Last year I did a 24 hour painting stream for The Willow Foundation, which is an amazing cause and one very close to my heart.

We are doing this same this year, but for the Maritime Conservation Society, because, well the podcast loves Manatees!!!

What’s the Challenge

Last year I painted the battle box of Sister of Battle, alone, and it was cool, but I didn’t complete it.

This year, I am joined my Megan, and we are going to paint a tables worth of terrain!

We currently have the following in the box:-

  • Sub-Cloister x 2
  • Storage Fane x 2
  • Engine Shed x 2
  • Thermo-Exchanger Shrine x 2
  • Thermo Pipes x 4
  • Auto-choral Transmitter
  • Munitorium Armoured Container x 3
  • Haemotrope Reactor x 2
  • Galvanic Servohaulers
  • Thermic Plasma Regulators
  • Sanctum Administratus

The plan is that we will have the terrain built and primed and work in two twelve hour shifts for health reasons, since Covid I simply cannot manage a straight 24 hour shift.

We are going to paint the terrain, mostly using this guide from Warhammer TV.

We are starting to build the terrain today, and plan to have it all ready in about a week or so before priming it.

You can donate here if you would like to and we would be eternally grateful!

What I Am Modelling

I started by finishing off my Skorpekh Destroyers, Skorpekh Lord and Plasmacyte, which completed the Indomitus box set for me!

At the same time I also painted a Thermo-Exchanger Shrine for my Zone Mortalis board.

I then started work on the T’au Empire Tidewall Rampart.

I am now working on somme Legio Custodes Venatari.

So what’s coming up for me this week?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Secutarii Peltast
  3. Legio Custodes Venatari x 3
  4. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Horrors x 3
  5. Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines x 10
  6. German Hanomag & Panzer IV Ausf. D
  7. T’au Empire Broadsides x 3
  8. Adeptus Custodes Vexilus Praetor x 4
  9. Mechanicum Castellax x 4
  10. Blood Angels Scouts x 10

What I Am Reading

I finished Elsa Bloodstone: Bequest and you can read my review of that book here.

I then read Luther: First of the Fallen, and that was really good and I will publish a review as soon as I can.

I am now reading Mask of Silver by Rosemary Jones.

What I Am Playing

On Tuesday I played a couple of hours of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and had a few missions that proved difficult to figure out, mostly cause I was silly enough not to see some stairs!

But you can watch that session here!

I continued the play though on Thursday, and you can watch that below.

And here is a play session from yesterday!

What I Am Creating

This is a new section which I will be using to share the content I create and a way of getting me to actually do it!

What I Am Backing

The Wowstick funded, it says it’s gonna deliver in June, but I am not holding my hopes out for that.

What I Am Cooking

Haven’t cooked at all this week 🙁