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Blood and Glory/Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Nine

I spent this last weekend at Blood and Glory, the Bad Dice Podcast tournament weekend in Derby, where I was gophering for Greg Dann of The Imperial Truth who was running the Horus Heresy event.

It was a really well put together event and Saturday was a lot of fun to help with, I saw some amazing armies and the venue was amazing.

When we arrived on Friday we popped into the venue so we could set up the scenery I had brought down to help out with and then I spent time watching the Shadespire games that were going on, as I resisted buying myself a starter set. That really is an amazing game, and I love playing it, just need to get my own stuff for it now!

Then we attended the seminar with Games Workshop where we heard about some of the stuff that’s coming up from the studio and we got to see the first reveal of a few cool things which you can read about here.

So back to Saturday and it was a great day, Graham got to play against Thousand Sons first, and of course they had Sekmet Terminators and Magnus, it was a hard fought game, and Graham may have danced when he killed Magnus, but the joy was short lived as he lost the game on kill points.

After that game I was less focused on Graham and Chris as I watched some of the other games, answering rules queries and being the beat gopher I could be. I saw some brilliant armies, and I have decided that I absolutely want at some point a Custodes army, seeing the models all painted up, well they were just beautiful.

I also had a chance to see behind the scenes of Warhammer TV and talk to the guys with Warhammer Community who I was surprised to hear, know who me and Graham are and listen to our podcast! We had a good chat about Company of Legends and what we can do to really take it to the next level and they have encouraged me and Graham to try some live streaming of games, about which I will talk a bit more later on.

Saturday night, after which Graham and Chris both ends up with 2 wins and a 1 loss each, we went to the Harvester, which was quite nice, I had a Peri Peri Chicken Burger, which strangely had avocado in it!

On Sunday I had to step up and play, my Ultramarines became traitors because the Emperors Children player had been true to his Legion and overindulged!

So I played two games, the first was against the Salamanders which I lost 17-2 because his list was tough as nails with it based around a big ten man unit of Firedrakes.

My second game was against Robert Ing from Yorkshire Heresys Space Wolves, which I lost a more respectable 8-5, and I have to say that game was one of the most fun games I have had in a long long time. It was brutal, but at the same time amazing fun, and I got to see how powerful the Sicaran Arcus could be, glad I have one of them!

Rovers army also won beat pained, a well earned prize and it really was a beautiful army to play against, I wish I could be so talented. And Chris won best Loyalist as well, so he go to take home a big trophy.

All in all, the weekend was amazing and although I was left shattered and unable to function for a couple of days afterwards, it was well worth it and I will certainly be back again to help it next year.

You can read Greggs write up about the weekend here.

Twitch and YouTube Streaming

So after my conversations with Warhammer TV and Warhammer Community I am experimenting with some live streaming over Twitch and YouTube, it’s just proof of concept stuff to see if we can do it, but so far so good.

The OBS software is pretty simple and easy to use and the service easily puts out the videos simultaneously on Twitch and YouTube.

So I have made a few adjustments to the studio, in the first couple of videos I have done I had to have my studio condenser Microphones front and centre to get audio in as the lavalier microphone I have doesn’t work when plugged into the mixer, works dim when plugged into the audio recorder and the camcorder but not the mixer.

Anyway I have since put away my second MXL 990 and in its scissor stand I have placed an Audio-Technica ATR-55 shotgun condenser microphone, which allows me to film with no visible microphone on the screen, the downside is that the microphone has to be in tele mode and the gain cranked all the way up to 11.

Anyway I am going to continue experimenting and for games day on Sunday I am thinking of live streaming one of our games to put the technology to the test properly.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Nine

For day nine which is as I mentioned yesterday and important number to Bahá’ís I wanted to mention another important number, and that is 95.

Why 95, well each day a Bahá’í will recite the phrase Alláh-u-Abhá (الله أبهى) which in Arabic means God is the Most Glorious 95 times.

The phrase itself is often used as a greeting or saying farewell and I have often heard it said that it is the Bahá’í equivalent of Allah u Akbar.

