As the title says, I just gained affiliate status on Twitch!

It’s taken some work to get there, but I have found my niche, and it’s streaming painting, so for the time being, video games are moving to YouTube, but not being streamed live.

It’s taken a few painting streams but they have been hitting their stride and were able to bring my average up nicely, the video game streams were pulling it down.

So until March, I am no longer streaming video games on Twitch and will focus solely on hobby.

So this means the schedule is likely to change going forward, because I think squeezing in another painting session would be good, but I am gonna chat to Megan and Lindsay about that this weekend.

In the meantime my schedule going forward at least until the end of January is Monday and Thursday nights 2000 – 0000.

And I am probably gonna initiate a raid from 2330 or so.

The Odd Change Here Or There

So I ended up moving my streaming software from Streamlabs OBS to OBS Studio, simply because many of the features I was looking for only worked in OBS Studio.

For example I have now got a thing set up do that when I get a subscriber, my window goes crazy with rainbow colours and anime speed lines!

And because I managed to trigger someone Echo in the middle of a stream, I have built some webhooks in IFTTT to control a few things in the studio, so for example, I can now hit a button to boil the kettle ready for my break.

I am also thinking of doing something with a spare webcam I have, it’s been suggested I place it elsewhere in the studio to provide a sort of behind the scenes view of the stream, so I might try that tomorrow.

Anyway I need to get some sleep, but I have had my first subscription and I am happy as Larry with that!