I know some people are determined to not get Warhammer +, but I have, and I will walk you through the reasons.

And I have honestly seen a lot of rants about it, mostly seeming to focus ok the animation side, but I do have to say that Warhammer + is a service that is more than just Warhammer TV, it’s also the included mini, the Warhammer Vault access, the apps, etc. to base your impression on just one aspect is just a bit daft.

First off, I would never usually suggest getting a service/product based on its possible future potential as I find this is usually a waste of money as nothing is ever guaranteed. Products should have a decent feature set before launching rather than promises of future features.

However Warhammer + makes sense financially for me, let me walk you through it. I play both Age of Sigmar and 40K, and I use the apps, which currently cost me £2.98, which is going to rise to £3.98 with the new AoS app.

So annually I will be paying £47.76 to Games Workshop for these two services, so Warhammer + would only cost me £2.23 if I get the annual plan.

Now the £10 voucher for signing up before 1st September means actually it’s going to be -£7.77, and when add in the model you get with the subscription, models that I want both of, you save even more.

These models I have set at a price of £20, although the Megaboss from the normal range is £25. So that means it’s actually now at -£27.77.

So it works for me, of course for other people the maths will vary and for them it may not be worth it, but it is for me.

What’s It Actually Like???

Well in all honesty, it’s a little thin on the ground right now, but what’s on there is good.

Angels of Death is very cool, although the mouths are a bit odd, but I can live with that.

I am yet to watch any of Hammer and Bolter apart from Old Bale Eye, which I really enjoyed.

The Battle Reports are well, extremely high end and professional and really raise the bar for those. Makes my stuff look pants by comparison.

The painting Masterclass is superb and I am digging out some Thousand Sons Terminators to try out some wet blending.

The Vault, that’s the one aspect I am less keen on, simply because you can’t download stuff, and the site is clunky when using a phone, if they bring us an app for that it will be better.

In general I am happy with the service, if they keep up with the new content every Wednesday I will be very happy.

I would like to see the YouTube painting videos included in the service at some point, just so everything is together in one place that’s a bit easier to navigate.

The service is as I said, thin on the ground, but I think within a few months it will be a lot better.

I have subscribed for a year because I want it to be a success, I want it to work, and I am breaking my own rule because if this does work, it will be an amazing resource for the community.

The reveal of the first weeks new releases, is a bit underwhelming, I would have hoped for a couple of the Citadel Masterclasses and at least two animations.

The Vault additions are actually pretty nice, with some White Dwarfs for this year being added.

But it’s still early days.

What I Am Modelling

I started off the week with some Triarch Praetorians.

These have been painted as being from the Szarekhan Dynasty because they serve the Triarch and thus why would their armour be in the colours of another dynasty?

I also painted all the Traitor Guardsmen for Blackstone Fortress alongside the Commissar and Ogryn from Traitor Command.

The Traitor Command models were finished first.

Followed by the Traitor Guardmens.

I then painted a unit of 20 Crypt Ghoul’s for my Flesh-Eater Courts alongside a Crypt-Ghast Courtier.

After that I painted a squad of Secutarii Hoplites and their Termite transport

So what’s coming up next week?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack
  3. Stormcast Eternals Praetors x 3, Knight-Vexellor & Vindictor
  4. Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbikes x 3
  5. Stormcast Eternals Anhiliators x 3, Lord Imperatant & Gryph Hound
  6. Blitzkrieg HQ & MG34 MMG Team
  7. Death Guard Fire Raptor
  8. Necron Canoptek Wraiths x 6
  9. Mechanicum Magos Macrotek Engineseer & Servoautomata x 4
  10. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers x 3

What I Am Reading

Ummm I actually haven’t read all week 🙁

What Video Games Am I Playing

Not played a lot, but just a few bits and pieces here and there.

I did manage to get the Saturn emulator running properly. Retroarch ended up being a bust, there wasn’t a single core that could run the games correctly and the way it handles six button controllers is kinda annoying.

So I ended up going with Mednafen which works like a dream, just need to add a graphical front end.

Speaking of six button controllers, I finally managed to get my hands on a reasonably priced 6 button USB Mega Drive controller, and playing Street Fighter 2 on the Mega Drive Mini is no longer an awful nightmare!

I did pull all of my controllers out on Saturday and I think I might have a problem!

But I am having real struggle controlling N64 emulated games, so I have ordered a USB Retro-Bit controller which should arrive Tuesday I think.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

On Tuesday I had an open war game of 40K at Durham Raiders.

I lost but it was very close, and a battle report is currently in production.

On Saturday we played a game of Pandemic: Hot Zone North America and were beaten by the game.

What I Am Creating

I have a new battle report in the production phase, there were camera issues so it’s taken a bit longer than I would have liked.

I am going to be making a report for the first Imperium game plan.

Me and Megan are going to play though all the collections game plans for some battle reports, as an ongoing narrative.

And tonight I am recording a Dreadclaw for the Company of Legends lists.

What I Am Backing

I am still backing Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game which has 3 days left to run at time of writing.

What I Am Cooking

I was supposed to be making shepherds pie on Saturday but we were really really busy tidying up all weekend 🙁