It’s a form of the Greatest Name, which I introduced you to yesterday and Bahá’u’lláh told us in The Kitáb-i-Aqdas

“It hath been ordained that every believer in God, the Lord of Judgement, shall, each day, having washed his hands and then face, seat himself and, turning unto God, repeat ‘Allah’u’-Abha’ ninety-five times. Such was the decree of the Maker of the Heavens when with Majesty and power, He established Himself upon the thrones of His Names.”

Different Bahá’ís use different methods to count their 95, some count their knuckles 19 times, others use prayer beads, whilst others still use chants. Myself I use technology and have an app that counts my 95 for me as I tap on the screen of my phone.

I like to say my 95 before I go to sleep, I find it very calming, the practice itself helps Bahá’ís to focus on obedience to God and spiritual growth and is something that helps to unify the community through a shared ritual.

What I am Modelling

Before I went off the Blood and Glory I finished the last couple of models I needed to paint for my Ultramarines Breacher list. The first being a Preator which is built from the 2011 Games Day MKIII Boarding Marine, which was a wonderful model to paint, and in it you can see the influences that would eventually go into the Breacher and MKIII kits for the Horus Heresy.

And to follow that up I finished the two Land Raider Proteus which will transport my Breachers, one of which I tried to make stand out a little as it will eventually transport some Suzerains so I used some of the decals from the Warhammer World Exclusive Command Tanks.

I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago so to try and burn off some mental energy I went up to the studio and built the squad of Destroyers I bought recently and a Sicaran Punisher.

I decided to get cracking with my Blades of Khorne and began work on my Daemon Prince, obviously with me playing Word Bearers in Heresy this will be useful for that as well. I have the skin all done, and have gotten the rest of the base coats on and it’s just been washed tonight so the next step will be some highlights.

I also built a Cadre Fireblade for my Tau, a Librarian in Power Armour for my Blood Ravens, a Herald for my Word Bearers, a Centurion for my Ultramarines and a Centurion and Herald for my Space Wolves

What I am Reading

I haven’t picked up my book at all this week, I keep meaning to but then I fall asleep or get distracted, must try harder.

I have finished listening to Path of Heaven, and the conclusion to the story kind of snuck up on me, I forgot how quickly everything comes together.

And I have now started on Praetorian of Dorn, a book that totally changed my opinion on John French. Before this I viewed him as a decent author, but never one to produce works that would knock me off my feet, but this book, this book is something else and has made me totally reevaluate his body of work and realise that he actually has been producing amazing works, and it was me who couldn’t see that. Anyway I have listened to about half the book now, and I am really enjoying it.

What I am Playing

Apart from the two game of Horus Heresy I haven’t played anything else this week.

What I am Backing

I have noting being backed right now, although the Ogres Miniatures set 2 launches next Monday and that will be quite tempting.

I did get Gloomhaven delivered today, and that’s a huge box, 9.9kg worth of game. Me and Megan punched the boards today and it’s all in really good condition, unlike some of the earliest copies ours came through perfect, I also have the removable stickers and I can’t wait to get this mammoth game to the table.

What I am Cooking

This week I cooked my Italian Winter Soup, which is a reasonable basic soup, with the standard base of celery, carrot and onion found in the best soups. To which I add tomatoes, green lentils, bacon lardons, Italian herbs and orzo.

It’s such a simple yet deeply delicious recipe, and one that I feel pleased to have put together, goes delicious with bread fresh out of the oven.

What I am Spending

A few more bits and bobs for the podcast were purchased this week, I got a 3.5mm to USB cable for the XM8500 so we could take it on the road to Blood and Glory which was very very helpful. I also needed a mono to stereo converter for my shotgun microphone after realising it picks up sound in mono only!

We also purchased the set of Behringer XM1800S which we will be using when we take the podcast on the road and to the Heresy Weekender, and to go along with them we got our next pair of Audio‑Technica ATH M30Xs which now means when we borrow Lindsay’s pair we have a full set up for podcasting with four people now.

Oh and I purchased a cheap second hand Logitech C920 for us to experiment streaming with, I already have a Logitech C920-C so this will add a second angle for the streaming, just need to get a tripod for it now.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Eight

Today I think I will talk about some of the important symbols in the Bahá’í faith. The symbols of my faith are derived from the word Bahá’ (بهاء) which in Arabic means splendour or glory.

Bahá has the numerical value of 9, and so the most common symbol of the Bahá’í faith is a nine-pointed star.

