On Saturday I played in my first 40k tournament in over a year, the end of 7th edition killed me when it came to competitive play, at that stage it was so unbalanced it was unreal. Add to that some of the more competitive players in our local scene turned into massive knobs over the game and would bring lists that would simply curb stomp pretty much everyone, the Skyhammer Annihilation Force being the worst example of something that was so utterly broken as to be unreal.

Now I like formations, I think they are an interesting and sometimes fluffy way to build an army, but at some point they turned from being fun and interesting into being utterly ridiculous, designed simply to destroy older armies and had no negatives to them.

So anyway I didn’t play 7th for quite some time bar the occasional fluffy game here and there, I mostly stuck to Heresy. But that has changed with 8th edition, sure there are powerful lists out there, but the game feels a lot more fun now, I occasionally have a chance to pull off a miracle and destroy a Land Raider with massed bolter fire.

Anyway, I went along to Bunker War 3 at the Battle Bunker and I played three games with this list of Chaos Space Marines, and I got tabled in every game, but I enjoyed it!!!


First off I played Phil and his Tyranids, which was a hard as nails list and he finished me off in less than an hour, but it was a good game and I did manage to kill a couple of things.

Then I played Matts Tyranids, which was a beautiful painted army, and I managed to do much better this time, at the end of the game all he had left was a few big beasts, specifically a couple of Trygons and a Tyrannocyte, but no matter what I did I just could not finish off those last big ones.

Then I got to play against Nathan and his Necrons. I love Nathans army, every single time I see it, I just want to start Necrons, I love the Nihilakh scheme he has going on, and if I ever do Necrons that the scheme I will pick. In that game I pulled off a nice alpha strike and killed his warlord in turn one, but then just started racking up the losses after that. Necron Warriors are hard to kill and the Ghost Ark just shrugs off Lascannon shots with its Quantum Shielding.

As you can see below, I didn’t win the Wooden Spoon, but I did finish 3rd from last, but I don’t care about that because I had fun!

What I am Modelling

This week when I have gotten time for painting I have been concentrating on the Gorechosen models. I started with the Skullgrinder and Aspiring Deathbringer because these two models seemed to be the most similar in terms of colour scheme. I basically painted them exactly how I would a Blood Warrior and they turned out pretty good.

With the Skullgrinder it was my first time painting fire, something I need to sort out for when I do Roboute Guilliman with his sword. It came out ok, but I need to work more on my blending, because the colours have a definitive line.

I then picked up two Slaughterpriests, the one from Gorechosen and one that came free with last Septembers White Dwarf. For these I chose to go with two different schemes for the flesh, one reasonably normal and the other very pale, and that was rather fun. I have a third Slaughterpriest that came with the Start Collecting Khorne Bloodbound box and I think I am going to do him with black flesh.

With those two out of the way I started on the last model from Gorechosen, the Exalted Deathbringer, a model which has black skin, and that was something I was able to complete today. It was surprisingly quick to get painted up.

On the modelling front, I bought some Aggressors from Battle Bunker on Saturday and I built these on Sunday. I love these models, they are really cool, I think Gravis Armour is my favourite type of Mark X armour. At the same time I also build an Imperial Space Marine which is destined for the Blood Ravens.

What I am Reading

I haven’t picked up a book all week, but I have listened to a few audiobooks, specifically I listened to Ravenloard, Raptor and Tallarn: Executioner in my effort to get up to date with all of the Horus Heresy audio books and I have started on Deathfire.

What I am Playing

Apart from the games at Bunker War 3, I had a game against Graham and his Imperial friends list, which was very enjoyable, Graham has a very nice list there and shows how fun 8th edition can be, I wish I had taken some notes and photos of it now.

What I am Backing

Wound Wang successfully funded last night, now I need to decide what colour I want and what set to get. Was tempted by the War Machine Set, but I am now edging more towards the Company Set.

Founders of Gloomhaven continues to solicit funding, and there are some quite exciting stretch goals coming up on that one, the unique art for all prestige buildings is one I am particularly interested in seeing knocked down.

In fulfilment news, this week Pretending to Grownup had its shipping label printed so hopefully a few weeks and that will be added to our collection.

What I am Spending

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased a box of Aggressors, and along with them I got the Space Marine Datacards, an essential purchase of you want to play the army in my opinion.

I also bought the Space Marine Codex, but instead of buying it both physically and digitally, I have decided to only buy it digitally and see how that goes. When it comes to fiction I only buy ebooks for environmental reasons so I am doing the same now with Codexes and other gaming books.

Earlier in the week when we were doing some shopping I spotted the Back to the Future trilogy in ASDA for £10 on Blu-Ray and I had to have it, it’s something I had on VHS but didn’t replace for some strange reason.

The three extra easy build Reivers I ordered still have not arrived, so I have given up on the seller and asked for a refund, and have since purchased them elsewhere. I have also managed to get hold of five sets of Grav Chutes for them, so my Reivers will be equipped with them.

I have also now finalised the list I want for my Primaris Marines, to what I have, I will be adding another squad of Inceptors with Plasma Exterminators, a Redemptor Dreadnought and a Repulsor. So that’s only a further three kits to get to make 2000pts.
Oh and I bought a lot of Fuegan Orange shade.

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