Well my resolutions for 2022 were a disaster because of stuff in my personal life so let’s do 2023 and do it right!

For all my painting resolutions, I will be using the Paintslam 2023 Hobby Log, I have used this before, but because of the disaster that was 2022, I kinda lost track.

You can download the log here!

So here are my resolutions

  • Build & Paint a 2000 Points Army of Drukhari
  • Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Genestealer Cultists
  • Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Tyranids
  • Bring my Primaris Ultramarines to 2000 Points
  • Bring my Orruk Warclans to 2000 Points
  • Build & Paint Two Gangs for Carnivale
  • Get my Weight to Under 100kg & Sustain it Below That
  • Publish One Battle Report a Month
  • Stream Twice a Week
  • Complete my 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge
  • Read 40 Books
  • Get Edge of Empire Running Like a Well Oiled Machine
  • A Bimonthly RPG Night With the Polycule

Build & Paint a 2000 Points Army of Drukhari

This was gonna be a 500 points combat patrol, but I was just gifted a box with a fair few Drukhari models in it, so yeah, it’s gonna be a full army now.

Start with a Wych Cult, and build from there.

That I know right now, I have 10 Wyches and a Succubus unbuilt in the sprue, so let’s build them and see where we go!

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Genestealer Cultists

I have a bunch of Genestealer Cultists from various box sets, starting with a set of Neophyte Hybrids, two sets of Acolyte Hybrids, a Kelermorph and a Acolyte Iconward.

So they are going to be made into a 500 point combat patrol to do Battle Reports with

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Tyranids

I also have some Tyranids lying around, specifically, a Lictor, two Termagant Broods, two Broodlords, and two Genestealer Broods.

So out of that I should be able to build a basic 500 point combat patrol for battle reports.

Bring my Primaris Ultramarines to 2000 points

I already have 500 points painted, so looking to add 1500 points to the army.

Starting this week with a Squad of Intercessors, well 5 plus a random 2 and the 30th Anniversary Primaris Sgt.

Bring my Orruk Warclans to 2000 Points

I already have a few Ironjawaz done, and one mob of Gutrippas, so looking to add to those.

Next on the table are two mobs of Hobgrot Slittaz!

Build & Paint two Gangs for Carnivale

Rather simple, already have the models, just got to build and paint them!

The two gangs will be The Guild and Rashaar from the 2 player starter set, but I also plan to add the models from Escape from San Canciano, with a plan to do at least one Carnivale battle report this year!

Get My Weight to Under 100kg & Sustain it Below That

A rare physical resolution for me, just want to get a little weight off is all, and keep it off, right now I am kinda between 111kg & 114kg.

Publish One Battle Report a Month

I enjoy doing Battle Reports, and I want to try and get properly focused on doing them regularly, probably initially at Combat Patrol sized.

Kinda thinking if aiming for 20th of the month or so to publish and I am busy planning the first one, which will be Ultramarines vs T’au Empire at 500 points.

Stream twice a week

I enjoy streaming, and I need to do it regularly and more often, so I am gonna get this sorted, with at least one video games, and one painting stream a week.

I will be carrying out some upgrades to the setup this year, the ones that are top of the list are to replace the Logitech C920, with a better camera, the favourite for that is the Elgato Facecam, its expensive, but considering the sheer amount of other Elgato stuff I have, it makes sense as its all designed to work together.

The second upgrade will be a third Elgato Keylight Air because that way I can have a hair light in every single one my configurations.

Complete my 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge

I want to hjardcore 10 games this year as part of the 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge, which means getting them all completed, and you can see my list here.

The list is :-

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition (Steam) – In Progress
  2. Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection (Xbox) – In Progress
  3. Control: Ultimate Edition (GOG)
  4. Borderlands (Switch)
  5. Assassin’s Creed III (Xbox)
  6. Tomb Raider (2013) (Steam)
  7. Marvel’s Avengers (PlayStation 5)
  8. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox)
  9. Death Stranding Directors Cut (Steam)
  10. Driver: Parallel Lines (Steam)

I have three alternatives, and they are:-

  1. Bayonetta (Steam)
  2. Disney’s Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse (Steam)
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man (Steam)

Read 40 Books

Quite simple, read 40 books, but I am struggling if I should include audio books in this, I am conflicted.

With my brain damage, reading has proven difficult these past 18 months and I am way behind on my reading, and audio books are way way easier for me to process when the pain is bad, but I am admit to a degree of snobbery and I expect more of myself.

Get Edge of Empire Running Like a Well Oiled Machine

Sounds silly, but my disaster of a year has lead to Edge of Empire, not being run as smoothly, its taking me far too long to edit and publish.

And I need to sort out a proper social media policy and guidelines for the guys so we deliver a consistent message, and I get promo for each episode done right.

And actually talk to the guys about a couple of content requests we have had from Patreon.

A Bimonthly RPG Night With the Polycule

Simple enough, get us sat down together round a table once every other month at a minimum to play an RPG, not sure which way to go, Star Trek Adventures, D&D One (when it comes out), Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Avatar Legends or Warhammer Age of Sigmer: Soulbound.

Either way we have agreed as a polycule to buy the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer partworks to build up a way of getting us all back into RPGs slowly and competently.

There being 4 of us, it means we will be buying one issue each a month, and I will pay the additional cost per issue for the premium stuff, cause minis are cool!

Anyway that’s the plan, other things I am considering doing in the year, but these are more purchases I would like to make mostly.

  • Get my tool bag up to scratch and buy a new ratcheting screwdriver (the favourites for this are MegaPro Ratcheting 13-In-1 Multibit or the LTT Screwdriver) and a set of iFixt equipment to make repairs to electronics
  • Upgrade the home media server, which is currently a Raspberry Pi, to a an x64 based system and get Home Assistant up and running in the house to better link together our smart home stuff
  • Make the PLEX and AudioBookShelf services better organised and easier to use when away from home
  • Budget up and begin saving for a good NAS for the house
  • Upgrade my monitor to at least 1440p
  • Rearrange my budget to allow a subscription to PS+
  • Get under the desk and actually cable manage that disaster area properly!