The number 9 comes up a lot in the Bahá’í faith it’s quite an important number, in fact Shoghi Effendi wrote –

“Concerning the number nine: the Bahá’ís reverence this for two reasons, first because it is considered by those interested in numbers as the sign of perfection. The second consideration, which is the more important one, is that it is the numerical value of the word “Bahá’”…

“Besides these two significances the number nine has no other meaning. It is, however, enough to make the Bahá’ís use it when an arbitrary number is to be chosen.”

We also use another star as a symbol of our religion, the five pointed star known as the haykal, and this was originally used by The Báb to describe the coming of Bahá’u’lláh, with the points of the star representing his head, arms and legs.

One of the most common symbols of our faith that you will see is The Greatest Name. Islamic tradition holds that God has 99 names, and the 100th is hidden and is the greatest of his names. We Bahá’ís believe this name to be Bahá, and from this is derived the phrase Yá Bahá’u’l-Abhá, which means “O Thou the Glory of the Most Glorious”.

This phrase was rendered in calligraphy by Mírzá Ḥusayn-i-Isfahání and was later adopted by the wider Bahá’í community as a symbol of our faith and it’s a symbol that is rather common in our faith, but at the same time held in great reverence as it directly refers to the name and messenger of God.

The last symbol I will mention is the ringstone symbol which was designed by `Abdu’l Bahá, the son of Bahá’u’lláh. It consists of two five pointed stars with a stylised Bahá between them, in which the lower line represents humanity, the middle the manifestation of God and the upper the word of God, the vertical line connecting them all represents the the Holy Spirit proceeding from the word of God to humanity via the manifestation. And the two stars represent Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb.

As it’s name implies it’s most commonly found on rings worn by members of the faith, but I have seen it on other jewellery as well.

And those are the major symbols of my faith, I hope that you found today’s post informative.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Seven

Today I have been experimenting with streaming video over Twitch and YouTube, and it’s going ok so far but I still have some bugs to work out.

I have also spent quite a bit of time in my studio and spent some of that listening to an album by Luke Slott which he composed to mark the Bicentenary of the birth of Bahá’u’lláh. The album is called Year of the Nightingale and I got it after backing the project on Kickstarter, it’s a wonderful album and I would encourage any Bahá’í to go out and buy it because it’s simply sublime.

This is one of my favourite songs on the album.

You can go out and buy it here for $10.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Six

Still exhausted today, the Chronic Fatigue means when I have some active days I have to pay for it with some crappy days.

Which brings me to what I want to share today, which is another prayer, lazy I know, but it’s one of the first prayers I learned as a Bahá’í and it always helps me when I feel ill or physically drained.

It’s known as the short healing prayer and it was revealed by Bahá’u’lláh, it’s particularly beautiful when chanted in Persian, my friend Fariba used to chant it for me when I was ill and it was so amazing, really touched my spirit in a deep way.

“Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.”

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Four

I can’t type much today as I am at Blood and Glory, but what I do want to share is that the British Museum are displaying some artefacts from the Bahá’í Faith including some writings and pens of Bahá’u’lláh.

Here is the article so you can see for yourself. I would love to go but I am not sure I will get a chance to.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Three

I always find myself coming back to this prayer, I mean always. It’s one of the first I learned as a Bahá’í and it’s still always brings joy to my heart.

“Blessed is the spot, and the house, and the place, and the city, and the heart, and the mountain, and the refuge, and the cave, and the valley, and the land, and the sea, and the island, and the meadow where mention of God hath been made, and His praise glorified.”

I sing it, I mumble it and sometimes I literally shout it, it’s just a prayer that I love. It reminds me that everywhere can be a place where God can be praised, we don’t need a church, or a chapel or a temple, we can be close to God no matter where we are.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Two

So today for the blogging Challenge I wanted to say a few words about the relationship between the Bahá’í faith and science.

I studied chemistry at university so I consider myself a man of science but a lot of people don’t think that it’s possible to have faith and believe in science. I get that, I totally understand where they are coming from. 

For centuries, science and religion have often been at each other’s throats, but we Bahá’ís don’t think that they should be at odds. We believe in harmony between science and religion, `Abdu’l-Bahá said that without religion science leads to materialism and with science, religion is just superstition, and that a true religion must conform to the conclusions of science, and that science and religion are both aspects of the same truth.

