It’s been a few weeks since I have posted here, I have had lots of family drama which has taken up a lot of my time, and that’s just making me feel crap.

So I am not gonna talk about that at all, and instead concentrate on good stuff.


How good does 8th edition look, seriously with every single thing that I see, I get more and more excited about it. It looks like the game is going to become a lot more fun and allow it to be something that can be won in the game itself and not at the list building stage.

The starter set looks amazing and the Death Guard models are simply beautiful, and yeah, I will be getting it.

Not entirely sold on the Primaris Marines though, I mean they are growing on me, especially the Dreadnought, that looks amazing, but I am still a bit unsure about them. Obviously when I get them I need to decide what happens with the, do they become part of my Blood Ravens or my Blood Angels, I am swaying more towards my Blood Ravens as they haven’t had anything new for a while.


I am off to the UK Games Expo on Friday, and I am really looking forward to it. This will be the first time in five years that we haven’t stayed at the Travelodge at Birmingham Airport, instead we are at the Castle Bromwich Holiday Inn Express which is about a 15 minute drive away from the NEC. 

The plan is to leave home at 6am and get to Birmingham in time for the doors opening, I want to grab the Athens Class Light Cruiser from Hawk Wargames to add to my UCM fleet for Dropfleet Commander. 

And of course I want to get to the seminar with Games Workshop for a Q&A about 8th edition.

What I am Modelling

I have gotten out of my hobby stagnation and gotten on with painting quite a bit.

I first off concentrated on getting some stuff done for my Word Bearers who were a little bit neglected in terms of stuff they had available to them. I started off with some Tartaros Terminator units which had sat neglected on my desk for a few weeks.

These were pretty easy to finish off once I put my mind to it, so now I have a unit of 5 Tartaros Terminators, with a Heavy Flamer and Sgt with a Volkite Charger and Power Axe.

At the same time as working on them I got my Praetor Tribune for them done, a wonderful model, which I love to bits and was an absolute pleasure to do.

I also needed to paint up a Chaplain for a game I had against one of my Podcast listeners, so I quickly painted up the Betrayal at Calth Chaplain. And that didn’t turn out too badly.

I then turned my attention to the Gal Vorbak, now these models I found quite intimidating and they really didn’t seem like they could be batch painted, so I got the red armour done and then did them one by one. 

Once I had the first one done, they didn’t seem too bad, it was just a case of not rushing it, taking my time and studying the pictures on the Forgeworld website for reference. I ended up going with a Skaven style flesh for them, using Ratskin Flesh as the base colour. This game the flesh an almost inhuman aspect to it, and I think it works quite well. My original plan was to use skin with purple washes to make it look tortured, but my first attempts at this, looks a bit off, so I abandoned that idea.

With the Gal Vorbak done, I then tacked the Mhara Gal, now if you know me, you know I love Dreadnoughts, so doing this was both a pleasure and a challenge. I approached it in a similar way to the Gal Vorbak, in that I broke the model down into areas and once the basic red armour was done, I approached these sections one by one. And that made painting it a lot easier, in the end I am quite proud of it, a little unsure of the head but I think over all it’s pretty good.

My final Word Bearers unit that I have done recently is a Deredeo Dreadnought, and I armed this with a Hellfire Plasma Cannonade. This one was done differently to my other Word Bearers Dreadnoughts and instead of dry brushing it, I edge highlighted it, simply because that seems to me to be the best approach for Deredeos.

I still think I am going to go back and do a bit more work on it though, probably put some scripture on it, make it fit in with the rest of the army more.

The other model I got done was for my Ultramarines, I have a game against Graham tomorrow and he is bringing an armoured breakthrough, so I need to bring lots of anti-tank, and thus I need Lascannons, in this case a Deredeo with Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery, because he is bringing a Fellblade, so Exoshock could come in handy! This model took very little time to get painted I just seemed to be in the zone and it came together quite quickly.

I also finished off a Blood Angels Death Company Dreadnought, this had been mostly finished on my desk for over a year, so I decided to put the finishing few touches to it, and now it’s ready to hit the table for 8th edition.

What I am Reading

I haven’t read an awful lot, but I am back to listening to audiobooks whilst I paint.

I listened to Vengeful Spirit which is a really good book and listening to it, as with many books, opened my eyes to several things I missed when I read it.

I am now working my way through various short stories leading up to Unremembered Empire, currently in the middle of Prince of Crows. 

I did get hold of Dark Compliance on CD, a friend who went to Warhammer Fest managed to grab me a copy and I have already listened to it. Very good story, John French really captures the spirit of what was mentioned in the Black Books, and it’s always nice to hear from Doombreed.

I have started to read the second book in the Hidden Empire series, Consorts of Heaven, but I am very much in the first few chapters still.

What I am Playing

I have only played one game in the past few weeks and that was against Graham and his very cool Space Wolves. I talked about it on the last Edge of Empire episode so you are better off listening to that for a report on the game.

What I am Backing

Well the Creativity Hub launched an RPG based around Rory’s Story Cubes, so I had to back that didn’t I. The game is called Untold and so far it looks pretty good.

I love Story Cubes, I think they are an excellent educational toy and I have quite a number of sets of them. So of course I was going to back this.

At the moment the stretch goals have added a copy of Batman Story Cubes for everyone and tokens to play the game with. I am backing at the level which comes with Adventure Time Story Cubes.

What I am Spending
Not a lot, my being good with money is working out, all I have bought recently are my usual comics, although I did go out for a Five Guys yesterday.
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