I am now laid up for a couple of weeks, I tore my calf muscle a bit.

Basically a chair I bought last March broke when I sat in it, and I ended up with my leg crushed between the desk and the chair which tore an old lacrosse injury. (Yeah I know I am weird the only sport I was ever good at was one rarely played in the UK).

Anyway I am now confided to the middle level of our house, we moved my X-Box Series S up here and I am gonna be having quite a bit of time away from my painting desk.

In general I am not happy about it.

What I Am Modelling

I started the week by finishing up the Venatari for my Legio Custodes.

And on Monday night myself and Megan began the process of building the terrain for our 24 hour live stream.

After that I decided to paint up a unit of Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines.

I then built pretty much everything I needed for my next twenty projects apart from a single Castallex.

So what’s coming up on my painting plan next?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Mechanicum Secutarii Peltast x 10
  3. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Horrors
  4. German Hanomag & Panzer IV Ausf. D
  5. T’au Broadsides x 3
  6. Legio Custodes Vexilus Praetors x 4
  7. Mechanicum Castellax x 4
  8. Blood Angels Scouts x 10
  9. Necron Immortals with Guass Blasters x 10
  10. Flesh-Eater Courts Flesh Ghouls x 20

What I Am Reading

I finished Mask of Silver by Rosemary Jones and it was really good, I am working on a review of it right now.

I am now reading Death’s Kiss by Josh Reynolds.

What I Am Playing

Not much, but I have had games of Star Wars: Squadrons, Apex Legends and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

What I Am Backing

Lords of Vegas arrived, minus some cards, but it’s finally here.

I feel a bit down about it because the publisher purposefully left fulfilling European and UK backers for five months whilst prioritising the US.

They used the excuse that they were afraid of it getting stuck in a traffic jam in Kent.

I am now backing the Oink Games + project because I love their games.

I was hoping to back Castle Panic Deluxe, but the price is kinda ridiculous and way out of my league, so I very sadly have to pass on this project.

What I Am Cooking

Ha, with my leg the way it is, not a chance!