So for a Bahá’í we accept that scientific knowledge is true, we don’t see there being a need for conflict at all. We believe that man evolved from more primitive forms, we believe the earth is ancient, we believe that humans have been gifted with reason so we can through independent investigation discover the truth for ourselves.

`Abdu’l-Bahá teaches us that science is a progressive field and we are encouraged to push its boundaries in a continual search for a more full understanding of the truth of our universe.

“Mathematicians, astronomers, chemical scientists continually disprove and reject the conclusions of the ancients; nothing is fixed, nothing final; everything is continually changing because human reason is progressing along new roads of investigation and arriving at new conclusions every day. In the future much that is announced and accepted as true now will be rejected and disproved. And so it will continue ad infinitum.”

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day One and More Microphone Stuff

This month I am participating in a Bahá’í blogging challenge where I will try and post something everyday on my blog of a more spiritual nature.

I know that might not appeal to everyone, so it’s cool if you don’t read the spiritual aspect of this months blog.

So I thought I would start the challenge by sharing a prayer that I use each morning to help start my day.

“I have wakened in Thy shelter, O my God, and it becometh him that seeketh that shelter to abide within the Sanctuary of Thy protection and the Stronghold of Thy defense.  Illumine my inner being, O my Lord, with the splendors of the Dayspring of Thy Revelation, even as thou didst illumine my outer being with the morning light of Thy favor.”

A Cat Amongst The Microphones

My second hand Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 arrived, and I have to say it’s a brilliant microphone, very sturdy, well built and a lovely tone to it, I ordered a XLR to 3.5mm jack cable at the same time and I am hoping that arrives tomorrow so I can use it at Blood and Glory to record stuff for the Podcast.

But I have seen something else which puts into question the plans, I have discovered the Behringer Ultravoice 1800S, which is a microphone that is less solidly built than the XM8500, it’s got a less warm tone to it, but it’s £35 and comes in a three pack, which would cut the costs by £25.

After speaking to a few people and comparing some voice samples, I think this is what I am going to do, the microphones are only going to be used on rare occasions, so they don’t need to be as solid as the XM8500 or as sensitive as my MXL 990s and this pack of three will fit the bill quite nicely I think.

Upgrading the Studio

A few years ago I made the investment in getting proper audio recording equipment for podcasting, and I am putting it to decent use with the Edge of Empire podcast, and perhaps will be doing something else with it in the near future too.

Anyway at the moment it’s set up in the studio and is capable of hosting two people in there and I have a mix-minus set up using an old PC just for Skype to bring other people into the studio.

It was always the plan to be able to set up the equipment elsewhere to allow for recording with four people in the same location and now I am planning on adding the extra equipment to do that, in fact I have already added some of it, and it’s lead to a few discussions about what I do add to it.

What I have done to enable this, is I have bought a gig bag to transport the mixer and headphone amplifier, along with power cables for them so I don’t have to pull them from behind my studio desk. In the bag is also four XLR cables to run the microphones and two pop filters, to which I will add the two from my studio.

And I picked up four scissor arm microphone stands, I already have two set up on my studio desk, but pulling them out would be a real pain in the bum, and I want to minimise the disruption when recording elsewhere, so I have four available to just take with me where I need them.

This leaves me missing three items, two extra microphones and a pair of headphones, eventually it will be two pairs of headphones, but Lindsay has a pair of monitor headphones that I got her for her birthday this year, which are identical to my ones and she has said I may use them when I need more than three sets of headphones.

The discussion I have been having, both with myself and with the girls is around buying identical equipment to what I have or upgrading the ones in permanent use, or at least upgrading one of them, because most of the time it’s just me in the studio.

At the moment I use MXL 990 microphones and if I were to upgrade I am thinking of an Audio-Technica AT-2035, but that’s considerably more than the MXL 990s which do a pretty good job and sound excellent to my ear.

Headphone wise I currently use some Audio-Technica ATH-M30x and these are really good, they deliver excellent sound quality and are very comfortable to wear. If I were to upgrade the next model up the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x is very tempting, and has the advantage of a detachable cable.

