This is a long delayed battle report, and I am very sorry its taken so long, was a bit of a case of lining things up and developing a new workflow that didn’t need days to edit a single report!

Figured it out now, so I have to catch up in order to meet my resolution requirements!

Anyway, enjoy!

Fleet Lists

United Colonies of Mankind

Line Battlegroup 

Strategy Rating: 5

1 X Rio

Vanguard Battlegroup

Strategy Rating: 12

1 X Moscow
2 X New Orleans

Pathfinder Battlegroup

Strategy Rating: 7

2 X Toulon
1 X Berlin

The Scourge

Pathfinder Battlegroup 1

Strategy Rating: 7

1 X Ifrit
2 X Harpy

Line Battlegroup 1

Strategy Rating: 5

1 X Wyvern

Vanguard Battlegroup 1

Strategy Rating: 12

2 X Gargoyle
1 X Shenlong

These two fleets are made up of models you can find in the Dropfleet Commander boxset from TT Combat, and you can get yourself a copy from Element Games for just £54 and start playing with everything you need!

Alternatively, my old Air Cadet buddy runs Extra Fox Games on eBay where he sells it for £54.49 and helps him out, plus has free postage!