Company of Legends is now less than two weeks away, so here is nervous as owt Michael for the next two weeks as he gets everything ready for it and finishes painting the last of the new scenery.

Also I did an interview with The Imperial Truth about it, so expect to see that soon!

What I am Modelling

It’s been a slow week, mostly been dealing with other stuff but I did get one model painted, X-102 from Combat Arena.

I also primed my 1000pts of Legio Custodes for the Adeptus Terra Zone Mortalis Challenge, it’s not a lot of models really, only eight in fact.

Right now I am working on Sector Slytherin with Megan, the Ruins just need a wash on some pipes, the Manufactorum needs its final details and the Adminstratium is about 60% done and should be finished tomorrow.

This leaves two sets of Sector Sanctoris Ruins and the three Imperial Sector buildings to do.

What I am Reading

I finished The Bone Desert and it was a really good book, very enjoyable, so thanks Robbie.

Then I read One, Untended by David Guymer and that was also a pretty good read, lots of action and a great short story.

I have also quite quickly devoured Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World, really loved this, once again Black Library just Knock it out of the part when it comes to audio dramas, plus Brian Blessed just embodies Gotrek.

What I am Playing

I haven’t played anything this week, for shame, but I am playing a game of Adeptus Titanicus at Battle Bunker on Wednesday.

What I am Backing

Nowt right now, but I am looking out for project 100!

What I am Cooking

Still not been capable of cooking, apart from putting sausages in the oven, but I wasn’t able to take them out and finish them 🙁

What I am Spending

I bought a few things for Company of a Legends, but that’s not my money so not a huge great big deal!

We got the chocolate bars, which have been subsidised by one of our generous sponsors, we got Twix Xtras in both milk and white chocolate, and Snickers Duo, I also got the required lanyards, photo frames for the certificates, just got coffee to buy now.

For next year we have purchased some Hive Walls from, two sets of them so that we can offer Zone Mortalis games on two 4×4 tables, I also got a set of Necromunda Bulkead Doors to compliment these as well.

For myself, I finally ordered Kill Team Elites, also Palanite Enforcers, their dice and cards for Necromunda and a few Space Marine Heroes from Series 2.