8th Looks Good!

This evening I watched the live Q&A about the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Well I watched it a bit later as I had to go to the pharmacist to […]

Meet Lorgar

This week, I was strong armed into getting a new Hamster, I was quite upset after Sweep killed my last hamster Tyrannosaurus Rex that I didn’t want to get one. […]

Third Day at Eastercon

I woke up far too early today, Megan woke me up after she was woken up by the sunrise, we forgot to close the curtains! So I dragged myself out […]

Second Day At Eastercon

I woke up this morning feeling like hell, basically if I were at home I would be tucked up in bed with Lemsip, but instead I will be patient zero […]

First Day at Eastercon

My first Eastercon is 17 years is a lot of fun so far, we arrived in good time, got registered and to the first program event that we wanted to […]

Off to Eastercon

Right now I am on my way to Eastercon, my first since I was 17, and I am really looking forward to it. It’s going to be Lindsay and Megan’s […]

Improving the Sound

Since me and Graham started the podcast the issue that has been plaguing us is sound quality so this week I have been determined to tackle that. Up until now […]

Mostly Ill!

It’s been a really rough week and a bit, a lot of it is fallout from the other week, but I am just trying to put that behind me and […]