Armies on Parade - What Army

Last year I entered Armies on Parade with my Heresy Ultramarines, the first time I had entered since I frequented the Ipswich Games Workshop as a teenager. This year I […]

Heresy Weekender Planning

I started putting the first touches to the Heresy Weekender this week, the first thing I addressed was the biggest complaints, which were poor coffee and unpainted armies. For the […]

Dublin in 2019 Whoop!

A brilliant thing happened this weekend at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki, the site for WorldCon 77 in 2019 was selected, and it is going to be in Dublin! This is […]

Pain and Sleep

As many of you know, I am not in the best of health and haven’t been for a few years. I have been suffering with some brain damage I sustained […]

Bunker War 3!

On Saturday I played in my first 40k tournament in over a year, the end of 7th edition killed me when it came to competitive play, at that stage it […]

Octocon Membership Purchased

Last night I arranged my membership for Octocon 2017, which will be my first ever Octocon. I got my arm twisted into going whilst I was at Eastercon, and it […]

An Apology

Yeah turns out the list I have been playing using my Word Bearers was slightly off. I relied on paper and pen to write the list whilst Battlescribe was being […]

Bit of a Mess

My studio is a real mess, and I really need to crack on and get it properly tidied. A big issue is my large to do pile of projects and […]