I do want to avoid too many cliches in this nerdy musical Advent, but there are some songs that just have to be mentioned, and this is one of them.

In The Garage by nerd rock superstars Weezer is from their debut album and talks about the interests of Rivers Cuomo, specifically his love of D&D and superheroes.

It’s kind of an ode to the safe space that a lot of us nerds have growing up, usually our bedrooms, but other people have other spaces.

Mine was a cupboard in my bedroom growing up, I shared with two brother, who as much as I love them, are muggles and didn’t really get my interest.

So I hid a lot of stuff in there and could alway just sit in it when I needed space and to be around my stuff, like my Lego and Warhammer, and of course a poster of Kitty Pryde!