Going forward I have decided to move my blog post from roughly Monday to Sunday.

Hence the missed week, but let’s take a look at what on earth has been happening!

What A Year It’s Been, Oh It’s Only January 10th!!!

So what a start to the year, we actually saw an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, which was frankly mental.

And Twitter and other social media platforms have banned Donald Trump, so let’s take a look at that.

I think the decision to ban him at this time was right, he went way too far. Until now I think there was a good public interest reason to allow him to tweet, he is the president of the United States after all.

And people have had a right to listen to what he says, because on a political level we have needed to know what he was saying/thinking, even if it was utterly ridiculous.

But Twitter and other platforms have had a good business reason to not ban him until now, whilst he has been in charge, he has had the power to change the law to make things more difficult for them. So yeah, on a purely business reason, they had to be careful to not get into issues with the government.

But let’s be clear, he went over the edge, his rhetoric resulted in the death of four of his followers, and the brutal murder of a policeman.

So now the time has come to silence him, he can still talk his nonsense, but no company has an obligation to let them use his platform to spout hate. Instead he can bugger off to Parler, and the echo chamber there.

But I do think that the social media networks should have acted earlier by starting to attach fact checks and warnings to his ramblings long ago.

The situation we found ourselves in this past week was largely down to his being allowed to spout his nonsense without being challenged adequately.

We can only hope that never again is a demagogue like him allowed to rise to power.

What I Am Modelling

I finished Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers, loved these models and really happy that they are painted at last.

I then painted the Blood Raven Intercessors Squad with Assault Bolt Rifles and got them finished on New Years Eve whilst watching Matilda.

I then decided to get the desk clear and start work on the Escher Gang, but I really wasn’t feeling them.

So instead I started work on the Skaven Blood Bowl Team, setting up a big production line for them.

I got these finished and I have to say, I am rather proud of them!

I then decided to actually clear the remaining Blood Ravens, and thus I picked up the Bladeguard Veterans, Bladeguard Ancient, Liutenenat and Captain, all from Indomitus, and get those painted.

And overnight on Friday I painted up the Chaplain and Judicator from Indomitus along with Chaplain Tarentus and Lexicanum Barus.

And on Saturday daytime I painted up the Eradicators from Indomitus.

So what in my painting queue then for this week.

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Escher Gang x 10
  3. Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Paladors x 6 and Knight-Azyros
  4. Sons of Horus Destroyers x 10
  5. T’au Y’vahra & Technical Drones x 2
  6. Morgok’s Krushas & Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven
  7. Nighthaunt Endless Spells
  8. T’au Ghostkeel x 2
  9. Imperial Knight Gallant
  10. Nurgle Plague Drones

What I Am Reafing

I finished The Rose in Anger by Danie Ware which was very very good, I hope Danie does a full novel for these girls!

I listened to Flight of the Kharadron by Tom Huddleston which was a lot of fun, can’t wait to hear what happens to the gang next.

I have now finally started on The Head of Mimir by Richard Lee Byers.

What I Am Playing

Has a brief game of Star Wars: Squadrons, but that was about it for video games.

On Sunday we did have a fun game of Tsuro: Phoenix Rising but which Lindsay won!

What I Am Backing

Nowt right now!

What I Am Cooking

On Saturday me and Megan made a meal of Cajun chicken wings, I cooked the wings and Megan made the sides of herby pasta and roasted garlic and parmesan broccoli and cauliflower.