So I am currently thinking that initially when I buy the third microphone just after Christmas, it will be another MXL 990, and then I shall see what the money is like before pulling the trigger on buying the fourth. If there is enough money then I will buy a better one, if not another MXL 990 will suffice. The money situation will also decide on what pair of headphones I get as well.

Something else to consider would be if there is a noticeable difference between an upgraded microphone and the original, when we do have more than one person using the setup, would we be risking a notice or difference between myself using the more expensive microphone and everyone else using the MXL 990s, and would that as a result make things sound a bit off.

Another thing to consider is that the MXL 990s are very very sensitive, so literally pick up every mouse click I make whilst recording the show, and I do need to use the mouse to change between stuff on the screen so I can keep myself clear with the show notes, which makes me think they might not be so great on the road, and perhaps something a little less sensitive might be better for that, so it’s something I need to look at, but this would be expensive because instead of buying two additional microphones, I would be buying four additional microphones.

But then it’s been pointed out that four people in the same place would lead to quite a bit of microphone bleed using the MXL 990s, so perhaps I would be better off with four dynamic microphones, like the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB. However the problem with that is, that they would be a lot of money to buy four of them, and they are very hard to get hold of in the UK. And looking at the oft suggested alternative the Samson Q2U presents the same issues.

So in terms of that possibility I am looking at the Behringer Ultravoice XM8500, which is cheap as chips, about £20 a microphone which would make four of them much less than the cost of a single MXL 990. And its not like they would be in constant use, they would only be for the situations where we have more than two people to record with. 

But there is an added cost to getting these that I will need to consider, I will need shock mounts for all four of them, but these will only be a few pounds each. Then again, it’s a dynamic microphone so a shock mount isn’t that big of a deal for it.

Another upgrade I am in the process of making are a pair of lavalier microphones for recording videos, they are only cheap ones as video isn’t intended to be a big thing, and they are more to experiment with before making a bigger investment in that area. Plus I already have a shotgun microphone for that as well, which can do quite a bit of that very well.

Video is something I want to explore more of, just got to figure what kind of content we want to do and how to go about doing it and get good results.

The other upgrade will eventually be a small setup for Graham, at the moment he records using a not so great microphone, and his channel often needs a bit of work. I was considering grabbing him a cheap mixer and another MXL 990 so we have prettty similar sound quality, but if I go down the route of the four Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 then he could be given one of those and a XLR to USB adaptor to plug it into his computer, throw in a scissor microphone stand and a pop filter and he would be giving me much better audio.

So considering all this, I have decided that I will be going down the Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 route, my MXL 990s are expensive and if they were damaged when out of the studio, it’s a lot of money to replace one, whereas the XM8500 is already extremely durable and if damaged would be easy and cheap to replace.

Anyway I am hoping to have the ability to do four microphones for the Heresy Weekender in March, which I should be able to manage, would be nice to set up a mini studio and record with some of the attendees which will be cool.

What I am Modelling

I finished off Grand Master Voldus, and I am very happy with him. A lovely model to paint and full of so much detail. I have been considering a small force of Grey Knights to accompany my Militarium Tempestus and I think I am now sold on the idea, so that will be something at look at probably late next year.

On Friday I started some work on the last few models for my Breacher heavy list, specifically the pair of Land Raider Proteus for the two MKIII Breacher Squads and the 2011 MKIII Boarding Marine who is going to be the lists Praetor.

I have the Boarding Marine about 60% done and the Land Raiders about 50% done right now.

What I am Reading

I have gone this week without picking up my Kobo, but I have almost finished listening to Path of Heaven

What I am Playing

I haven’t played any games this week, but me and Lindsay are going to play Carcassonne tomorrow at Raiders.

What I am Backing

Still backing Munchkin Starfinder right now, it’s only got a few days to go, but I strongly suggest you go and back it because it’s going to be brilliant, really hoping we get to $60k and get those credsticks.

Today our package from The Creativity Hub arrived which contained our reward for backing Untold, which included the game, Batman Story Cubes (which are going to my nephew Freddie for Christmas) Adventure Time Story Cubes and the Story Cubes Collectors Box into which has gone all our non licensed sets of Story Cubes.

What I am Cooking

Illness and fatigue has kept me out of the kitchen this week, so I haven’t cooked anything.

