Not gonna have a big long recap of Blood and Glory, but I had a great time, amazing event, only let down really by a couple of slight things.

My games were all great even though I was tabled in 3 of them and lost 4, but two of the those games came down to dice rolls which gave them some drama, one was failing to take off a last hill point from a Land Raider and the other was a a failed charge into a Glaive, not saying if they had gone my way I would have won, but I would have stood a chance.

My opponents were all awesome dudes, and the guy I voted for as my favourite opponent won best traitor so that was really nice.

The Warhammer Studio Preview was good, even if there was nowt for Heresy, it lots of cool stuff regardless.

The negatives were that it was a little less well attended, but that I think comes down to tickets going on sale really late, I didn’t know what side I was on and thus struggled to get engaged with the narrative and my hotel room was right above the function room and was thus very noisy and they had to move me in the second night.

Overall Blood and Glory remains a highlight of my year as usual and I look forward to returning next year.

What I am Modelling

Productive week, I started off with finishing up a set of Death Korps of Krieg Lascannon Teams for Niki.

Then I did four characters for my Death Guard to take to Warhammer World to play with against Megan, these were Typhus, a Biologus Putrifier, Foul Blightspawn and a Deamon Prince of Nurgle.

Then I did a Plagueburst Crawler, which was a lot of fun to paint.

This was then followed by a set of 10 Poxwalkers, which I did mostly with Contrast to see how they would suit that method, they suit it fine and I think this is how I will do the rest of my Poxwalkers, I have another 36 of these to paint after all.

I also did the Alchomite Stack I got with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

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I abandoned what in progress on the painting table, which is very bad of me, to do a rush job on these Poxwalkers, decided to see if doing them mostly with Contrast would look good, I mean I have 46 of them left to do, well 36 now. Rather pleased with how these turned out actually, and think I might do most of the rest like this. Also an Alchomite Stack just needed some colour added to its panels so I did that which took all of five minutes. All of these came from the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest magazine subscription I have. #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingGamesWorkshop #Warhammer40k #Warhammer40000 #Chaos #DeathGuard #Poxwalkers #Nurgle #AlchomiteStack #SectorMecahnicus #Warhammer40000Conquest #Warhammer40kConquest

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Then I finished the last model for the Death Guard I am taking ti Nottingham, a humble Rhino.

And to finish of the week, a Death Korps of Krieg Command HQ Squad for Niki.

On the desk now I have my Army of the Dead for Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, which is 20 Warriors of the Dead, 2 Riders of the Dead, 2 Heralds of the Dead and the King of the Dead. These are painted, the bases just need painting.

And I have Daedalosus from Combat Arena on a painting handle with all his base colours done and the first wash on him.

What I am Reading

I finished off Legends of the Dark Millennium: Ultramarines and then moved on to Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons, which was an amazing book that I managed to finish in two nights.

Was a shame that two of the characters didn’t reunite, but the ending was pretty much what I expected, but it took a good way of getting there.

Think I might read the other Death Korps of Krieg short stories now.

I listened to The Watcher In The Rain which was a really good audio drama which a nice little twist at the end.

What I am Playing

Since last I write I had a game of Moon-Bots where I introduced Lindsay to it, and I was eliminated first, because Lindsay and Megan love to gang up on me.

I also had a quick game of Dice Academy, which I won, but it was more about showing the game to Megan and Lindsay.

What I am Backing

I did end up pulling out of Council of Verona, but it was cancelled about an hour after I did so. Not that surprised as it was looking very unlikely to fund, the art and shipping costs were huge issues.

I did get the first part of Munchkin Pathfinder 3 in the post, that is the Munchkin Pathfinder Hero Pack, hopefully the rest will get to me next month.

I have got confirmation that four projects are now with the UK fulfilment partner, sadly all these projects are with Games Quest, so heavens knows when they will get sent.

What I am Cooking

I managed to cook some chips!

What I am Spending

I am keeping spending low, but I have purchased the Horus Heresy Reusable Mug, which is nice but the insulating rubber is a bit poor.

I also purchased the Citadel Red Painting Handle and the Citadel Spray Stick as I am a sucker for new tools.