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Stuck In A Rut

So I am in the middle of a doctor imposed period of rest and relaxation, not that I can do that much more, and I don’t think I have achieved any of what I was expected to do.

Its been four weeks of the six I was told to take, and I am struggling to center myself and sort out the things I am meant to do, and I think I need to sit and sort that out in the next two weeks.

So I am setting myself some targets over the next couple of weeks, lets say three weeks.

  • Finish Bayonetta
  • Get my studio into a constant state of tidiness
  • Sort out my desk (Its a huge mess)
  • Film a Battle Report
  • Cook something
  • Finish a book
  • Sort out my 3D Printer
  • Paint that Lascannon Squad for the Death Guard you forgot you needed

So here is what I need to do

Finish Bayonetta

Just sit and play on my Steam Deck for at least 30 minutes a day

Get My Studio into a Constant State of Tidiness

The big things are to get some stuff into the eaves, clean up the bookcase and take some old Codexes and rulebooks to a charity shop.

I also need to put this unexpected terrain into a box, so a trip to ASDA or Ikea is needed (so I need to ask Lindsay for help, or perhaps Paul) and put the new PLEX server in its permanent home, which may also involve setting up a KDM using a Pi.

Sort Out My Desk

Linked to the above but its a bit of an issue with the left side being a huge issue

Film a Battle Report

I think I have a workflow figured out, so I am gonna try and do this next week, and perhaps do an overview of one or two of my armies.

Cook Something

I have been struggling so much with the electric hobs, so on Sunday, I am going to cook a meal for the otters.

Finish a Book

The brain damage is an issue here, causing concentration to really suck, but I just need to sit down and read, force myself if I have to.

Sort Out My 3D Printer

I have yet to use it since I moved here, and its been over a year!

Paint that Lascannon Squad for the Death Guard You Forgot You Needed

I forgot I didn’t have a Lascannon squad for my Death Guard and I put it in a list, so yeah, I need to build one, I have the marines, just need to buy the weapons on pay day!

I know I will need the assistance of Lindsay and Megan, but I am gonna really try to sort this out

What I Am Modelling

I started out with the Praetor for the Death Guard I got a few months ago

Then it was a pair of Azyrite Fountains I got from Stormbringer

Then I painted the Azrakh the Annihilator model I got from Warhammer+

Then I painted a T’au Strike Team

Along with an Ethereal

And a Cadre Fireblade

Plus six Shield Drones and a pair of Marker Drones!

After that it was some Mandrakes for my Drukhari

So what’s up next?

  1. Imperial Fists Lascannon Squad x 10 & Evander Garrius
  2. Gardus Steel Soul
  3. Blood Angels Infiltrators x 10
  4. Blood Ravens Ballistis Dreadnought
  5. Ork Boyz x 10
  6. Ultramarines Apothecaries x 2
  7. Marshcrawlla Sloggoth
  8. Dialogus
  9. Imperial Fists Rotor Cannon Squad x 10
  10. Death Guard Land Raider Spartan

What I Am Reading

I finished The Great Clans of Rokugan Volume 2 which was a good listen.

And I listened to The Rapture by Joseph Lidster, and I forgot the mad lads at Big Finish did an audio in which the 7th Doctor went clubbing with Tony Blackburn in Ibiza.

I am currently listening to Blood of Iax by Robbie MacNiven.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

I had a game of Horus Heresy vs Graham on Tuesday at Durham Raiders.

We played a 3500pts game using a Siege of Cthonia mission, and needless to say, of course Graham won!

What Video Games I Am Playing

A bit more Starfield is getting played and I am making progress on the main storyline,

And I am playing a bit more of Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun on stream

And a couple of session of Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

I am also playing a bit of Bayonetta on the Steam Deck, and wow, I forgot what a horny game this was!

What I Am Creating

We got the latest episode of Edge of Empire published, thanks to an improved workflow on my end.

What I Am Spending

I bought Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth for Steam, its been on my wishlist for a while and it was £1.69 so why not!

I Did It!!!!

I actually managed to get all 19 models painted up on the day, and I am so happy about that!

Although I was absolutely shattered afterwards, but I raised £195 for The Willow Foundation, and if you want to add to that, you can here.

So I am very very happy, more details about the models in the next section.

But a special shoutout to Megan and Lindsay who really helped get me through it, particularly Megan given that it was a sad anniversary, but you guys are amazing!

And Paul helped too with his micky taking in the first couple of hours!

So next years challenge will be happening and I am gonna have a good think on what to paint for that closer to the time!

What I Am Modelling

Most of the week was dominated by the 24 hour charity stream and I painted the Drukhari Combat Patrol.

I managed to get it all done which I was super happy with, and even had 25 minutes to spare!

So we painted an Archon

Drahzar and his Inclubi

A unit of Kabalite Warriors

A Raider to carry the Warriors

And a Ravager!

After that I was working on the Kruleboyz that have haunted my desk for a couple of weeks now, and finished a pair of Swampcalla Shamans & Pot Grots

Plus Mugruk Da Watcha the event only Swampcalla Shaman

And finally a pair of Beast-Skewer Killbows

So whats up for next week!

  1. The Rashaar
  2. Gutrippas x 10
  3. Imperial Fists Tactical Squad x 10
  4. Palatine
  5. Pink Horrors x 2, Blue Horrors x 4 & Brimstone Horrors x 4
  6. Deffkilla Wartrike
  7. Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans x 3, Bladeguard Ancient and Ancient
  8. Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
  9. Stealth Team x 3
  10. Canoptek Wraiths x 3

What I Am Reading

Not enough 🙁

But I am listening to Leviathan by Darius Hinks which is ok, but the narrator isn’t brilliant for 40k.

