I have had a fairly dull week for the most part. But I did put together my computer again, tidy the studio a little and record a podcast episode.

The motherboard, CPU and memory arrived on Tuesday, I bought it as a bundle so it came already set up, all I did was slot my existing 8GB of RAM in, slip it into the case and attach the wires and connectors in the right place, as well as my wireless card.

The motherboard has 8 SATA inputs, and I am using 6 of those so I didn’t see any point in installing my SATA controller, not sure I will ever need to have 11 hard drives in addition to the Blu-Ray Drive. 

The PC now boots up very quickly, almost seconds really, it’s a big improvement on what it was like before, the SSD really works very well with this motherboard. Because I rearranged a few things, I have had to reassign the hard drive letters, which has meant I had to reinstall a few programs, but I can think of worse things.

The really irritating thing was that with the new motherboard, Windows has decided that my licence was no longer good, thankfully this was easy to sort out, but quite irritating that I had to spend time dealing with that.

The mixer seems to work better now, probably helps that I downloaded updated drivers for it, and that has made recording the podcast a lot easier, also helps that I saw that the Skype channel had its gain set to maximum which explains why that was coming in so hot.

Overall things are improving with the studio, it’s still a big mess though and I need to do more tidying and sorting up there.

Of course the big news of the weekend is that we are getting a female Doctor for the first time. Personally I am not all that bothered, as long as she is a good actress and can bring something new to the role her gender doesn’t bother me, but it is fun to see how some people are overreacting to the news. 

“It’s a leftie feminist PC conspiracy by the Tory Party to get us to accept Theresa May as Prime Minister” is one of my favourite complaints so far, the person who wrote that might have been dropped on the head as a child I think!

What I am Modelling

Not an awful lot this week, I decided to build my Primaris Marines at the beginning of the week and I got them primed, and since then I have added the Marines from First Strike as well.

I decided to paint up one of the Primaris Lieutenants as I quite like the model, it was the first model leaked and I will admit that at the time, I truly believed it was a very good kitbash, I am glad to be mistaken, because it is a quite nice model to paint.

Anyway I have decided to add the Primaris Space Marines to the Blood Ravens as they haven’t had any reinforcements in three years, and I must say the model looks good in the scheme.

It’s also the first time I have used this particular paint scheme on them, much simpler than the one I was using and unless you get up close you can’t tell the difference.

Since then I have decided to finish off the Lost Patrol models, I have already painted the five Space Marine Scouts and now I am going to get the Genestealers painted up, one is finished and three more are almost done, and I will probably start on the next four tomorrow.

What I am Reading

I haven’t picked up my Kobo this week but I have started listening to Perturabo – Hammer of Olympia by Guy Hayley and so far it’s pretty good.

It’s the first time I have read in fiction about his early life, and it’s an interesting society they created for him, and of course the fact the book features Dantioch is a bonus.

What I am Playing

I played a game of 40k against Harry from Mackem Painting at Raiders on Tuesday, we played Eternal War using the Relic mission.

I won the game but to be honest I wasn’t trying to, I was trying to help Harry learn 8th, and afterwards he did say he had a good time, so bonus.

I enjoy playing Harry, he is a good lad with plenty of decent banter.

Emily came round on Friday night so we also played a couple of games of Camel Up and a few rounds of One Night Ultimate Alien.

What I am Backing

Founders of Gloomhaven came across my screen, it’s looks really good, and I do like me a tile laying game.

But seriously the rules look solid and the game looks to be well developed, normally I am a bit reluctant to back a second project from an indie publisher whilst they still have a project outstanding, but in this case I am willing to make an exception.

What I am Spending

Too much, I am on a restricted budget yet still allowed myself to spend money I didn’t have. I bought myself the Reikland Reavers and Gouged Eye dice for Blood Bowl and a Space Marine Chaplain with a Jump Pack for my Blood Ravens.

I also got the Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 magazine, mostly for the free Intercessor, when I add that to the free model I got o launch day and the three Intercessors from First Strike that gives me a full third Intercessor Squad.

  • Mood: Tired
  • Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 4
  • In My Ears: Florence + The Machine – The Dog Days Are Over
  • Game Last Played: One Night Ultimate Alien
  • Book Last Read: Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia
  • Movie/TV Show Last Viewed: QI
  • Current State of Projects: 1 Genestealer painted.