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Still Recovering

I am still recovering from Company of Legends, so expect a fuller report on that soon, in the meantime, I am recovering on holiday for my birthday in Cumbria.

What I am Modelling

Well it’s been a while so I have gotten a bit done, I started up with finishing off the Manufactorum, Adminstratium and Ruins for Sector Slytherin.

Then I did two sets of Sector Sanctoris Ruins fir Sector Slytherin.

I also took a day and quickly painted up the Sector Mechanicus Killzone that came with the new Kill Team Starter Set.

Myself and Megan then finished two of the Imperial Sector buildings and I did some Imperial Objectives from Urban Conquest to go with them.

I also painted up Andrew Newtons Sector Munitorium Killzone and the last Imperial Sector Building.

And finally I painted up a single Scimitar Jetbike for my Ultramarines.

Since Company of Legends I have gone a bit butterfly like, I have built and primed, two more Scimitar Jetbikes, the Reaver Mega Bolter and Warp Missile Rack, Acastus Knights and Warlord Macro Gatling Cannon for Adeptus Titanicus and some Scouts and a Lieutenant in Phobos Armour for my Blood Ravens.

I have also built 20 Warriors of the Dead and The Three Hunters for Middle Earth SBG.

I am currently painting 10 Chaos Cultists I got with Conquest and hope to have them finished off probably Monday night or early Tuesday when I get back from holiday.

What I am Reading

I am currently reading Legends of the Dark Millenium: The Tau Empire, which is very interesting, I have already read some of the stories, but there are others I haven’t read and thus far I am enjoying them.

I am 90% thorough the book so far, and it’s really giving me a taste for the T’au.

What I am Playing

Since last I blogged I have played a few games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Blank, reviews of which are currently being written.

My birthday weekend trip has seen us take a lot of games away with us to play so will have a lot more to report on next time!

What I am Backing

I backed project 100, which was the CMON Time Machine, from which I am hoping to get a few figures for Zombicide to complete my Big Bang Theory characters. If I don’t, it was only $1 and I get some soundtracks and art books.

I have a few which are due to deliver soon so hopefully I will be able to talk about them soon.

What I am Cooking

I finally was capable of cooking and I made breakfast pizza, it was really simple and all I did was take store bought pizza bases, make my own tomato sauce with passata. Italian herbs and garlic granules, put on the base, mushrooms, bacon and cooked sausage with cheese and cook it for a little bit.

I want to try it again but add some hash browns and scrambled egg and throw on some black pudding to Lindsays.

What I am Spending

It’s been a few weeks and I got paid so probably too much, plus I have been treating myself a bit for my birthday!

I bought myself some datacards for Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines and a Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour.

I have been finally convinced by Phil and James to give the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game a go and have decided to do the Dead of Dunharrow, so I picked up a box of Warriors of the Dead, a couple of Riders of the Dead and the King of the Dead and Heralds, plus the Three Hunters and in Travelling Man, I found the dice for The Three Hunters. I had ordered the dice for the Dead, but the order was cancelled as Games Workshop has oversold them.

For a birthday treat I bought myself Beastgrave plus the counter sheet and the dice for Skaeth’s Wild Hunt and Grashrak’s Despoilers.

And I found a copy of Conquest with the Scouts in it, so I bought them to add some more to my Blood Ravens.

A Relaxing Trip

To help celebrate my birthday, myself, Lindsay and Megan booked up a nice weekend away at a lodge in Otterburn. My plan had been to chill out and play games all weekend, the girls proffered the idea of visiting some places.

So Friday morning we feed and watered the animals and set off to spend a few hours in Rothbury a picturesque little town to the north northwest of Newcastle, where we had a nice little walk along the old fashioned ships and finally having some lunch in a little cafe. After this we set off to Otterburn and our lovely little lodge for the weekend.

And it was a really nice lodge, nicely decorated with comfortable furniture and best of all a hot tub! We had pizza that night and played Joking Hazard a game I backed on Kickstarter from the team behind the Cyanide and Happiness comic and it was a pretty good little party game.

The next day we drove up to Alnwick where we wandered round the market and Megan bought some mead from the Lindisfarne Mead shop. We had a nice dinner at the Dirty Bottles smokehouse and then went home via Barter Books, who to my dismay did not have an RPG section! That evening we had hot dogs and played a game of Munchkin Gloom.

The Sunday was dedicated entirely to games, starting out with with a nice game of Firefly Fluxx, after a lovely fried breakfast lovely prepared by Lindsay and Megan. Then we cracked open our copy of Tokaido Collectors Edition, another game we Kickstarted, the first one that we as a household Kickstarted together. We got it back in June, but it was only completed recently when we got the missing parts we needed. That was a fun game, which I won, but only because I decided to play as the game designer Antoine who wins all ties!

Then we moved onto Munchkin: The Nightmare before Christmas, a game which we had to import from America because USAoploy don’t publish their games in the U.K., but we enjoyed this version of the classic, I would have won, but Lindsay and Megan ganged up on me, wasting all the cards they had to mess with other players which then allowed Megan to win because there was noting Lindsay could do to help me stop her.