What Video Games I Am Playing

Still working through The Witcher 3 and I am aiming to finish it in July!

I have played a bit of Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, two sessions are on YouTube!

What I Am Backing

The Firefly: The Game – 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition Gamefound project is almost over, and its unlocked all of its stretch goals, so I am happy with that!

What I Am Spending

It’s the Steam summer sale, and I had set a little money aside for it, and I was able to purchase the following games

Its also Humble Choice week, which got me:-

Oh and I bought a Steam Deck!!!

Hopefully it will be here by the weekend, its already been dispatched and is in the hands of GLS right now!

In the meantime, I grabbed a 1TB Corsair MP600 Mini, a 256GB Micro SD Card and a JSAUX Screen Protector to upgrade the deck a little bit from its 64GB of storage and protect it a little bit.

Thinking of running Windows off the Micro SD card so I can play, Ubisoft, Epic, GOG and Xbox games.

Warhammer Fest & Pegboard

So Warhammer Fest, where do I start?

Well let’s be honest, there were a lot of issues, huge numbers of them, and let me be frank about the biggest issue, the shop.

The shop is something that GW should be able to and can do well, at the UK Games Expo last year they had a far bigger presence and more stock, what they had in Manchester was small and focused on a few stands.

The queue to pay was 90 minutes long, there was very very little third party licenced stuff, a few McFarlane and JoyToy figures, a small selection of the Cubicle 7 RPGs and a limited number of art prints.

So no board games, clothing, dice bags, posters, phone cases, mugs, notebooks etc

It felt very lacking in terms of that stuff.

There were a few gaming stalls and credit to them, they put on an amazing show, but because they were one of the few things there, the queues were mental.

Never got a chance to try Boltgun, but I am gonna preorder it anyway, the community lass from Tacticus convinced me to give it a go, and it’s actually pretty good.

Warpforge seems a lot of fun and Horus Heresy Legions is as good as ever.

There was one set of painted models on display for 10th edition 40K, in between the queue for the shop and the queue to try 10th edition, so you could barely get to take a gander at them.

There were 5 tables to try 10th on and a lad I know queued for 4 hours to get a turn at trying it, which if I am honest was ridiculous and a bit of stupid decision, at the Fest when 8th launched there were 20 or 30 tables if I remember correctly.

Its sad cause the last event was so good, and this was just a real let down.

But I still had lots of fun, but that’s cause I got to meet up with people I rarely get to see and play with and in that respect it was good, but still it shouldn’t have been so lacking in content.

Will I go again, depends, if I can get a tournament to play in sure, but if not, perhaps I won’t.

My Haul

So I got a bit from Warhammer Fest!

Here is the total lot!

It’s broken down into, the event exclusive Commissar!

Some dice for my Imperial Knights and *ahem* Kharadron Overlords 🙄

A Homunculus and some Mandrakes for my Drukhari

Lelith Hesperax and Drazhar for them

A Combat Patrol for them too

A Deimos Pattern Whirlwind Scorpius for my Imperial Fists

A Rat Ogre for Blood Bowl

And some general swag, which includes some Warhammer Fest objective markers, some badges, patches, a few paints, and a mousemat!


I went and got the Skådis Pegboard from IKEA, well I had them delivered to a local shop, IKEA want 20 notes to deliver to the house, but only £2 to send it to a shop 5 minutes away!!!

First up I had to remove all the controller mounts from the wall, then fill in the holes and paint over them.

This meant the girls insisted that I sort out the cupboard under the stairs, and I will have to take a trip to B&Q to get colour matched paint.

So I started with the cuboard sort, then filled in the holes with the filler and the put the boards up, the bits of filled wall need painting still, but B&Q in Hartlepool is now closed so it’s a trip to Stockton for that!

The pegboard went up pretty easily, I went with the black Skådis, I did consider the Uppspel board with the ROG branding, but that would have been an extra £20 I didn’t fancy spending!

The controllers are now all up, I went with the Skådis hooks to mount them, because it works, mostly.

I did get an Uppspel accessory kit, mostly for the magnetic strip, but the straps are great for holding the NES and SNES controllers, and I plan to get a couple more to hold the PC Engine, CD32, Neo Geo CD and SN30 Pro controllers.

Also, my future Steam Deck may be stored in the board using these straps!

The magnetic strip currently holds a pair of nice braided cables to connect the controllers to the PC directly, one cable is USB C and the other is Micro USB. The WaveBird receiver is also held on it too!

What I Am Modelling

I started out by painting the Imagifier for the Sisters of Battle!

And a Abhorrant Ghoul King for the Flesh-Eater Courts!

Followed by the Drukhari Raider for the Wyches.

So what’s up next?

  1. Kairic Acolytes x 18
  2. The Guild
  3. Ultramarines Repulsor
  4. Hedkrakka’s Mob
  5. Skaven Deathrunners x 2
  6. Blood Ravens Invader ATV x 2
  7. Catacomb Command Barge & Overlord
  8. Swampcalla Shaman x 2 & Pot Grot
  9. Ultramarines Outriders x 3
  10. Rashaar

What I Am Reading

No books read, but I have finished listening to Lukas the Trickster by Josh Reynolds.

And I listened to Embrace the Darkness by Nicholas Briggs.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Myself, Graham, Rob and Niall had a game of 30K at Element Games, which was a hell of a lot of fun, and my first time visiting Element in person, and its a really fun place.

