I am out of whack, I am once again left without focus in life.

I won’t lie, Lindsay moving back to the studio has majority thrown me off balance just as I had things figured out and a proper schedule going on.

I love her being back in there, but I cannot deny it’s thrown me a lot. but I absolutely wouldn’t change the situation for the world.

So to try and refocus myself this next month, I am going to try and stream for at least an hour a day, starting tomorrow.

I have to get back into the swing of things and this is the way I will do it, no schedule other than Monday and Friday, just something bet it video games or painting.

Speaking of the studio, we did do some sorting out this weekend, we put up another corner shelf, moved another shelf and put up some pictures, it looks rather nice again in Lindsay corner.

What I Am Modelling

This week has been slow thanks to the heat, which I don’t do well in.

But I started off with a couple more Explorers for Blackstone Fortress, Espern Locarno and Aradia Madellan.

And then on Friday because I needed an easy win, I painted up a unit of Lychguard and Kamoteph the Crooked.

This was followed by Dahyak Grekh and Amallyn Shadowguide.

And then I was able to finish off Rein & Raus.

And finally the two Rogue Traders, Neyam Shai Murad and Janus Drake.

I am now currently working on a Vulturax and Gazkhull Thraka & Makari

So what’s up next?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Death Korps of Krieg For Niki
  3. Gazkhull Thraka & Makari
  4. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Unit x 10
  5. Stormcast Eternals Evocators on Celestial Dracolines x 6 & Lord Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline
  6. Custodes Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought, Telemon Dreadnought and Contemptor-Aquilius
  7. Mechanicum Vulturax
  8. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers x 3
  9. Stormcast Eternals Judicators with Boltstorm Crossbow x 10
  10. Necron Canoptek Wraiths x 6

What I Am Reading

I am now reading Helsreach by Aaron Dembski-Bowden for a review for Black Library.

It’s been a long time since I first read it, and I am remembering a lot of details I forgot, it’s a great story.

Also still listening to the audiobook of Mortis by John French.

What I Am Playing

Mostly still just playing Forza Horizon 4, and haven’t really played anything else at all.

What I Am Backing

The Isle of Cats Kittens and Beasts campaign successfully funded and I am only in for £1 so I can get access to the Pledge Manager.

What I Am Creating

Noting, but plans are afoot!

What I Am Cooking

Not a sausage this week 🙁

Just been in too much pain.