After lunch, Megan wasn’t feeling too well so she sat and watched some David Attenborough whilst me and Lindsay played Thunderbirds with the Tracey Island expansion, which is one of my favourite games. We managed to win that one, but it was close, another couple of turns and we would have lost because of of the missions was going to be so difficult to achieve.

Finally before bed we played a few rounds of Love Letter, which is always a favourite, me and Lindsay did want to play Carcassonne Star Wars Edition, but Lindsay wasn’t taking in the rules so we ended up not playing, which was a shame, I would have liked to have played more games that day, but the girls had a pace they wanted to play at. But we did have plenty of dips in the hot tub though!

Megan was sadly quite sick through the night, so we ended up leaving a little earlier than planned on the Monday to get her home quicker so she could recover for her trip to her Nana’s down in Oxfordshire.

On Tuesday I was due to play a 2500 point game of 40k but annoyingly the car decided to break down on the way to club, we did manage to get the car moving again before the RAC dude came out, and he found a fault on the booster pressure sensor, but the garage aren’t too worried about it, but we are taking him in next week to get looked over anyway, hopefully it’s just a one off, one in a million fault that won’t reoccur. 

What I am Modelling

Got my Millitarium Tempestus Kill Team ready to go. I went with the Kapic Eagles colour scheme because I actually quite like it and it’s easy to do following Duncan’s painting guide. I am seriously thinking of entering it into the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day Kill Team Tournament. I figure it will keep my busy, and not spending money, for much of the day, and I might actually stand a chance as not many players use the Millitarium Tempestus and thus they have a little bit of an unknown factor to them.

My list consists of the following

+ Troops (95pts) +

Millitarium Tempestus Scions (95pts) [2x Tempestus Scion (24pts), Tempestus Scion w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun (22pts), Tempestus Scion w/ Plasma Gun (27pts)]····Tempestor (22pts) [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]

+ Fast Attack (100pts) +

Taurox Prime (100pts) [Taurox Missile Launcher (20pts), Twin-linked Autocannon]

The Scion with the Hotshot Volley Gun gets Relentless as an Indomitable Specialist, the Scion with the Plasma Gun is a Guerrilla Specialist and takes Preferred Enemy and one Scion with a Hot Shot Lasgun gets Sniper as a Weapons Specialist.

Hopefully this small elite team in the comfort of a Taurox Prime will manage to do some damage.

I have also started to paint up a Blood Angels Kill Team as well, but I will talk more about them next time.

What I am Reading

I have finished Ahriman Sorcerer, which was quite good, I liked how the story built up to the battle, but I was disappointed with the deaths of the characters who has supported Ahriman in the first book, it felt like they got very little in terms of appearances before they were summarily gotten rid of.

I have also been listening to some of the short stories around the Drop Site Massacre as I have been Modelling, stories you forget about like Strike and Fade, Veritas Ferrum and The Phoenician, and I am currently listening to the Crimson Fist, which I enjoy as Alexis Pollux is one of my favourite characters.

What I am Playing

A lot more than I have been of late, other than my trip to the lodge this is what we played.

Last Saturday night, me, Lindsay and Megan played a game of Bohnanza, a really cool game by Uwe Rosenberg, which is an old favourite of ours. It’s all about planting, selling and trading beans to make money, trusts me it’s better than it sounds. As usual Megan dominated the game, winning with 40 coins to my 24 and Lindsays 22.

The next Sunday, whilst Megan was at her sisters with her parents, me and Lindsay took a trip to Consett Tabletop Gaming Society, which meets on every second Sunday of the month. There we played a game of Ticket to Ride on the United Kingdom map, and I got bested very convincingly by Lindsay.

Then we cracked out Secret Hitler and we had 8 cracking games of this incredible hidden roles game. In the first 4 games I had the same Liberal card for all of them which cracked me up so much at the beginning of game 4 we had to redeal the role envelopes.

As when playing with Drew’s print and play set, I had an amazing time, it really is a game that gets your pulse racing. In one game we had passed 5 Facist laws and 4 Liberal laws and failed to elect a government 3 times, so we had to pass the first law from the top of the deck, unbelievably and statistically unlikely, it was a Liberal law wining the game for the good guys, but that game really did have my heart pounding.

The game went down very well with the Consett guys and I can certainly see them buying a copy for their collection.

What I am Backing

At the moment I am backing another project by my old friend, Sliced Quarterly. The stories in t you can read online so you get to try before you buy and they really are some very interesting stories and ways of telling these stories.

What I am Spending 

A lot less this week, simply because I have put money into Christmas presents, like an awesome Lego train set for one of the bairns. I did pick up another set of Lascannons to go with my Blood Angels Devastator Squad that Lindsay bought me for my birthday, so I can equip the whole squad with Lascannons and have them sit back and fire off laser death shots!

I also picked up as a birthday treat to myself a box of Blood Angels Assault Terminators, these guys are going to be equipped with Thunderhammers and Storm Shields and form part of my Archangels Orbital Intervention Force, I have a squad of standard Terminators already, so I am going to add another squad of Assault Terminators but give the second squad Lightning Claws. 

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