What Video Games I Am Playing

A couple of hours of The Witcher 3 but that’s it!

What I Am Spending

Bought a few more video games!

Plus this months Humble Choice that got me

And I bought a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection for the Switch too

Resolutions Update – April 2023

Build & Paint a 2000 Points Army of Drukhari – 18.5% Complete

I added the Reavers and Helions to the army this month, which almost competes the Wyches detachment for now.

Just a Raider to go and that’s almost finished!

The next detachment will be a Kabal, and for that I have bought the Combat Patrol!

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Genestealer Cultists – o% Complete

No progress here 🙁

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Tyranids – 38% Complete

This is still on pause until Leviathan comes out, but I have bought some 28mm bases as I think my Guants will need them.

Bring my Primaris Ultramarines to 2000 Points – 50% Complete

This month I added the Assault Intercessors to the army!

This means I still need to add

  • Repulsor
  • Bladeguard Ancient
  • Bladeguard Veterans x 3
  • Outriders x 3

The Repulsor is next getting painted for this list!

Bring my Orruk Warclans to 2000 Points – 53.05

I added some Manskewer Boltboyz to this list this month, two units of them, and I purchased a Beastskewer Killbow.

I need to make a proper list for this and at the minute this is gonna be it!

+ Leader +

Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof

Orruk Megaboss

Orruk Weirdnob Shaman

Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot

+ Battleline +

Gutrippaz: 10 Gutrippaz, Musician, Standard Bearer, Wicked Hakka

Gutrippaz: 10 Gutrippaz, Wicked Stikka

Gutrippaz: 10 Gutrippaz, Wicked Stikka

Hobgrot Slittaz: 10 Hobgrot Slittaz, Musician, Standard Bearer

Hobgrot Slittaz: 10 Hobgrot Slittaz, Musician, Standard Bearer

Orruk Brutes: 5 Brutes, Boss Choppa, Gore-choppa, Jagged Gore-hacka

+ Other +

Man-skewer Boltboyz: 3 Man-skewer Boltboyz

Man-skewer Boltboyz: 3 Man-skewer Boltboyz

Man-skewer Boltboyz: 3 Man-skewer Boltboyz

Orruk Gore-Gruntas: 3 Gore-Gruntas, Pig-iron Choppa

+ Artillery +

Beast-skewer Killbow

Beast-skewer Killbow

Build & Paint two Gangs for Carnivale

The Guild are now build they are getting painted this month.

Need to buy some more bases before I can build the Rashaar!

Get My Weight to Under 100kg & Sustain it Below That

I am currently 115kg so gone a little backwards

Publish One Battle Report a Month

My aim to get caught up in April was spoiled by April being super busy!

Stream Twice a Week

Failed due to a busy April

Complete my 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge

None finished yet, but I hope this is the month I get some added to the complete list!

Read 40 Books – 25% Complete

Currently at a total of 10 books read!

Get Edge of Empire Running Like a Well Oiled Machine

Yeah this is going well, no real issues here

A Bimonthly RPG Night With the Polycule

Every time I mention it, the subject is changed so it ain’t happening

Abi’s Wedding (and Pauls too I Suppose!)

Last weekend we went to my beautiful sister-in-laws wedding to my brother Paul.

It was a wonderful day and much joy was had.

The ceremony was lovely and the food was divine, and my nibblings were all little terrors!

It was held at Kersy Mill, near Haverhill in Suffolk and the surroundings were really nice, the building was a converted mill and was pretty nice.

It was just a really awesome day all round to be frank.

On the Sunday we popped into Ipswich, had dinner at Prezzo and saw Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, but we missed the last 5-10 minutes as there was a fire alarm and the cinema was evacuated.

The long stairs out of the cinema left be too exhausted to return to the screen, so we kinda gave up and went back to my parents, curse my lack of spoons!

Film was awesome though!

What I Am Modelling

I started out with the Necron Triarch Stalkers

Followed by some Triarch Praetorians

After that I painted up my Helions for the Drukhari, two units of them!

So what’s coming up next?

  1. Kairic Acolytes x 18
  2. Imagifier
  3. The Guild x 8
  4. Ultramarines Repulsor
  5. Hedkrakka’s Madmob
  6. Drukhari Raider
  7. Skaven Deathrunners x 2
  8. Blood Ravens Invader ATV x 2
  9. Necron Catacomb Command Barge
  10. Swampcalla Shaman x 2 & Pot Grot

What I Am Reading

I finished Squirrel Girl: Universe and you can see my review here.

I have now started on David Annadale’s, In the Coils of the Labyrinth which is so far pretty good.

Still listening to Lukas the Trickster by Josh Reynolds, about 4 hours into that now.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

I had a game of Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 at Warhammer World, which was won by Lindsay!

And on Wednesday my DnD group met and Graham tried to knock someone out, by throwing a knife in their neck and rolling a nat 20!

What Video Games I Am Playing

More Witcher 3 is being played, currently working on side missions and Witcher Contracts to level up!

And my playthrough of Control: Ultimate Edition has seen me upload the videos from the week

What I Am Backing

I backed the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Monster Seeds project by Steve Jackson Games, I would have loved to be able to back it at the physical level, but alas they are no longer doing any physical rewards for people outside of the US, which is sad.

What I Am Winning

I won a copy of The Curator by Owen King, so that’s going on the TBR pile.

What I Am Spending

I did add a small package of Star Wars games to my collection with a little bundle, those being:

I also got a PS5 controller charger, the PS5 is gonna move downstairs so we need an easier way to charge the two DualSense controllers that are moving with it.

