I am still recovering from Company of Legends, so expect a fuller report on that soon, in the meantime, I am recovering on holiday for my birthday in Cumbria.

What I am Modelling

Well it’s been a while so I have gotten a bit done, I started up with finishing off the Manufactorum, Adminstratium and Ruins for Sector Slytherin.

Then I did two sets of Sector Sanctoris Ruins fir Sector Slytherin.

I also took a day and quickly painted up the Sector Mechanicus Killzone that came with the new Kill Team Starter Set.

Myself and Megan then finished two of the Imperial Sector buildings and I did some Imperial Objectives from Urban Conquest to go with them.

I also painted up Andrew Newtons Sector Munitorium Killzone and the last Imperial Sector Building.

And finally I painted up a single Scimitar Jetbike for my Ultramarines.

Since Company of Legends I have gone a bit butterfly like, I have built and primed, two more Scimitar Jetbikes, the Reaver Mega Bolter and Warp Missile Rack, Acastus Knights and Warlord Macro Gatling Cannon for Adeptus Titanicus and some Scouts and a Lieutenant in Phobos Armour for my Blood Ravens.

I have also built 20 Warriors of the Dead and The Three Hunters for Middle Earth SBG.

I am currently painting 10 Chaos Cultists I got with Conquest and hope to have them finished off probably Monday night or early Tuesday when I get back from holiday.

What I am Reading

I am currently reading Legends of the Dark Millenium: The Tau Empire, which is very interesting, I have already read some of the stories, but there are others I haven’t read and thus far I am enjoying them.

I am 90% thorough the book so far, and it’s really giving me a taste for the T’au.

What I am Playing

Since last I blogged I have played a few games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Blank, reviews of which are currently being written.

My birthday weekend trip has seen us take a lot of games away with us to play so will have a lot more to report on next time!

What I am Backing

I backed project 100, which was the CMON Time Machine, from which I am hoping to get a few figures for Zombicide to complete my Big Bang Theory characters. If I don’t, it was only $1 and I get some soundtracks and art books.

I have a few which are due to deliver soon so hopefully I will be able to talk about them soon.

What I am Cooking

I finally was capable of cooking and I made breakfast pizza, it was really simple and all I did was take store bought pizza bases, make my own tomato sauce with passata. Italian herbs and garlic granules, put on the base, mushrooms, bacon and cooked sausage with cheese and cook it for a little bit.

I want to try it again but add some hash browns and scrambled egg and throw on some black pudding to Lindsays.

What I am Spending

It’s been a few weeks and I got paid so probably too much, plus I have been treating myself a bit for my birthday!

I bought myself some datacards for Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines and a Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour.

I have been finally convinced by Phil and James to give the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game a go and have decided to do the Dead of Dunharrow, so I picked up a box of Warriors of the Dead, a couple of Riders of the Dead and the King of the Dead and Heralds, plus the Three Hunters and in Travelling Man, I found the dice for The Three Hunters. I had ordered the dice for the Dead, but the order was cancelled as Games Workshop has oversold them.

For a birthday treat I bought myself Beastgrave plus the counter sheet and the dice for Skaeth’s Wild Hunt and Grashrak’s Despoilers.

And I found a copy of Conquest with the Scouts in it, so I bought them to add some more to my Blood Ravens.