My studio is a real mess, and I really need to crack on and get it properly tidied.

A big issue is my large to do pile of projects and its time I actually got on and painted up some of this stuff, especially the stuff that will eventually live in the games collection downstairs, so I am going to start dedicating myself to building and painting a few of these games, particularly the two Warhammer Quest games, but before I do that, I think I need to invest in foam for these games, so that the models will be protected once they are painted.

What I am Modelling

This week I put my mind towards finishing off the Genestealers from Lost Patrol, for which I used a few different methods to paint them, all to figure out the easiest method to use for the rest of my Tyranids.

They turned out OK, although I am regretting deciding to do Hive Fleet Leviathan now, perhaps I should have picked an easier colour scheme, anyway the Tyranids will be something I return to probably towards the end of the year.

I have also been doing a little work on the Sanguinary Guard with Megan, but these have been moving quite slowly and I have also been working on the Captain in Gravis Armour from the Dark Imperium boxset, but this has also gone quite slowly, but I am close to having him finished.

Next I am going to be starting on the Gorechosen characters, so that like Lost Patrol I can get it out of the studio and into the games shelf.

Oh and I did get some foam for Lost Patrol a few weeks ago, it was from JustLasered, and its really quite good, a brilliant way to store the models, I just wish they did a tray for Gangs of Commorragh, I am not looking forward to building and painting that one, as the models look like they will be left to rattle around in the box.

What I am Reading

I haven’t done much reading again this week, just a few chapters here and there and I am still slowly working my way through The Crimson King by Graham McNeil.

I have however finished listening to Perturabo – Hammer of Olympia, and very much enjoyed it, I must admit that at the end of it Perturabo got a little bit too whiney, but it was a good read and was great as we have had very few glimpses into his life prior to the Heresy.

Its also interesting to see how much he changed during the Crusade, in Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero he was a very different character, much more optimistic and noble. I would love to read more tales of his life to see how he was gradually worn down into the bitter man he became by the Heresy.

What I am Playing

I actually haven’t played anything this week, will have to change that this week, I have already arranged a game of 40k against Graham on Tuesday and will be taking my Chaos Space Marines again.

What I am Backing

Not backing anything new this week, but WoundWang has 6 days left on it, and Founders of Gloomhaven is still funding for another 17 days.

What I am Spending

I bought another character for my Blood Ravens, this time a Deathwatch Terminator Captain, which is surprisingly cheap and is the only way to get that particular character outside a Start Collecting Box or Terminator Command Squad, and the Deathwatch Upgrade Frame might come in useful later on when I eventually do a small Deathwatch army.

I have also preordered a set of the Space Marine Datacards and I think I am going to order some Aggressors as well.

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