Today is the end of January and I am away so won’t be painting anything else so it’s time to give you an update on where I am at in regards to my hobby resolutions.

Paint 867 Models – 12.47% Complete

This one is coming along really nicely, I have thus far painted 108 models so I am well ahead of schedule.

Finish the Blood Ravens that I own on 1st January – 15.79% Complete

For this one, I have painted this month the Supressors and Infiltrators from Shadowspear, that means I have done 6 of the 38 units I have to paint this year, so I am currently on schedule for this, although 4 of the units were only single models.

Finish the Death Guard – 62.5% Complete

As of now I am well ahead on this one, this month I painted a Plagueburst Crawler, two Rhinos, Plague Marines from the multipart kit and a Plague Marine Champion.

However I can’t rest on my laurels for this one because Conquest will be adding Chaos Spawn and a Tallyman so I expect the numbers to change next month, but that will be all I plan to collect for the Death Guard for now, ideally I want this one complete by end of March so I can crack on with other stuff.

Other Resolutions

  • Paint Mortarion for Everchosen
  • Complete 1750 Points of T’au Empire
  • Complete 1750 Points of Orks
  • Complete 2000 Points of Stormcast Eternals
  • Rebase Blood Ravens Tacticals
  • Rebase Orks

None of these have been touched yet, but once I have cleared the Death Guard I can concentrate on other stuff, probably gonna focus on the Stormcast Eternals after that to be honest.

So here is a reminder of my current painting plan that’s changed a little bit since my last post but only because I need to stock up on a couple of paints!

  1. Blood Ravens Primaris Reivers x 10
  2. Death Korps of Krieg Centaur Crew and Grenidiers Soecial Weapons Men
  3. The Three Hunters
  4. Death Guard Heavy Support Squad with Autocannons x 10
  5. Death a Korps of Krieg Quartermaster and Retinue
  6. Blood Ravens Bikes x 3 and Attack Bike with Heavy Bolter
  7. Plague Marines x 10
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad Soecial Weapons Men x 10
  9. Chainrasp Horde x 20
  10. Blood Ravens Captain x 6