Last night I arranged my membership for Octocon 2017, which will be my first ever Octocon.

I got my arm twisted into going whilst I was at Eastercon, and it helped that the airfares with Ryanair were only £50, oh and Dan Abnett is a guest of honour which kinda sealed the deal!

Megan bought the membership for me, it’s my birthday present from her and Lindsay for this year. Only thing about the trip is that I leave for it on my birthday so will be all on my lonesome that night in Dublin, so I guess I will find a pub and have a drink to celebrate by myself.

Really looking forward to it, Lindsay is envious because when I get there I will be headed straight to Bewleys for a nice brew and will have fish and chips from Beshoffs for my lunch. I am also under orders to bring back some Bewleys tea for her.

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