I won a £25 voucher for Amazon from a KFC competition so I used that to buy a £15 PlayStation voucher to get Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, and some LED lights for the pegboard I am planning on buying next week. Still awaiting delivery of the LEDS.

I ordered the Abhorant Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion from Warhammer Middlesbrough on Boxing Day (or the day after) and he finally arrived, and of course he is now built and ready to paint!

London Calling

This will be a short one, I am in London spending the weekend showing people how to play Shatterpoint and Legion.

We woke on Monday to find the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition outside, which was weird!

But my sleep has been all over the shop so I expect this weekend to be difficult.

Some Studio Remodel Plans

Ok the controller holders look pants, mostly cause I put them up so badly, so they are gonna come down next month and I am replacing them with some pegboards from IKEA so the controllers can be mounted and look great.

At the moment the controllers I want displayed are:-

  • PC Engine
  • Stadia
  • CD32
  • GameCube
  • Xbox 360 (Gonna replace this with a Xenon when that comes out in the summer)
  • Switch Pro
  • SNES
  • NES
  • Wavebird
  • Xbox Duke
  • Saturn
  • Tribute 64
  • Neo Geo CD
  • Dualshock 3
  • PlayStation Controller
  • Mega Drive
  • Mega Drive 6 Button
  • Steam Controller
  • Xbox Core
  • DualSense

Plus I think I have found a cheap NVIDIA Shield Controller, and I hope to have this in my hands by late next week, meaning all I want beyond that is a Luna controller. Actually I am not sure on that, it looks cool, but it doesn’t seem to have even the same interestingness as the Stadia controller.

I’d also like to display one of my SN30 as well if I can, that’s currently away in a drawer, its place having been taken by the Steam Controller.

I am thinking of getting two black Skâdis boards and mounting them one on top of the other above my desk, which should get me enough space to store the controllers, and hopefully eventually my Switch JoyCons and Wiimotes.

Plus I am gonna get a nice braided pair of USB A-C and USB A-Micro B cables to hang up there for use with the controllers when I want to use normally wireless controllers (I prefer to use controllers in wired mode for the lowest latency possible)

I am going to mount a RGB strip around the border of the whole thing to make it really gamery!

That said, its more expensive, but there are the Uppspel boards which whilst £10 more expensive, do look quite a bit cooler with that ROG branding. Either way the Uppsepel accessory kits will be getting used for some stuff as they are compatible with the Skâdis boards, and the magnetic strip would absolutely have some uses.

Thinking the straps might be a good way to store/display the Steam Deck when I get it.

Also I am hoping my Govee prize will come soon which could add some more coolness.

And finally, I am considering a clock, I know I have one on the PC, but I think I want a physical one, oh and a couple more fake plants.

What I Am Modelling

I started out by painting the second Firestrike Servo Turret for the Space Wolves.

After this I painted a pair of Lokhust Heavy Destroyers for my Necrons.

A bit of scenery followed with a set of Thermic Plasma Conduits that I got from Imperium to add to the house scenery box.

Then a Praetor Prime for the Strormcast Eternals.

Followed by a Knight-Arcanium for that army.

And finally some Reavers for my Drukhari.

So what will be up to paint once I am, back from London!

  1. Ultramarines Assault Intercessors x 10
  2. Man-Skewer Bolt-Boyz x 6
  3. Necron Triarch Stalkers x 3 & Triarch Praetorians x 5
  4. Kairic Acolytes x 18
  5. Drukhari Helions x 10
  6. Imagifier
  7. The Guild x 8
  8. Ultramarines Repulsor
  9. Hedkrakka’s Madmob
  10. Skaven Deathrunners x 2

What I Am Reading

I finished Echoes of Eternity as an audiobook, and yeah, what a story, really blows my mind away!

I listened to The Eye of the Scorpion by Iain McLaughlin, which was fairly good, would have been great if it had been made into a TV serial, but alas. Anyway that brought me 2 years into the Monthly Adventures series!

I then listened to Colditz by Steve Lyons, which as well as being an interesting story of growth for Ace, is also the Doctor Who debut of David Tennant, in a villainous role, which in my opinion is just as insidious as his portrayal of The Purple Man!

Then I moved on to Primeval by Lance Parkin, a bit of a sequel/prequel to the first Nyssa story, The Keeper of Traken. Very good story and I loved how it expanded on that story and established a deeper understanding of the culture and history of Traken.

After that it was The One Doctor by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman, which was an awful lot of fun, Christoper Biggins really made that a fun listen!

After that it was Invaders from Mars by Mark Gattiss, which was very good, especially with Simon Pegg camping it up as the gangster!

I finally finished processing my Big Finish Doctor Who audio stuff on to the audio book server, and oh wow that was a slog that has taken over six months to get sorted!

Mind you its a complete collection dating back 25 years, so yeah its a lot of stuff to sort out, would be easier if the software could scrape data from Big Finish, but sadly it can’t so I have to enter the data in manually!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Played a bit more of The Witcher 3, have transitioned to using the Steam Controller, just to really give it a go.

But alas the game still has major crashing issues, and I get maybe an hour and then it crashes to the desktop 🙁

I tried to play Control on stream on Tuesday night only for OBS to keep crashing so I gave up, edited what videos I had together, and then uploaded them.

I have now transferred the gameplay videos for Horizon Zero Dawn over to the Big Geordie Geek Plays channel, so you can find them there, if you want mind-numbingly bad game play videos!

