Okay so let’s see how far I have gotten this month in regards to the resolutions I made for 2023.

To be honest it’s been a piss poor month with very little achieved at all, and I am really cross with myself about it.

Build & Paint a 2000 Points Army of Drukhari – 4% Complete

This month I painted up the the Succubus but that was it

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Genestealer Cultists – o% Complete

No progress was made this month

Build & Paint a 500 Points Combat Patrol of Tyranids – 38% Complete

I painted the Broodlord up to check my scheme, and developed this list that I am planning on building.

I also painted the Lictor!

Hive Fleet: Leviathan

+ HQ +


+ Troops +

Termagants: 10x Termagant, Termagant Devourer

Termagants: Fleshborer, 10x Termagant

+ Elites +

. 5x Genestealer: 5x Genestealer Claws and Talons

. 5x Genestealer: 5x Genestealer Claws and Talons


Bring my Primaris Ultramarines to 2000 Points – 27.75%

This month I got the Lieutenant painted up for the list.

That leaves me with the following to paint to complete the list:-

  • Bladeguard Ancient
  • Bladeguard Veterans x 3
  • Outriders x 3
  • Eliminator Squad x 3
  • Eradicator Squad x 3
  • Repulsor
  • Assault Intercessors x 10

Get my Weight to Under 100kg & Sustain it Below That

I am currently at 113kg, a little lost but not as much as I would like.

Publish One Battle Report a Month – 8.33% Complete

This months report has been delayed, the week I intended to record it, Lindsay based herself in the studio for the whole period.

I intended to catch up with this asap.

Stream Twice a Week

Yeah this one is going fine, no schedule, I am just mostly jumping into games when I feel like it!

Complete my 2023 VideoGameGeek Video Game Challenge – 0% Complete

I completed Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is pretty much there

And I have logged 20 hours in The Witcher 3

Read 40 Books – 22% Complete

This month I finished the following books:-

Get Edge of Empire Running Like a Well Oiled Machine

So far so good!

A Bimonthly RPG Night With the Polycule

Yeah no progress here, every time I raise the subject with Lindsay, Megan and Paul they kinda ignore it 🙁