16 years ago when me and Lindsay were moving in together we decided to get a cat, and that cat was Misty, she was a pedigree, but we were offered her without papers as her mother had proven to be not so great.

After her litter, she has become aggressive and hard to handle, and her owners were going to have her put down, so of course we said we would take her, she was called Sweep and for five weeks she was a miserable cow, hiding, and if we went near her growling and hissing.

But one morning on my way to work, I got a call from Lindsay, she had crawled into bed with her, was hugging her and purring her head off.

And since that moment, Sweep and Lindsay were inseparable, I honestly sometime thought that Sweep was Lindsay true soulmate they were that close.

My relationship with Sweep was never the best, she once leapt at my face clawing me badly and leaving me bleeding on the ground, and she would randomly walk up to me purring her head off and just biting me.

But she was a great cat for Lindsay, she would follow her around, cuddle up to her and they were a cute couple.

The other cats hated her as she would randomly chase them around, Cookie was twice her size and she had him terrified of her.

But the past few months she really slowed down and she started to lose some weight, we were having to feed her smaller portions of food less often, because if she ate too much it made her sick.

We came to the realisation that at 18 1/2 she was coming to the end of her life and we took her to the PDSA to make a plan for her and figure out the best way to make her comfortable in her last days.

When she was examined, they found a tumour, she had a form of lymphoma which was terminal, and the reason she had lost most of the weight, we were all upset, but the vet reassured us that this would have been easy to miss and that we had done our best for her.

So we took her away with some steroids to help her gain weight, and a plan to make her last couple of months good.

Sadly whilst I was at Blood and Glory, she stopped eating altogether, and had gotten very weak as a result. Lindsay and Megan made the call to take her back to the PDSA where together with the vet, it was decided that it was her time to go.

She went peacefully, being kissed and cuddled by Lindsay, and we are all upset by her passing, but it was the right call and the best thing for her.

I am upset because I assumed I would come back to her, in her old age she had come to tolerate me, and she even let me stroke her without biting me.

She may have been a grouchy girl, but she loved Lindsay and made her so happy, I will miss her, she had this cute little chirp when she was in Lindsay Company.

Goodby Sweep and sleep well.

What I am Modelling

I managed to finish off the Plague Marine squad, quite happy with these.

I have been working on a couple of things for Niki’s Death Korps of Krieg, but they aren’t quite finished. A trio of Lascannon Teams are just waiting for their bases to dry and a Command HQ Squad is coming along nicely.

I lost a couple days painting due to exhaustion, but am getting back there.

Will probably be concentrating a bit of Death Guard for my trip to Warhammer World next week now and have put some models on the painting handles that I need done, specifically a Deamon Prince, Typhus, a Biologus Putrifier and a Foul Blightspawn.

What I am Reading

Still working on Legends of the Dark Millennium: Ultramarines, which I am 67% of the way though.

What I am Playing

Last week I went to the awesome Meeple Perk with Megan and we played a few games, we played Dice Forge, two games of Luchador and Castellan.

Then I was at Blood and Glory, but I will talk about that in a post I will put up later on.

And finally tonight we played a four player game of Moon-Bots as we introduced Lindsay to it.

What I am Backing

I am heavily reconsidering Council of Verona, the shipping to Europe is $25 which is more than the game costs, so I have reduced my pledge to $1 and will wait and see what the crack is and if they can bring that down at all.

I have dropped my pledge for Zombicide, I just couldn’t justify the cost for the Nostalgia Pack for what you got.

I got back home and checked over the arrived Kickstarter’s.

Ember was all there and it’s really nice, and I put everything for it into the wooden storage box. The box is a little less solid than I hoped, but that’s fine, it was reasonably priced and it does the job I want it to do.

Alhambra is sadly missing a few bits, so I have emailed Queen Games to let them know, thankfully they are all for one module, but I have absolutely everything else.

The plastic inner tray is rather thin and I am not sure it would hold up against rough treatment, and I am a little frustrated that the wooden fountain starter tiles don’t have a dedicated home in the box, but other than that it seems good.

When I got home from Blood and Glory, I returned home to Brexit:- The Real Deal, which looks really good.

What I am Cooking

Not a sausage, I just can’t manage anything right now.

What I am Spending

I did buy Severina Raine with my birthday vouchers from Megan’s parents, wanted her for some time but kept getting distracted by other stuff, but since reading Honourbound I needed to buy her pronto!

She will be part of my Millitarum Tempestus force, they are Kapic Eagles, not Duskhounds, but she will look good with them none the less.

I also picked up a set of 32mm Necromunda Bases, a Red Painting Handle, Horus Heresy Bamboo Cup and a Spray Stick, and at Blood and Glory I got a Warhammer Community Dice Tray.