What I Am Spending

I bought Vampire Survivors, it looked alright for a few quid and well, it did win the BAFTA, the bundle I got also came with its expansion, Legacy of the Moonspell.

I also bought a few bits of DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the Wheel Tuning Pack, Heavy Cargo Pack, Special Transports, Vive la France!, Beyond the Baltic Sea and the High Power Cargo Pack.

For a £1.46 I bought a LucasArts Adventure Pack, which came with The Dig, Loom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, all classics from my childhood!

And cause it was super cheap, and I really fancy playing it again after having last done so on the Sega Saturn, I bought Resident Evil HD which came with Resident Evil 0 HD.

My Humble Choice also came out this week for April, and that got me:-

Resolutions Update – March 2023

I will be honest, I have been pants this month, but next month probably won’t be that much better as it’s ram packed!

Build & Paint a 2000 Points Army of Drukhari – 10.25% Complete

We got the Wyches painted up, next month I intend to compete the Wych cult combat patrol.

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Genestealer Cultists – o% Complete

No further progress made, need to pick a colour scheme I think first, then prime them!

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Tyranids – 38% Complete

This is now on hold, I want to see if the units I have will be changing base size before I even think of building them.

Heard a rumour that Genestealers are moving to 32mm and Gaunts to 28mm.

Bring my Primaris Ultramarines to 2000 Points – 27.75%

This month I painted up the Eliminators and Eradicators!

I have left to paint for this list

  • Bladeguard Ancient
  • Bladeguard Veterans x 3
  • Outriders x 3
  • Repulsor
  • Assault Intercessors x 10

Get my Weight to Under 100kg & Sustain it Below That

I am at 112kg, which means I need to do some exercise!

Publish One Battle Report a Month – 8.33% Complete

Blah, I need to get this dealt with promptly!

Stream Twice a Week

I need to create a proper schedule for this to keep it on track!

But it’s mostly going ok.

Complete my 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge – 0% Complete

No games completed yet, but here is the current stats!

Read 40 Books – 22% Complete

This month I haven’t finished any books, so boo hiss!

Get Edge of Empire Running Like a Well Oiled Machine

Still going good, but something else is in the works!

A Bimonthly RPG Night With the Polycule

I think this isn’t going anywhere sadly 🙁

An Assault On Eternity

Last Saturday I attended The Mighty Dice Wargaming clubs first Horus Heresy event, An Assault on Eternity, a Siege of Terra themed event!

Played over three games, the first two were played at 2000 points, a bit unusual for Heresy, but this is the list I took for that.

Rite of War: Templar Assault (IF)

+ HQ: +

. Champion: Artificer Armour
. . Bolt Pistol
. . Chainsword: Chainsword
. Champion

Sigismund: Warlord

+ Elites: +

Apothecarion Detachment
. Apothecary: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol
. . Chainsword: Chainsword
. Apothecary: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol
. . Chainsword: Chainsword

+ Troops: +

Templar Brethren: 9x Brethren, 9x Combat Shield, Legion Vexilla, Meltabombs
. Champion: Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Master-craft a weapon, Solarite Power Gauntlet
. Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Twin-linked Bolter, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

Templar Brethren: 9x Brethren, 9x Combat Shield, Legion Vexilla, Meltabombs
. Champion: Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Master-craft a weapon, Solarite Power Gauntlet
. Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Twin-linked Bolter, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

+ Heavy Support: +

Kratos Squadron
. Kratos: 2x Heavy Bolters, Flare Shield, Hull (Front, Right/Left) Mounted Heavy Bolters, Pintle Mounted Havoc Launcher
. . Kratos Battlecannon

The final game was a big 3500 point list and for that I took my 2k list replacing the Champion with Fafnir Rann, and adding a Warhound Scout Titan and a few other bits!

Rite of War: Templar Assault (IF)

+ HQ: +

Fafnir Rann

Sigismund: Warlord

+ Elites: +

Apothecarion Detachment
. Apothecary: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol
. . Chainsword: Chainsword
. Apothecary: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol
. . Chainsword: Chainsword

Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
. Contemptor Dreadnought: Gravis Autocannon, Gravis Autocannon, Havoc Launcher

+ Troops: +

Scout Squad
. Legion Scout Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. Legion Scout: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. Legion Scout: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. Legion Scout: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. Legion Scout: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter

Templar Brethren: 9x Brethren, 9x Combat Shield, Legion Vexilla, Meltabombs
. Champion: Archaeotech Pistol, Combat Shield, Master-craft a weapon, Solarite Power Gauntlet
. Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Twin-linked Bolter, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

Templar Brethren: 9x Brethren, 9x Combat Shield, Legion Vexilla, Meltabombs
. Champion: Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Master-craft a weapon, Solarite Power Gauntlet
. Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Twin-linked Bolter, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

+ Heavy Support: +

Kratos Squadron
. Kratos: 2x Heavy Bolters, Flare Shield, Hull (Front, Right/Left) Mounted Heavy Bolters
. . Kratos Battlecannon

Sicaran Squadron
. Sicaran : 2x Heavy Bolters, Heavy Bolter
. Sicaran : 2x Heavy Bolters, Heavy Bolter

+ Lords of War: +

Warhound Scout Titan
. Warhound Scout Titan: Plasma Blastgun, Vulcan Mega-Bolter

Game 1 – Damian

I played Damian’s World Eaters in game one, and my lack of weapons that could intercept was a flaw that allowed a Leviathan to drop down and kill my Kratos.

The Contemptors were a bugger to deal with, but I managed to take them out, but at the end of the game I just had 5 Templar Brethren and a Champion plus Apothecary left!

