Past couple of days have been absolutely dominated by pain, I have essentially been stuck on the sofa which I really hate.

But I am hoping to have a better day tomorrow and go into the rest of the week with positivity.

What I Am Modelling

I started the week by working on a squad of Devastators for mine and Megan’s Blood Angels.

This squad is armed with two Missile Launchers, two Grav Cannons and the Sgt has a Combi-Grav.

Then I started work on the Explorers for Blackstone Fortress. The first ones I finished were Daedalosus, X-101 and UR-025.

At the same time I worked on the Chaos Space Marines for that game as well, getting finished those plus the big badObsidius Mallex

This was followed by three more Explorers for Blackstone Fortress, Taddeus the Purifier, Pious Vorn & Gotfret de Montbard.

The rest of the Explorers are on the table and Aradia and Espern Locarno should be finished tomorrow.

So what’s coming up next on the plan?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Blackstone Fortress Explorers
  3. Gazkhull Thraka & Makari
  4. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Swuad x 10
  5. Stormcast Eternals Evocators on Celestial Dragoline x 6 and Lord Arcanium on Celestial Dracoline
  6. Custodes Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought, Telemon Dreadnought and Contemptor-Aquilius
  7. Necron Lychguard with Hyperphase Swords & Dispersion Shields x 5 & Kamoteph the Crooked
  8. Mechanicum Vulturax
  9. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers x 3
  10. Stormcast Eternals Judicators x 10 & Sylas Beast-Bane

What I Am Reading

My review of The Ming Storm was published, it’s a negative one which had me very worried, still not sure it’s the right move, but I just didn’t enjoy the book.

I am however very much enjoying The Necropolis Empire by Tim Pratt.

And I have been listening to the audiobook of Mortis by John French.

What I Am Playing

On Xbox I played a little bit of Halo 2 Anniversary and I downloaded and started playing Forza Horizon 4 which I have really been enjoying.

No tabletop played sadly.

What I Am Backing

I am backing the Isle of Cats Kittens and Beasts campaign, although for just £1 to get access to the pledge manager as I cannot afford the game on the day it funds, but hopefully will shortly after.

What I Am Creating

The next episode of Edge of Empire should go out tomorrow, but it will be missing a section due to a schedule conflict 🙁

I am also planning what to do for the next battle report, perhaps Blood Bowl Sevens.

What I Am Cooking

I just made some Reggae Reggae Wings with microwave rice, but nowt more than that 🙁