What I am Spending

As previously said I have purchased a few little things for the podcast, specifically a pair of pop filters, a lead for the mixer a couple of cheap lavalier microphones, and four scissor arm microphone stands. And from the same place I got an adaptor that will allow Lindsay to use the headphones I got for her birthday with her record player.

I was able to pick up a second hand Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 for a few pounds on eBay, so I snapped that up to assess it before I make the plunge I buy a bunch more.

I also made a small purchase from Forgeworld, I got myself a Legion MKIV Destroyer Squad with Jump Packs to expand my current squad to 10 men and a Malanthrope for my Tyranids.

And I bought a Cadre Fireblade for my Tau, I was a little unsure about the model, it’s never really appealed to me that much, but I was feeling down and wanted to cheer myself up.

I was also offered a sweet deal on a Skull Cannon and some Blood Crusher from a friend, he bought a Start Collecting box but just wanted the Bloodletters, so I kinda snapped up that deal.

Slightly boring purchase, I bought a new doorbell for the house as some little toe rag nicked ours, but I did something we have been thinking of doing for a while and got one with two ringers, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. When me and Megan are bad we can’t always get to the door and the current ringer is hard for Lindsay to hear in her office during the day, so by having two we can make sure that the door gets heard by everyone and if we aren’t able to go, Lindsay can.

Ugh, My Tummy Hurts

This past week has been dominated by a couple of things, the bigger being my having a tummy bug.

Lindsay and Megan babysat my nephew Willem so his mum Jane could go out for her birthday, however that household have been suffering with a tummy bug and Willem is a very kissey baby and gave lots of wet kisses to Lindsay and Megan.

They subsequently picked up the tummy bug and brought it home. The weekend in which we had planned to use to go to Dirty Bottles in Alnwick, followed by me playing Dropfleet Commander ended up being sat on the sofa with Netflix.

I thought I was better last night, but no I woke up this morning and it was the worst it has been, and thus Lindsay who has only just finished work, had to clean up my projectile vomit from the bathroom.

The Sunday before last we finished up our mini holiday in Hull with games, and then we traveled back, I went to Club on Tuesday and it was a rather ordinary week, although I did get through an appointment for my Work Capability Assessment which threw me for six, I know it was coming but it was still a shock that it was coming so soon.

What I am Modelling

This week I have mostly just built models for my Blades of Khorne army.

I had planned to play a friend a game of Age of Sigmar at Battle Bunker on Thursday, but unfortunately that has now closed down, and we couldn’t go to GW in Sunderland as it wasn’t open yet, so we just had a drink and a double cheeseburger in McDonalds before I made my way home.

Anyway I arranged to play a 2000 point game yesterday at Durham Raiders with Aidan, again Age of Sigmar. But I only had 1000 points of the army built, so I ended up spending a day building up the units I needed.

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Let’s turn this into 1000pts for my Age of Sigmar Khorne army for my game on Tuesday against Aidan! This will give me 30 Bloodletters, 3 Bloodcrushers, a Skull Cannon and a Herald of Khorne (not pictured), and will form a Murderhost. But what to do with the Daemon Prince, do I put him together for the AoS Khorne army, or for my 40k Word Bearers??? #Warhammer #WarhammerAgeofSigmar #AgeofSigmar #AoS #WarhammerAoS #BladesofKhorne #Khorne #KhorneDaemon #KhorneDaemons #Daemons #DaemonsofChaos #ChaosDaemons #Bloodletters #KhorneBloodletters #BloodlettersofKhorne #SkullCannon #SkullCannonofKhorne #Bloodcrushers #BloodcrushersofKhorne #HeraldofKhorne #Bloodmaster #BloodmasterHeraldofKhorne #DaemonPrince #BloodTideofKhorne #Murderhost

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I built a unit of 30 Bloodletters, 3 Blood Crushers, a Daemon Prince, a Herald of Khorne and a Skull Cannon which mostly made up a small Murderhost.

I then spent a few hours on Monday priming them, and a bunch of other stuff I recently built, but annoyingly whilst cleaning my airbrush, I managed to break it a little, but I have put the thing through its paces and pushed it to its limits of being used by an amateur.

I have struggled with painting of late, but I have a plan, I am going to finish Grand Master Voldus and then try and start the breaking of the back of the Khorne army by painting all of the Bloodletters. So today I have cracked on with Grand Master Voldus and now have him about 80% done.