Game 2 – Richard

The second game, I had to take in more World Eaters, the Melta Predator Squadron took out my Kratos in turn 1 before it got to fire anything.

But my Templar Brethren ate through his infantry and at the end he was left with two Contemptors and the Predator Squadron, but I got tabled!

Game 3 – Vs Jacob

Game 3 saw us take on the Heretics as the defenders on the wall, and it was a pretty epic set of scenery!

I played against Jacobs Sons of Horus, and the addition of a pair of Sicarans, and a Warhound Titan really changed things up for me!

The Sicaran is, if I am honest, a bit more effective than the Kratos, but the Kratos actually did get to shine a bit here, until it was taken out by a Terminator!

Sadly however, my bane was a pair of Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts which over 4 or 5 rounds of combat took out my Warhound, but it was only able to do 6 wounds in response, I just couldn’t hurt them.

In the end I won, destroying everything in the table apart from the Leviathans and a couple of straggling Veterans.

My Thoughts On The Event

Pretty good event, the tables terrain was nice, especially the last games.

A few teething issues, particularly around general admin at the end, but show me an event that doesn’t deal with that, and as an EO myself I thought they did really well.

If they run anymore Heresy events, I will be returning for them, really really fun day!

Imperium Expansion

We have known for quite a while now that Warhammer 40,000 Imperium was being extended by 10 issues, and I thought, why not mention what I think about the contents!

Issues 81 – 83

The Sisters get a hell of an expansion with the Paragon Warsuits, spread over three issues, costing £8.99, that means you get them for £26.97, saving nearly £20 off the RRP!

These are great looking models and I have ordered an additional two of each issue!

Issue 84

A Skitarii Marshall, seems a bit of a let down when compared to the stuff the other factions are getting, yeah it’s a lovely model, but still, would have preferred something else, but to be fair, the Mechanicus range isn’t easy to grab something from for this.

Issue 85

The Hexmark Destroyer is one of the best looking models in the Necron range, ok, a bit pants in game, who cares when it looks like that!

I already have one, but I don’t mind having another!

Issue 86 – 88

The Space Marines get the full multipart Redemptor Dreadnought, which is a great kit and pretty cool to have in here.

Personally I would have preferred the Invictor Tactical Warsuit, but that’s down to my personal collection!

Issue 89

Inquisitor Draxus is a cool looking model, but we subscribers already got an Inquisitor in the form of Katarina Greyfax, so this whilst cool, wasn’t the greatest choice, personally I would have replaced this and the Skitarii Marshall with a two part AdMech kit.

Still great model and I can’t wait to paint her to join the rest of my Inquisitorial forces!

Issue 90

Not only does Illuminator Szeras represent great value, but also, is a wonderful and beautiful model for your collection!

Really over the moon we are getting this amazing character

In Conclusion

We are getting some really nice models, for my personal collection, a couple don’t make sense, but hey, it’s not all about me.

The only thing that I am currently wondering, is where to put the Redemptor Dreadnought.

Not sure any of my Space Marine armies need another one, but it’s likely going with the Ultramarines.

What I Am Modelling

Started off urgently beavering away to finish the bits for the Imperial Fists for the event by painting first up a pair of Sicaran Battle Tanks.

Followed by a squad of 10 Templar Brethren.

And then a Land Raider Proteus for them to ride in!

During the week I was also working on some Inquisitors for my Imperial forces.

I then rebased an old Reiver Squad for my Space Wolves, originally built for Kill Team in the last edition, but on a different basing scheme, when I convinced myself that my Wolves wouldn’t have any Primarise stuff!

Anyway, they now join the Infiltrators, Redemptor Dreadnought, Ragnar, Aggressors and Repulsor that currently comprise the Wolves Primaris forces, and I have more on the way at some point!

Then, the last Tomb Blade was finished for the Necrons!

I painted a few small bits of terrain for my box of scenery I keep at home, just the mini ruins from the Ruined Factorum kits.

After that I turned my attention to a unit of Drukhari Wyches.

So what’s coming up next?

  1. Kainan’s Reapers
  2. Blood Ravens Firestrike Servo Turret x 2
  3. Drukhari Reavers x 6
  4. Ultramarines Assault Intercessors x 10
  5. Man-Skewer Bolt Boyz x 6
  6. Triarch Stalkers x 3
  7. Kairic Acolytes x 18
  8. Drukhari Helions x 10
  9. Imagifier
  10. The Guild x 8

What I Am Reading

I am still reading Squirrel Girl: Universe by Tristan Palmgren!

I finished listening to The Iron Kingdom by Nick Kyme, which has me wishing we got more Indomitus Crusade books.

Also listened to Dust Breeding by Mike Tucker, which was pretty good, makes me wish we had more TV stories with 7 and Ace!

After that it was a return to 6 and Evelyn with Bloodtide by Johnathan Morris, which was pretty good, plenty of great acting.

And I have started on the last of my Space Marine Conquests audiobooks, Fist of the Imperium by Andy Clark.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Played a game of 40K on Friday at Mighty Dice with my T’au.

Got tabled by turn 4!!!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Been trying to play The Witcher 3, but the latest update has caused an issue with random crashes, so I may have to abandon the game for a bit until that’s fixed.

I did get a couple of hours in Control: Ultimate Edition on Tuesday afternoon.

What I Am Winning

I won a copy of Round Rush Invaders on PlayStation

And also a copy of The Closing Walls for PlayStation as well!

I also won a copy of Heroish on Steam, which looks pretty good.

And I won a copy of the Conquerer Edition of Black Desert Online from a Govee completion.

