Early last year I relocated my desk downstairs to share the office with Lindsay.

She has worked from home for over about 13 years now and it’s not always plain sailing for her, she can get very lonely. And the depression was really eating away at her during work hours on her own.

So I packed up my upstairs studio and moved down to keep her company.

Unbeknownst to me, that arrangement has not been working for Lindsay, she finds me an annoyance and a distraction, stopping her from working.

She says she can’t get any office banter with me because I am doing one thing and she something very different.

We tried everything we could to make it work for her, offering to give her complete control of what we listened to, so she could silence it when she had a phone call or needed to concentrate etc.

But alas, its just not worked for her at all, so today, as she prepares mentally for a return to work after a few weeks off, she decided to move her desk upstairs to my former studio and turn it into her office.

Which leaves me with the bigger room as a new studio, I do share it with Megan of course.

I was literally just getting comfortable in the downstairs room, I had put up shelves, and all sorts to organise my space and make it manageable, so I guess it was easier at this point for Lindsay to move.

We have decided to take a short bookcase from upstairs and put it where her desk was and we visited IKEA to pick up an armchair to go next to it. This creates a little reading/relaxation area for Lindsay to chill out in, or for myself and Megan to just sit and read in.

I have moved a bunch of books around, including most of my war games books and RPGs and placed them in the book case and will be relocating my “small” electric guitar there.

This has allowed me to relocate my Warhammer Underworlds core games and a few boxed games from Games Workshop to my top shelf and thus freed up some room in the board games shelves.

But the final step has been taken and the upstairs studio had now been renamed in Alexa, The Office, and the downstairs office, The Studio.

Today was my birthday, it was very nice, Megan made me scrambled eggs on dinosaur toast and we had southern fried chicken for tea. Megan also made me an amazing birthday cake.

The girls let me spend our Nectar points on Star Wars: Squadrons for Xbox One and they are picking that up for me tomorrow.

This coming weekend, we are off to the lakes for a weekend in a hot tub and playing board games.

What I Am Modelling

I started off by painting a bunch of UCM ships for Dropfleet Commander. Four Cruisers, a New Cairo, Santiago, and two Madrid’s, two Destroyers, both Kievs’s, four Frigates, two Toulon’s and two Taipei’s and six Santiago Corvettes.

I then got round to putting the transfers on my Titans, and I am currently debating doing some weathering on them.

I then finished off a Command Squad for Nikkis Death Korps of Krieg, along with a 3D printed Primaris Psyker and Sniper.

Drop Force Imperator was up next, along with two flamer armed Scions that I had sitting around spare.

I am now working on some Vanguard-Hunters for my Stormcast Eternals.

I also built some bits for a special thing I am hoping to have finished in the latter half of October, but more about that when they are done.

So what’s on my list to do right now?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Palanite Enforcers x 10
  3. Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Hunters x 5
  4. T’au Stealth Tram x 3
  5. Blood Ravens Hellblasters x 15
  6. Grashrak‘s Ravagers x 6 & Skaeth’s Wild Hunt x 5
  7. T’au Strike Team x 10 & Sniper Drone Team
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Engineers x 10 & Hades Breaching Drill
  9. Secret Heresy Project Unit
  10. T’au Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit

What Am I Reading

I haven’t really picked up any books since last time I posted.

What Am I Playing

A game of Carcassonne on the PC but that’s it.

What Am I Backing

Nowt at the minute.

What I Am Cooking

On Saturday Megan was supposed to make a stirfry but she wasn’t feeling very well, and so I ended up making a Cajun Chicken Gumbo, which was really nice.

We served it with rice and onion rings, and I think I will make it again one day soon.

Sunday morning it was my turn to make breakfast, so I made burgers, with emmental cheese, mushrooms, turkey bacon and a fried egg.

What I Am Spending

I spent a few pounds and bought myself the One Special Day Humble Bundle, which got me 8 new games and one new expansion. I have given Ogre to Graham and Talisman to Misha.

I also had a voucher for some money off a Fanatical Bundle of my choice, so I picked up the Reaper Bundle 6 as well as a bargain basement copy of Warhammer Quest and Space Wolf plus a few other little bundles too.

I need something to better organise the charging cables on my desk and so I grabbed this set from Amazon, and they have worked out quite well.

I also grabbed myself the current hotness of Among Us too as a birthday treat!

And to make the office work better for Lindsay, we grabbed an IKEA Trådfri colour bulb which has been added to the Hue system and works quite well with that.