Lindsay’s office is in Nottingham, right behind Warhammer World, and she is not afraid to tell you that working alone at home has some mental health implications.

Earlier this year I gave up my having my own studio room to move downstairs to share what is now the office with Lindsay. There were two reasons for this, firstly it means that the room that used to be my studio is now a spare room for when nephews and nieces want to stay over. And secondly it means that most days for a good part of the day, Lindsay has an office mate in the form of me and sometimes Megan.

But one thing we agreed upon, was that at least once every six months, we would go to Nottingham so that Lindsay could have a couple of days working at her office with people, and me and Megan would go to Warhammer World and play.

Sounds like Lindsay is getting a raw deal, but going to the office does a lot for her mental health and really give her a boost, this year we have been bad and there was too long a gap since our last visit, but this next year we will be better.

We get there Thursday the 14th November, we go that day because Lindsay has a late start, so we get kicked out just before Warhammer World opens and me and Megan will be playing small games, so Combat Arena or Gorechosen, Gretchinz, Lost Patrol, Combat Cards, Kill Team, Underworld etc.

And then on Friday, when we will be getting an Uber over, we are going to play a game of 40k, Megan is gonna take her Blood Angels for which I have challenged us to paint a couple of new units at least, and I will be taking Death Guard, for which I need to paint a bit too.

And then we shall take a slow journey back up on the Saturday. We have a favourite Travelodge, I mean there aren’t many hotels in our price range in Nottingham that can sleep three people in one room, and there is a nice little pub next door that serves a decent breakfast, so we should be ok for that.

So what I need to do after Company of Legends, is prioritise my painting a bit better, I want to get Nikis Death Korps all done by Christmas and I want to paint up a lot of my Death Guard, so I am gonna have to make a good plan to do it all.

What I am Modelling

Scenery was the big thing for most of the end of last week, I painted, with Megan’s help, a second Bastion for Scottish Graham’s box of scenery.

Then I did a few little bits of scatter terrain, some Promthium Barrels, Ammo Crates etc.

This was followed by the last part of Scottish Graham’s terrain, a Sacristan Forgeshrine.

And my final piece of terrain for the week, a final Haemotrope Reactor, this one was for my box of scenery from Conquest and I used some Grey Knights Steel and in general did a bit more with this piece.

I then started work on my characters for Combat Arena, starting with Neyam Shai Murad and Gotfret de Montbard.

My plan with the rest of the week is to finish the Combat Arena fighters and do some work on Sector Slytherin.

What I am Reading

I have been managing to do a little Reading each night, the reading goals on iOS 13 are surprisingly encouraging.

I finished Farsight, and then read Fire and Ice by Peter Fehervai and swiftly moved on to Aun’Shi by Braden Campbell.

All of which I really enjoyed and to get more T’au goodness I have purchased the T’au Empire Legends of the Dark Millennium book, it contains stories I have already read, but the rest I don’t own at all so it’s good.

But because I was no where near my bank card and Black Library still doesn’t take PayPal, I instead started on The Bone Desert by Robbie MacNiven in preparation for the new Gotrek stuff coming out this weekend.

What I am Playing

I have to played anything this week sadly, but I aim to change that in the next couple of days.

What I am Backing

Nothing new, and haven’t had anything arrive this week.

What I am Cooking

Still having trouble with making anything beyond a microwave meal, seriously sad that I haven’t been capable of cooking anything for over a month now.

What I am Spending

I was quite lucky and won an eBay auction for the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness rulebook for £15 and it’s still sealed in its box.

I did place a small Forge World Order, I got some paint that I had ran out of or had dried up, and the Reaver Titan Warp Missile Rack, and Warlord Titan Macro Gattling Blaster for Adeptus Titanicus.

I also put in money towards getting a Now TV stick for Lindsay’s grandad, we are changing to Sky Q and he has been “borrowing” our multiroom box for a number of years now so he can enjoy the sports, and that’s coming to an end, so we have dropped sports from our package and are subscribing to it on Now TV for him.