This week has been much of a muchness, there isn’t much going on at all

Just waiting for WorldCon I guess and a the Heresy event

Got to get a shift on with a few things, but this week has just been meh

My depression is getting kinda bad, but I have a project of refurbing the studio to get on with

What I Am Modelling

I started out with the Blade Champion for the Custodes, who will do double duty, being in both the 40K Combat Patrol and being a Shield Captain in Heresy.

I then painted an Apothecary Biologis for the Dark Angels.

I also painted a Bladeguard Lieutenant for the Dark Angels

Plus a Deathwing Ancient

And a squad of Deathwing Terminators

Also a couple of Watchers in the Dark to join the Terminators

And then it was some Paragon Warsuits for the Sisters of Battle, all armed with Heavy Bolters.

After which I turned my attention to these Havocs for the True Sons, completing the old Chaos Space Marines Combat Patrol

So what’s next

  1. Spirit of Durthu
  2. Sisters of Silence x 10
  3. T’au Enforcer Comanger
  4. Escape from San Canciano Gangs
  5. Dark Angels Assault Intercessors x 10
  6. Genestealers x 20 & Broodlord
  7. Squig Hoppers x 10
  8. Ultramarines Infernus Squad x 5
  9. Treelord
  10. Gulliman x 2

What I Am Reading

I listened to Longshot by Rob Young which has been kinda amazing

What Video Games I Am Playing

Playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag again on stream and completed it late Friday night/early Saturday Morning!

What I Am Creating

A new episode of Edge of Empire dropped on Sunday!

What I Am Winning

We won a Polaroid instant camera from a competition with Heart Radio

What I Am Spending

I grabbed a new painting handle, I knows it’s mad, but I am trying to build these up to 21 owned in total

That would allow me to paint full units of 20, of which I do more often than I’d like, plus a HQ

I also bought a box of Allarus Custodians to complete the new Custodes Combat Patrol

To start a long awaited studio refurbishment project, I bought the first of a few paint racks we are going to need from TT Combat, this is a rack to hold 72 Citadel pots.

The plan is to have 3 of these plus a rack for 72 dropper bottles.

I also bought a 20m Cat 8 cable to route data to the server and Lindsay’s desk without creating a trip hazard!

And a MagSafe charger for my desk, to make charging my phone a lot easier

Now because this was delayed by 24 hours, Amazon gave me a £10 gift card to compensate me, it was like £8.

So I used this to buy a network switch for the studio, this will go on the end of the 20m cable and then be split into Lindsay work laptop and the server.

Hers is being fitted now, mine will be after the painting work and along side the cable management improvements.

I bought the IGN Live At Home Humble Bundle which netted me

I also bought the Tiny Build Himble Bundle which got me