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Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 19th December – All In Together – Professor Elemental

Is it weird that this is in its third year and yet Professor Elemental has only appeared thus far as a featured artist, and now in entry 67 of the series does he finally make an appearance on his own!

Well this is a great song about how being weird is good!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 18th December – On The Planet Earth – Danielle Ate The Sandwich

I really like this song, its sweet, its folksy, and I really quite like the Ukulele for stuff like this, and this song features Jack Conte, who has a style I really like.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 17th December – Kilogram – The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks have their second entry of the year, with the song Kilogram from their Love Problems album.

Its a cool little ditty about the replacement of the International Prototype of the Kilogram with a mathematically formula the fixed numerical value of the Planck constant h to be 6.62607015×10−34 when expressed in the unit J⋅s, which is equal to kg⋅m2⋅s−1, where the metre and the second are defined in terms of c and ΔνCs .

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 16th December – Fuck You – Garfunkel & Oates

Despite the title, this is a pretty sweet love song by Garfunkel & Oates, who are Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, both of whom you will likely have seen on a TV show or two!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 15th December – My Hope – Molly Lewis

This is delayed due to still being ill, curses I wish it would disappear and let me get on with life!

Molly writes the most wonderful songs, and started out by covering songs by the likes of Lady Gaga and Britney Spears in her ukulele.

But she has moved on to her own original songs and this one is rather lovely and really do encourage you all to give it a listen.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 14th December – Devil in a Black Dress – Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls

What do you get when you mix vaudeville cabaret, the blues and a bit of voodoo, well you get Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls.

I really love this song, its the type of music that I could picture myself shaking to in a dark smoky back alley club.

Its kind of syrupy and wonderful to listen to and you can so easily tap your foot to the beat!

My Baby Brothers Wedding

This weekend we took a trip to Cornwall, to see my baby brother Daniel get married.

He and Chelsea make a wonderful couple, they share two amazing little girls and seeing them make that lifelong commitment was very special.

Daniel has grown into a wonderfully well rounded young man, and is a fantastic father, I could not be more proud of who he has become.

Chelsea is an absolutely darling woman and such a good match for Daniel, I honestly cannot say enough good things about this wonderful couple.

We stayed at their house, where we took up the job of cat sitting Boo and Sully as well as Ki Ki and Nacho, Chelsea’s mums dogs.

So that was fun and cost saving! But it did mean we could take an extra day to stay in Cornwall, see some sights and spend a bit of time with the girls.

It’s a long distance between us, on the way down we stayed over in Cheltenham, and on the way back we stayed in Nottingham so I could make a brief visit to Warhammer World.

We had breakfast there and then made the journey back to Durham.

What I Am Modelling

I only had a couple of days before I went off to Cornwall.

But I did manage to get painted up a trio of Heavy Weapons Teams for my Death Korps of Krieg, all with Heavy Bolters.

I then finished off a unit of Necron Warriors, Scarabs and Hasmoteph the Resplendent for my Sautekh Dynasty.

And finally I managed to get a Knight Warden for House Taranis finished up, that really just needed it’s transfers as I had been working on it for a while.

So what will I be starting on when I return home?

  1. Grand Army of the Republic BARC Speeder
  2. Ork Bikes x 5
  3. Dacian Anvil & Vindictor
  4. Constantine Valdor
  5. Confederacy of Independent Systems B1 Battledroids
  6. Skitarii Vanguard
  7. Flesh Hounds x 10 & Karanak
  8. Confederacy of Independent Systems Droiddekkas x 4
  9. Death Korps of Krieg Commissars x 2
  10. Ork Weirdboy

What I Am Reading

Still working on Triptych by Jaleigh Johnson, but I am almost finished with it now.

What Video Games Am I Playing

Not much, mostly just the odd game of Halo: The Master Chief Collection Multiplayer to get the points for the Microsoft Rewards scheme.

What Tabletop Games Am I Playing

In Warhammer World today, me and Lindsay played a game of Combat Arena, Lindsay beat me very easily!

What I Am Creating

The latest Warhammer Imperium battle reports is out, this time for issue 8.

And I also got the next episode of Edge of Empire uploaded.

What I Am Backing

Nowt right now, but I have been told that Orlog is on its way.

And the Avatar Legends campaign is going to have delayed shipping due to a cardboard and paper shortage.

What I Am Cooking

Not a sausage!

What I Am Spending

I grabbed a can of Leadbelcher spray and a Warhammer World Exclusive Armoured Troll for Blood Bowl on my visit to Warhammer World on Monday.

I also grabbed Star Trek: Elite Force 2 from GOG, and a couple of Iron Harvest DLC, Rusviet Revolution and Operation Eagle on Steam.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 13th December – Somewhere Under the Graveyard – Jamey Rottencorpse And The Rising Dead

This punk parody of Somewhere Under The Rainbow is just great, a little bit retro, a little bit comedy and all horror punk!

And sometimes horror punk is what you need isn’t it, damn I wish I had been alive for the height of proper punk, but these guys are a real idea of that that was like.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 12th December – Leaf on the Wind – The Bedlam Bards

Its still too soon, its always going to be too soon for this!

Another Firefly inspired song, well Serenity, the movie, but this still hurts, it hurts so much!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 11th December – The Philosophical Zombie Slayer – Rock, Paper, Cynic

When I first heard this I groaned, there are so many puns, its a great song, but you will groan!

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