 5 man Blood Warrior unit lost 3 of them going through a Realmgate and thus were unable to kill some of the enemy, which was a combination of Ironjawz and Kharadron Overlords, and thus I couldn’t claim the objective.

What I am Backing

Absolutely nowt, I need to save my money for the UK Games Expo!

What I am Spending

This week I spent a bit too much, after my game of Age of Sigmar I decided to get the Blades of Khorne Warscroll Cards.

I also really like the Gore Pilgrims Battalion, so I decided to get another Slaughterpriest, but then I also quite fancied the Exalted Deathbringer with Ruinous Axe which I realised would come to £36, but I could get Gorechosen for £35 which came with both of those characters plus two additional characters, so I ended up buying Gorechosen, and I have built the characters in there today.

The only thing is I realised after I bought it that I already have an Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer, so I shall try and shift that along.

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