A physical prize will be following, but I will talk about that when it arrives!

What I Am Spending

I used some Steam credit a won a little while ago and purchased Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition for Steam!

And noticing a decent deal on Fanatical, I got myself The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which completes my Elder Scrolls collection in Steam.

I bought myself some Necron objective markers the other week, which finally arrive!

And my first two Paragon Warsuits from Forbidden Planet arrived, looking forward to getting these built and on the table!

The second issues of Paragon Warsuits also arrived, in extremely quick time!


This past weekend, I got to work at Airecon, a wonderful little board game convention in Harrrogate.

I spent the weekend showing people how to play Star Wars Legion, using a capture the flag scenario that gave people a very very basic taste of the game, to tempt them to join the Dark Side and crush the rebels!

Got to stay at the Crown Plaza, which was nice, until they nicked my pizza, but that’s another story!

Really nice breakfast though and I got to have Eggs Benedict on Sunday, weirdly served with bacon, and I ate probably very badly, existing on pizza, burgers and Coke Zero!

I showed off Star Wars Legion to a total of 77 individuals, which I feel was good going.

Lindsay and Megan came as punters on Sunday and I think they had a good time, Paul did have them pick up a Zatu mystery box for him.

Hopefully we will be back in 2024!

I started the week by painting the Imperial Fists Kratos, it’s less than a month until the event, so I need to get the fists done!

What I Am Modelling

After that I painted up the Drukhari Succubus.

Followed by some Tomb Blades for my Necrons

And then Some frigates for my UCM fleet, a pair of Limas and Taipeis

So what’s in the painting plan for next week?

  1. Templar Brethren x 10, Land Raider Proteus & Sicaran Battle Tank x 2
  2. Drukhari Wyches x 10
  3. Inquisitors x 3
  4. Kainan’s Reapers
  5. Blood Ravens Firestrike Servo Turret x 2
  6. Drukhari Reavers x 6
  7. Ultramarines Assault Intercessors x 10
  8. Man-Skewer Bolt-Boyz x 6
  9. Necron Triarch Stalkers x 3
  10. Kairic Acolytes x 18
  11. Drukhari Helions x 10

What I Am Reading

I listened to the Garro: Knight of Grey by James Swallow audiobook, which was great, after that I listened to Loups-Garoux by Marc Platt, a fun 5th Doctor story.

I read Primacy by Marc Collins, you can see a review on Edge of Empire here.

And I finished The End and the Death Volume I by Dan Abnett, and you can read a review on Edge of Empire soon!

I am now listening to The Iron Kingdom by Nick Kyme.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

We played Gorechosen at Warhammer World on Monday, of course Megan knocked me into a pit early on and of course she went on to win as usual!

What Video Games I Am Playing

I have completed Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood!

I now streaming Control Ultimate Edition, which I am playing on GOG.

I have also been playing some Borderlands on Switch, and PC Building Simulator and Portal with RTX on PC.

What I Am Spending

At Warhammer World, Megan bought me a Raider for my Drukhari, which will complete my Wych Combat Patrol!

And I needed to hook up the Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5 and printer to the network physically, so I bought 3 Amazon Basics Cat 6 ethernet cables to do this.

So they now connect to the network switch under Megan’s desk.

And my copy of Imperium 78 arrived, so I have what I need for the Command Barge!

I bought myself the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle from Humble Bundle.

It’s for a good cause and it get me a fair few new games for Steam, which were:-

I saw Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown on sale on the PlayStation store, and being a huge fan of the game, I ended up buying it!

I also grabbed a couple of DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, Cabin Accessories and Scandinavia.

I grabbed Fallout 2, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition and Fallout Tactics for Steam, kinda decided I am going to buy a Steam Deck at some point in the next 12 months, so grabbing a bunch of games I really enjoy that are cheap specifically for Steam.

And finally I bought Model Builder, along with the The Witcher & Cyberpunk 2077 DLC and Into The Stars DLC.

What I Am Winning

I won a £50 voucher for Revl, which was really nice, and we spent it right away and bought for ourselves:-

  • Tango 330ml Can x 6
  • Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry Cider 330ml Can x 15
  • Pepsi Max 330ml Cans x 40
  • Gordon’s 0% Alcohol Free Gin 70ml Bottle

I mist admit I was tempted to get 100 cans of Pepsi Max, cause I don’t drink, but Lindsay wanted some alcohol free gin and cider, so I ordered that for her, and then made up the remainder with soft drinks, total cost to us was £1.75!!!

I won another game in the form of Row of Numbers for the PlayStation.

I also won Quiz Thiz Spain from a Twitter competition for the PlayStation.

And the next day I won Quiz Thiz France!

Resolutions Update – January 2023

Okay so let’s see how far I have gotten in my first month in regards to the resolutions I made for 2023.

Build & Paint a 2000 Points Army of Drukhari – 0% Complete

I started this one by building the first unit of Wyches, Succubus and Helions for the Wych Cult detachment.

The first stage of the army is to build a Wych Cult, and this is the first 500ish points as a Combat Patrol.

Everything bar the Raider is built and primed and ready to paint!