What I am Reading

I have not read very much of late, I have picked up Ruinstorm by Grand Master Voldus, but haven’t made much progress.

But I have been listening to Path of Heaven which is a good book, I love Chris Wraights work and this book is no different.

What I am Playing

Most of my games were on the last day in Hull, but we are now going to start up a regular board games Sunday in which we do nowt but play games, and the first one is scheduled for the 12th November.

We started out with a game of Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice, it was a tag team game with girls vs boys. Me and Paul were doing alright, but then everytime I got a chance to pin I kept rolling to showboat and ended up getting pinned myself!

Then we played a game of Ticket to Ride Europe, which is my favourite map, but Megan sat that one out as she didn’t feel her brain could handle it, anyway I had a rough game, Paul and Lindsay kept taking the routes I needed and it being a three player game made it very difficult, I was forced to use two stations which cost me the game in the end. But I love Ticket to Ride, it’s the perfect game for a Sunday.

Then we played Pandemic Legacy, our third game in the campaign and Megan’s anxiety was running really high, because it was a very tense game, but we had a great team picked and we managed quite well and kicked February’s arse!

But our next game will be harder as our funding has dropped to 2!

We then finished off the day with a game of Joking Hazard, which will probably condemn us all to hell for some of the cards we played, and followed that with a few games of Firefly Fluxx.

On the Tuesday at Durham Raiders I played Stuart in Warhammer 40,000 with my Word Bearers, we played with Open War Cards and drew the kill the courier mission. His force was all Chaos Terminators, Abaddon the Despoiler and a Knight, he made his Knight the courier and I made my Spartan mine.

It was a tough game, but I sacrificed a few things to take out Abaddon before being able to position everything to hit the Knight, and my Spartan, Xiphon and Deredeo made short work of it and won me the game.

Yesterday I played Aidan at Age of Sigmar, although he forgot we were playing and I was lucky that he had 2000pts worth of Stormcast Eternals in his boot so we could still play.

I haven’t played many games of Sigmar and I am learning more and more about my army, but still learning the rule.

Was my first time with Khorne Daemons, and I forgot the Murderhost special rule, but I did manage to chain quite a few things together to really put my Bloodletters to good use.

Need to concentrate on getting army painted because I don’t like playing with an unpainted army.

What I am Backing

I have pledged for Munchkin Starfinder, I love Munchkin, the Starfinder books are excellent, so this was a bit of a done deal for me. It’s only a short campaign but it’s kicking down stretch goals nicely and should be a decent set.

This week three Kickstaters arrived, first off I got my Wound Wangs, which are excellent and I have already used, very helpful and I hope the dudes behind it make them more widely available cause a few people have asked where they can get them.

Secondly and thirdly, and they both arrived at the same time, I got the two projects from Steve Jackson Games I backed, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, which I backed to get the box, Companion book, GM Screen and the How to be a GURPS GM book. Very happy with this set, the writing is top notch and I really need to do some RPGs again soon.

And alongside that came Munchkin Shakespeare which is a very funny set, the jokes are good and they have put a lot of work into it. I know Munchkin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it a fun game to play and I really like the art work and jokes. Anyway this will be getting distilled into my Monster Box this week.

What I am Cooking

I made Cowboy Beans, but if I am honest they were not all that great, mostly because I accidentally put the slow cooker on high instead of low, and I used a variation of the original recipe.

It also didn’t help that I made them on the night that we all got sick.

I did earlier in the week however, make some pulled chicken sandwiches, I boiled the chicken thighs in water witch cumin, and onion and two cloves of garlic along with a stock cube and it was really nice, I mixed with my Kansas City BBQ Sauce and it was beautiful.

I had meant to use the stock to make a soup, but, I didn’t feel up to it, so we ended up throwing it out, which was a shame as it was a good stock.

What I am Spending
Trying to spend as little as possible still, I bought a pot of Nuln Oil Gloss and a few Christmas presents.

I did somehow manage to acquire a squad of Hellblasters, but I can’t remember doing so, thus I think I had a memory lapse again.

I did buy some t-shirts from me and Graham for our visit to Blood and Glory in a couple of weeks, specifically t-shirts for our podcast, and I am really happy with how they turned out, and ma very grateful to Lindsay for helping us out with them.

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