+ HQ +

. Agoniser & Archite Glaive

+ Troops +

. Hekatrix: Agoniser, Splinter Pistol
. 6x Wych: 6x Hekatarii Blade, 6x Plasma Grenades, 6x Splinter Pistol
. Wych w/ Hydra Gauntlets: Hydra Gauntlets
. Wych w/ Razorflails: Razorflails
. Wych w/ Shardnet and Impaler: Shardnet and Impaler

+ Fast Attack +

. Helliarch: Hellglaive, Phantasm Grenade Launcher
. 4x Hellion: 4x Hellglaive, 4x Splinter Pods

Reavers: Grav-talon
. Arena Champion: Splinter Rifle
. Reaver
. Reaver with special weapon (up to 1 for 3 models): Heat Lance

+ Dedicated Transport +

Raider: Chain-snares, Dark Lance

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Genestealer Cultists – o% Complete

I built the army in its entirety this month, I had to buy a second Mining Laser and Webber for the Neophyte Cultists.

But this is the list I am building.

+ HQ +

Acolyte Iconward: Warlord

+ Troops +

Acolyte Hybrids
. 2x Acolyte Hybrid: 2x Autopistol, 2x Blasting Charges, 2x Cult Claws and Knife, 2x Frag Grenades
. Acolyte Hybrid (Heavy Weapon): Heavy Rock Saw
. Acolyte Hybrid (Icon): Cult Icon
. Acolyte Leader: Autopistol, Cult Claws and Knife

Neophyte Hybrids
. 4x Neophyte Hybrid: 4x Autogun, 4x Autopistol, 4x Blasting Charges, 4x Frag Grenades
. Neophyte Hybrid (Icon): Autogun, Cult Icon
. 2x Neophyte Hybrid (Mining): 2x Autopistol, 2x Blasting Charges, 2x Frag Grenades, 2x Mining Laser
. 2x Neophyte Hybrid (Webber): 2x Autopistol, 2x Blasting Charges, 2x Frag Grenades, 2x Webber
. Neophyte Leader: 2x Autopistol, Power Pick

+ Elites +

Hybrid Metamorphs
. 4x Hybrid Metamorph (Autopistol): 4x Autopistol, 4x Blasting Charges, 4x Frag Grenades, 4x Metamorph Mutations
. Hybrid Metamorph (Icon): Cult Icon
. Metamorph Leader: Autopistol, Metamorph Mutations


Everything is built and just needs priming and painting, it might be something I attempt all in one go!

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Tyranids – 0% Complete

I build a Broodlord, that’s it!

Bring my Primaris Ultramarines to 2000 Points – 27.75% Complete

This month I painted up an Intercessor Squad and I finalised the list that I am aiming for!

+ HQ +

Primaris Lieutenant
. Neo-volkite pistol, Master-crafted power sword and Storm Shield: Neo-volkite pistol

Uriel Ventris: Warlord

+ Troops +

Assault Intercessor Squad
. 9x Assault Intercessor: 9x Astartes Chainsword, 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Heavy Bolt Pistol
. Assault Intercessor Sgt: Astartes Chainsword, Heavy Bolt Pistol

Infiltrator Squad: Helix gauntlet
. 9x Infiltrator: 9x Bolt pistol, 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Marksman bolt carbine
. Infiltrator Sergeant

Intercessor Squad: Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades
. Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad: Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades
. Intercessor Sergeant

+ Elites +

Bladeguard Ancient

Bladeguard Veteran Squad
. 2x Bladeguard Veteran: 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Master-crafted power sword, 2x Storm Shield
. Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant: Heavy Bolt Pistol

Redemptor Dreadnought: 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Heavy flamer, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon

+ Fast Attack +

Outrider Squad: Outrider Sgt
. 2x Outrider: 2x Astartes Chainsword, 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Twin Bolt rifle

Suppressor Squad
. 2x Suppressor: 2x Accelerator autocannon, 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Frag & Krak grenades
. Suppressor Sergeant

+ Heavy Support +

Eliminator Squad: Bolt sniper rifle
. Eliminator Sergeant: Bolt sniper rifle
. 2x Eliminators: 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Camo cloak, 2x Frag & Krak grenades

Eradicator Squad: Melta rifle
. 2x Eradicator: 2x Bolt pistol
. Eradicator Sgt

Repulsor: 2x Storm Bolters, Auto Launchers, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Twin lascannon

So this means I need to paint:-

  • Assault Intercessor Squad x 10
  • Bladeguard Ancient
  • Bladeguard Veterans x 3
  • Outriders x 3
  • Eliminator Squad x 3
  • Eradicator Squad x 3
  • Repulsor
  • Primaris Lieutenant

Get my Weight to Under 100kg & Sustain it Below That

My weight as of publication is 115kg.

I have tried to do a couple days a week of exercise using the VR headset to gamerfy it, starting with Synth-Ryders and BeatSabre, but never really got that done, so do better next month!

Publish One Battle Report a Month – 8.33% Complete

I published the first battle report, a combat patrol game between the T’au Empire and Ultramarines.

It was published by the skin of my teeth, but it got done!

You can watch it on YouTube and see the show notes here!

Stream Twice a Week – 7.69% Complete


We did upgrade my painting face camera to an Elgato Facecam which is an excellent piece of kit!

But the first few weeks were a struggle and I had to basically cram it all into the last week and a bit, mostly with Assassin’s Creed 2

Complete my 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge – 0% Complete

I have completed 14.4 hours on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I have gotten up to Sequence 11 complete on Assassin’s Creed 2 in Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection

Read 40 Books – 10% Complete

This month I have read the following books

Get Edge of Empire Running Like a Well Oiled Machine

So far so good, the first show went out and was really good, the show notes were great and it was all done in good time!

We even successfully introduced a pre-show, exclusively for our Patreons, in which they can hear us *swear*!!!

A Bimonthly RPG Night With the Polycule – 0% Complete

Need to schedule one for February!

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